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Four ways to kill a laptop in 10 seconds or less

By Stephanie Faris Over the years, electronics manufacturers have found innovative ways to protect laptops from damage. Thanks to conformal coating, laptops are protected against moisture and corrosion in small amounts. While this certainly doesn’t mean a consumer should work in the bathtub, most laptops can sustain a minimal amount … READ MORE

Power More January 22, 2014

The challenges of mobile application security

By Ann Braley Smith, Content Editor, Dell On New Year’s Eve 2013, hackers breached the Snapchat database and leaked 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers on the Web. Snapchat, a photo messaging application designed for smartphones and other mobile devices, has since taken steps to address this mobile security failure. What … READ MORE

Power More January 19, 2014

Speaking tips from TED Talks, Bill Clinton

By Ann Newman Whether you’re an accountant, a dentist, a therapist or an engineer, you’ll probably need to address an audience at some point. And attaining your career goals may depend on how you do. What does it take to be a great speaker? Why are some speakers … READ MORE

Power More January 9, 2014

Marketing is the second-biggest user of big data (and other amazing facts)

By Mark Schaefer, Marketing Consultant Thanks to my friends at Dell, I received access to the latest EMA/9sight Big Data research. The report, a survey of 351 business and technology stakeholders around the world, illuminates key trends surrounding the adoption, expectations, and challenges associated with big data initiatives. I found this interesting and you … READ MORE

Power More January 9, 2014

How to use the Zeigarnik Effect to stop procrastinating

By David Mann If you think all productivity roads lead to procrastination, you’ve never heard of the Zeigarnik Effect. It’s the brainchild of 20th-century Russian psychologist and psychiatrist Bluma Zeigarnik, and it just might prevent you from checking YouTube before you tackle your next ugly project. While dining … READ MORE

Power More January 9, 2014

Windows 8: Top 10 keyboard shortcuts—Microsoft devised some wonderful shortcuts for using Windows 8 with a keyboard that I previously covered. Let’s focus on the Windows key which has been available on keyboards for years, but Windows 8 is the first to truly take advantage of the Windows key. If you’ve missed it … READ MORE

Power More January 9, 2014

The intersection of gamification and big data

By Russ Banham, Contributor Karl Kapp has become the “go-to” guy for questions about gamification. The author of several books on the subject, including the best seller, “The Gamification of Learning and Instruction,” Kapp is a full professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University, where his teachings focus on the … READ MORE

Power More January 8, 2014

The future of cloud computing

By Sandy Berger It’s easy to see that at the current time, more and more data transactions are moving to the cloud. Simply looking at the high usage of social network sites, the acceptance of Google Chrome machines, and the popularity of apps like Evernote shows this without … READ MORE

Power More January 7, 2014

Time is ripe for mobility in manufacturing

By Ann Braley Smith, Content Editor, Dell It’s time to mobilize manufacturing. The ubiquity of mobile devices in the consumer market is a force for change in the manufacturing industry. As organizations see the benefits of real-time data, the ability for customization and the return on investment that mobile … READ MORE

Power More January 3, 2014

Unleashing built-in encryption on a Windows device

By Stephanie Faris With so many federal regulations governing the privacy of consumer data, encryption is in the news more than ever. Even consumers are being warned about the importance of encrypting their devices. But for many, the process of finding encryption software and knowing how to use … READ MORE

Power More December 19, 2013

Single. Dual. Quad. What’s the difference?

By Sandy Berger In the early days of computing most common computers and devices had only single cores. A single core CPU is capable of carrying out all of the calculations required to run a computer, tablet, or smartphone as well as its applications. At some point, manufacturers … READ MORE

Power More December 13, 2013
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