Suffering from congestion? Dell Networking can help.

The data center is changing. New workloads, network traffic patterns and performance demands require a new approach to network architecture. And enterprise IT leaders are increasingly concerned about Software-Defined Networking (SDN) readiness, lowering network costs and staying ahead of the demands of the mobile workforce. Dell Networking has the answer, … READ MORE

Tom Burns November 26, 2013

Evolving Data Center Networks – the need for a new approach.

A monumental shift is underway in the data center – a shift towards greater density, ubiquitous virtualization, and increased power-efficiency. The seamlessness of computing from the personal device, to data centers, to the cloud, enables IT to react faster, scale farther, and deliver more services today than ever before. However, … READ MORE

Tom Burns August 26, 2013

A New No. 3 in networking: Dell is winning customers and gaining market share

Enterprise IT faces bigger challenges today than ever before. IT organizations need to respond quickly to intense requirements for collaboration, virtualization, security and mobility without sacrificing performance, efficiency and reliability. These challenges demand a new approach to networking as the fabric that ties together all the elements of an optimized, … READ MORE

Tom Burns June 3, 2013
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