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Green Design Contest: Calling On the ReGeneration

Today at the Connnecting 2007: World Design Congress in San Francisco, we called on The ReGeneration  to help our teams design the most environmentally-responsible computing technology. We’re looking for new ideas and innovations and invite engineers, technologists and designers from around the world to partner with us. To do … READ MORE

Ken Musgrave October 18, 2007

Designed For You, Not the Shelf of a Superstore

Most people understand that the direct model helps us deliver better value by eliminating the middle man and establishing a personal relationship with our customers. What’s not as obvious is how much that relationship with tens of thousands of customers can influence the thinking of the Industrial Design … READ MORE

Ken Musgrave July 26, 2006

Design @ Dell

Welcome to our first post regarding Design @ Dell.  Today, Steve and I will introduce Dell’s philosophy behind design and user experience. As many of you are probably aware, the direct model influences almost everything we do.  It allows our design and user experience teams to interact directly … READ MORE

Ken Musgrave July 19, 2006

You Can’t Get This Off the Shelf

View VideoFormat: wmvDuration: Here I point out some key design enhancements to the XPS 700.  I also talk about the jet engine and muscle-car influence behind the XPS 700 chassis design.

Ken Musgrave July 5, 2006
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