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Dell Boomi Wins The Cloud Award for Best PaaS/Middleware

In recognition of excellence and innovation in cloud computing, Dell Boomi has been awarded the 2014-2015 Cloud Award for best PaaS/Middleware for our AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). As an iPaaS, our platform has helped customers like Mozy achieve scalability and efficiency to enable the business … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs February 2, 2015

Prescription for middleware woes–as presented by Tom Barton of Novartis

I had a chance last week to hear Tom Barton, Head of Integration Services and Global Enterprise Architect at Novartis, present a case study titled "Using iPaaS to Expand Integration Capabilities: Lowering Costs and Complexity Through Retirement and Consolidation” at Gartner’s Application, Architecture, Development and Integration (AADI) Conference in … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs May 24, 2013

New Gartner Research on Embedded iPaaS

Gartner recently released a new report titled Benefits and Drawbacks of iPaaS as an 'Embedded' Feature of Cloud Services, which will prove interesting reading for Dell Boomi followers. So interesting that Dell Boomi is making it available to you for complimentary viewing. Many ISVs are embedding iPaaS integration … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs October 15, 2012

An Open Letter to Enterprise Application Leaders

Dear Enterprise Application Leader,  You know better than anyone that in your role you have the opportunity to impact your organization by revolutionizing business processes that create new business opportunities. But, you also face obstacles when deciding how to make the bold move of modernizing your current application … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs August 2, 2012

Innovation in the Cloud – Dell Boomi Summer 12

At Dell Boomi, we love the dynamic and fast-paced cloud computing landscape. It changes often and quickly, with the passionate cloud community introducing new and better applications and services in the cloud. While this can make the industry tough to keep up with, the Dell Boomi team is … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs June 5, 2012

Integration Without Borders

  The global nature of business today means that IT operations are now distributed across a vast variety of locations – from retail and operations branches to corporate subsidiaries and even home offices. In each location, local applications are used, cloud services are accessed and – ultimately – … READ MORE

Ralph Hibbs April 5, 2012
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