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Williams Pulls Ahead with Hyper-Converged Storage

The iconic red-light countdown. The roar of the crowd as cars scream past at 200mph. The unmistakeable smell of burning rubber, engine oil and sizzling tarmac. The sights, sounds and smells of Formula 1 racing make it unique, drawing the biggest crowds in motorsports and creating some unforgettable … READ MORE

Scott Horst October 20, 2015

Optimize your enterprise at Dell Enterprise Forum

Dell Storage Forum has always set the bar high, providing a focused, high-quality technical user conference for our entire storage community. From the get go, we designed the event to be different—to go deep into the technology with the engineers behind it. You took notice, and attendance grew … READ MORE

Scott Horst February 15, 2013

Dell Storage: the perfect partner for growth

Social media continues to change the business landscape, and free social video service Keek is helping fuel the transition. Headquartered in Toronto, Keek offers the world a free social video service that lets users share 36-second video updates (“keeks”) with the Keek community, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Users … READ MORE

Scott Horst February 12, 2013

VDI: What’s storage got to do with it?

Lately it seems like our data storage customers all want to talk about desktops. They’re seeing virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a way to do more with less – a cost-effective way to manage multiple desktops centrally. Along with converged infrastructures and cloud deployments, VDI is one of … READ MORE

Scott Horst August 10, 2012

Dell Storage Forum 2012: Fluid by Design

Today’s world has become increasingly unpredictable, driven in part by the pace of data growth and our need to not only react to the increase in available information, but use that information to drive business results.  Technology itself is in a constant state of change but despite this, … READ MORE

Scott Horst December 5, 2011
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