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Updating an old Friend

Internet browsing represents a significant amount of the time many of us spend on our computers. Whether it is searching out the latest stock quote, shopping or doing homework; Internet browsing has become a large part of our computing experience. Since the introduction of Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft … READ MORE

Microsoft Releases Vista SP1

Last week, Microsoft released Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to manufacturing. Mike Nash from the Windows Vista Blog team shared the news last week, and followed up with a second post that explains a bit more how Microsoft plans to make it available to customers. SP1 introduces several … READ MORE

Blu-ray & Vista

A while back, Peter Gutmann published a report discussing content protection under Vista; that report has led to some discussion in the blogosphere about Blu-ray playback. I wanted to take a few minutes to clarify some things. Much of the discussion has related to Vista’s content protection methods, including … READ MORE

Vista Service Pack One

You may have heard some of the early rumblings about Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) back in May. In August, Nick White on the Vista blog team officially announced it’s existence, and late last month, Microsoft began a private beta of it. I wanted to share some basic … READ MORE

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