Rahul Tikoo currently leads the Specialty Business Unit at Dell. As a part of this role, Rahul is responsible for Product Planning and Management, Business Strategy and Leadership of Precision Workstation, Rugged and IOT products. He was hired, as the engineering leader for Precision products, from AMD in January, 2013. At AMD, Rahul held several diverse leadership roles including the head of Server Engineering, Global Customer Support and Corporate Quality. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. Rahul is a product geek at heart and enjoys bringing innovative technology solutions to market.

Even more speed and memory with Dell Precision Workstations

It’s an exciting time for creators. With all the new technology and solutions coming to the market, professional creators now have more powerful and comprehensive tools at their disposal than ever before. From filmmakers and artists to designers and engineers, all are branching into new areas of creation using key … READ MORE

Rahul Tikoo June 23, 2016

Now Available: Dell’s New Precision Workstations

At Dell, we’re driven by the real needs of our customers and focus on designing the solutions that empower professionals across a variety of fields. For Dell Precision workstations, our team is tasked with building powerful computing devices that manage demanding work – from photographers like Sam Robinson, filmmakers and … READ MORE

Rahul Tikoo November 19, 2015

Dell Technologies Bring Dragons and Dinosaurs to Life

If we look behind the scenes of some of our favorite movies and TV programs today, we just might see the power of Dell technology at work. From Hollywood big screens to the smaller screens of Google Play and iTunes, it’s great to see Dell is behind some of today’s … READ MORE

Rahul Tikoo July 31, 2015
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