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We’re always looking for ways to incorporate customer feedback into our products. Figuring out how to make it easier for customers to provide that feedback tends to be a challenge. In numerous studies like this one, it’s clear that customers continue to use the web to research and … READ MORE

Manish Mehta, VP—Global e-Commerce December 17, 2006

The Home Page

Let’s talk about the home page of Many of you have commented about things you liked and things you didn’t like. Here are four of your abbreviated comments to my first post: “Make it easy for me to define systems by my work profile and give me … READ MORE

Un-concreting the Cow Path

It is hard for me to believe that it has been 10 years for Back in those days, everything about the website was streamlined—the information architecture, our vision and maniac focus on the user experience.  The site was an extension of how we naturally interacted with our … READ MORE

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