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IdeaStorm Recap – 1/22/2010

Happy 2010 everyone!  I know I'm a little late with the holiday greetings, but there is a lot to share on IdeaStorm with an exciting year ahead planned. First, I would like to share that I will be moving on to new opportunities and IdeaStorm leadership will be … READ MORE

Vida K January 22, 2010

Storm Sessions Launch on IdeaStorm

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since Dell launched IdeaStorm. We opened IdeaStorm in February 2007 and were amazed that there were 2,000 ideas submitted within the first few weeks.  And after seeing the volume of Linux-related ideas in those early days, we conducted a … READ MORE

Vida K December 14, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 10/20/2009

We have quite a few updates available for ideas in action from IdeaStorm.  For our Linux fans out there, John Hull recently provided an update on Ubuntu Linux 9.04.  We have updated the following ideas based on this information. Dell GUI Provide Ubuntu on all computers and 8.04-current ubuntu … READ MORE

Vida K October 20, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 9/25/2009

We have had some great updates recently on both the Dell Mini 10 and 10v Netbooks with Ubuntu including offering 2GB of memory as well as the Moblin Remix Developer Edition.  Both of these topics have been active on IdeaStorm including these implemented ideas: more power to mini 10 2gb RAM on … READ MORE

Vida K September 25, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 8/14/2009

The first thing I want to share in this update is we have some planned downtime for maintenance scheduled this weekend.  IdeaStorm will be unavailable from 9:00 pm CST Saturday, August 15th until 5:00 am CST Sunday, August 16th.  We appreciate your understanding with this and have done … READ MORE

Vida K August 14, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 7/10/2009

Dell recently announced its FastTrack option for quick shipping to get pre-configured popular systems directly to customers as quickly as possible.  This program was generated from many ideas including: Offer Nextday Delivery Delivery Time – Please Reduce. Maintain a minimal stock for immediate delivery We also continue to … READ MORE

Vida K July 10, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 6/5/2009

I have 2 primary updates this week.  The first is the Studio 14z laptop that you can learn more about here.  Thanks for all these ideas that were incorporated into this product: Studio 14 laptop Stop Limiting Products Based On Location Offer a smaller Dell Studio Laptop Notebooks … READ MORE

Vida K June 5, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 5/22/2009

I have a lot of ideas to update this week!  Maybe that's because I missed my update 2 weeks ago when I was traveling on business.  Our Studio One product is now available in the US and Europe.  Thanks to the community for these ideas: Make a Touch … READ MORE

Vida K May 22, 2009

And the $50,000 winner is….

Dell and the RGK Center for Philanthropy & Community Service at The University of Texas awarded the $50,000 Dell Social Innovation Competition grand prize last night to the best new student idea to change the world. Over 1100 student from 250 universities in 33 countries entered the competition … READ MORE

Vida K May 11, 2009

IdeaStorm Recap – 4/24/2009

Last week, Dell made some major upgrades to the Studio 15 laptops addressing the 3 ideas below:  Studio 15 – I will buy if……………… Dell should make an Inspiron 1545 Offer the new 100+ Studio designs on all websites In addition, you may have seen my post earlier … READ MORE

Vida K April 23, 2009

Facebook Connect Meets Dell’s IdeaStorm

Dell has used IdeaStorm as a customer feedback and collaboration venue for over 2 years.  We have a thriving community that has submitted over 11,000 ideas and Dell has implemented over 300 of those ideas into our products and services. Today, we are taking the next step to extend the … READ MORE

Vida K April 20, 2009

Tell Your Friends About the Dell Social Innovation Competition

We've talked about the Dell Social Innovation Competition many times here before, but I want to remind you one more time to check it out because now it is more exciting than ever!   We have embedded videos and we just made it easier to tell your friends about your favorite entries as … READ MORE

Vida K April 15, 2009
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