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Environmental sustainability in data centers?

Data centers are massive users of power.   A single data center can use as much power as a mid-sized town.  So anything that can be done to reduce power use can have a huge impact on the environment.  Gartner estimates that power consumption by computers accounts for 2 … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson March 20, 2008

12 ways to green your IT

Going green is a pretty simple idea, but actually has a lot of layers in businesses.  What motivates information technology (IT) management to go greener varies widely.  Some do it out of concern for the environment or to be a good example.  Many more have a bottom line … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson February 22, 2008

Is IT Simplification an Evolution or Revolution?

We think IT simplification is both an evolution and a revolution. Earlier we announced in this blog about the problems of IT complexity and what simplification is all about. We've even asked you to share your stories. Certainly IT simplification as a concept has been around forever, but … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson February 8, 2008

The Story Behind Dell’s Simplify IT Initiative

Last month Dell went on record saying that Information Technology (IT) is too complex, and we have launched significant programs to simplify it.  The reactions from the marketplace – especially customers, analysts and the media – have been overwhelmingly positive.  This is certainly a ‘moon shot’ kind of … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson November 23, 2007

Share Your Stories About IT Complexity

Everyone in technology knows that IT is too complex.  By announcing its Simplify IT initiatives, Dell has certainly gone on record saying we’re doing something about it.  While IT complexity is a serious subject, actual stories are often pretty funny.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson November 13, 2007
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