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How hyper-converged technology makes companies future-ready

By Brian T. Horowitz For companies to be future-ready, they’ll need end-to-end solutions to be able to keep up with IT challenges while tuning IT performance according to workload requirements. Companies are struggling to keep up with the growth of data in industries such as health care and video surveillance. By 2017, … READ MORE

Power More January 4, 2016

What has NIST done for me lately?

By Kevin L. Jackson, CEO, GovCloud Network According to a study, 82 percent of federal IT professional respondents reported that they were using the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cybersecurity framework to improve their security stance. The survey also demonstrated that the document is being used as a stepping stone … READ MORE

Power More January 4, 2016

ITaaS: The future of the CIO

By Shelly Kramer, Co-CEO, V3 Broadsuite Do you know how your company really looks at IT? Is there a rift between the C-suite and the IT team concerning the value of the cloud on a big-picture, business-minded scale? What about your employees—are they jumping on the shadow IT bandwagon and using unapproved cloud applications to … READ MORE

Power More January 1, 2016

Big Data ROI: How to use what you already have

By Eric Vanderburg, Information security executive We may not be using more of our brains but we can probably use more of our data. Did you know that organizations typically use only 1 percent of the data they collect? Why is this and how can we change it? Do … READ MORE

Power More December 30, 2015

The top 5 IT security threats for 2016

By Bev Robb, IT consultant IT security threats for 2016 will be amplifying many of the cyberthreats that we have seen prevail throughout the year, while adding more emphasis to stealth threats. Ransomware will become hotter with threat actors and kiddie scripters alike, taking full advantage of streamlined and automated ransomware … READ MORE

Power More December 29, 2015

Top security initiatives for 2016

By Eric Vanderburg, Information security executive 2016 is going to be a big year for security. News of data breaches and the major technological innovations of 2015 will put more pressure on companies to implement effective organizational security. I believe 2016 will see major initiatives in these seven areas: Securing the supply chain 2015 … READ MORE

Power More December 22, 2015

CEOs weigh in with enterprise IT predictions for the new year

By Rick Delgado, Contributor It’s been a big year in the enterprise technology space. From the continuingcloud wars, to the expansion of machine learning and big data adoption. Where is enterprise technology headed in 2016? CEOs are weighing in on some of the biggest changes and advances they expect to … READ MORE

Power More December 17, 2015

Is there a solution to IoT security?

By Ann Newman, Writer, Dell Many of us understand that the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to wirelessly connected devices and appliances (everything from smartphones and refrigerators to cars and heart-monitoring devices), but the farthest-reaching implications are a little less obvious. Twenty-five billion IoT objects already exist thanks to … READ MORE

Power More December 10, 2015

Case study: Flavor maker tastes success with Dell solutions

By Tamara Cryar In the food industry, successful competitors must act quickly. Costs are high and timelines are short, so it’s imperative that operations are agile, efficient and reliable. After 10 years of steady growth, global flavoring manufacturer Star Kay White realized that their traditional IT infrastructure would no … READ MORE

Power More December 10, 2015

Why the climate talks in Paris matter to Dell

By John Pflueger Right now, the world’s nations are gathered in Paris to hopefully hammer out the last details of a climate accord. They do so with a tremendous amount of support from the business community. That support is significant because there is a perception that businesses – American … READ MORE

Power More December 10, 2015
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