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Are we forgetting how to fly?

In November, I wrote about some of the unintended consequences of analyzing big data: Savvy customers may demand a share of the value companies realize from mining the customers’ data. Gathering and analyzing data about customers (or citizens), if too unconstrained, can cross the line from targeted marketing … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell January 15, 2014

What are the most important skills for a data scientist?

Move over David Beckham, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. According to an October 2012 article in Harvard Business Review, data scientist is “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” The estimated 190,000 person shortfall of people qualified for the available openings implies that you should probably be looking … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell December 19, 2013

Big Data’s New Impacts on the Customer Relationship

There was a time when states could not locate and extract child support payments from the very deadbeat dads who filed tax returns or registered vehicles with different agencies within the state. They couldn’t block lottery checks to people who owed back taxes, or identify government employees who … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell November 20, 2013

If single version of the truth is dead, then what?

Single version of the truth: data warehousing mantra During the past 20 years, organizations have approached reporting and business intelligence in a number of ways with widely varying degrees of success. One decidedly determining success factor has been the ability to establish a single version of the truth … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell July 12, 2013

Want the most benefit from analyzing big data?

Want the most benefit from analyzing big data? Don’t overlook this important factor that the successful companies know. If you don’t read at least once a day about how Big Data Analytics will create insight that will, apparently miraculously, lead to better decisions, a more competitive market position … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell June 11, 2013

Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market

Over the last couple of decades, companies in virtually every industry have used data warehouses (DW) to collect and organize data that they analyze to gain information about their market, customers or their own operations. This provides business intelligence (BI) that allows them to understand and predict trends … READ MORE

Vickie Farrell February 27, 2012
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