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The Secret Reason DevOps and Platform-as-a-Service Add Value to the Enterprise

DevOps professionals might secretly be ninjas. To understand why, we have to look at what DevOps is and what DevOps professionals do. Wikipedia describes DevOps as a “culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating … READ MORE

Sam R April 11, 2016

Outsourcing in the Age of the Cloud

The line dividing the IT services delivered with internal resources from the services delivered with outsourced resources used to be fairly clear. In 1989, when outsourcing in its modern form first emerged as a recognized and viable business strategy, outsourcing was a way to supplement internal capabilities in … READ MORE

Sam R November 10, 2015

Cloudy with a Chance of HPC

The traditional barriers to high performance computing (HPC) — the kind of computing you need for, say, sequencing the human genome or modelling complex weather systems — have fallen. We can now accomplish tasks that previously required expensive, specialized supercomputers by using the combined power of many relatively … READ MORE

Sam R September 3, 2015

Hardware, Software and Happiness: Keys to Successful VDI

Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure is more than just a transition of technology: it is a transformational event that must incorporate cultural change to succeed. Because of the inherent challenge in striking the right balance as you manage both high-tech and high-touch changes, many virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) … READ MORE

Sam R April 1, 2015

Opening the Door to OpenStack

In most discussions about enterprise private clouds, an OpenStack solution will be part of the mix. Some early success stories help make OpenStack appear to be a desirable and viable option. For example, a glance at the agenda for the April 21st OpenStack conference in Melbourne promises case … READ MORE

Sam R February 25, 2015
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