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Bringing Innovators and Technology for Business to YouTube


It's a fact-the world uses YouTube. And not just to watch the Old Spice guy respond to Twitter users.

More Americans watch YouTube than our Super Bowl and close to a billion videos were consumed by Australians in the month of January 2010. In the short time it's going to take you to read this post, more than a 15 new hours of video will have been uploaded. If YouTube was Hollywood, there'd be enough material to release 60,000 feature films a week.

And while Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber may battle to be king or queen of the site, there is a lot more to it than funny cat videos. Home Depot uses YouTube to provide instructional videos for home improvement projects. Qantas Airlines used it to introduce a new check-in system, and in Germany, Canon's channel with tutorials and product information is one of the most subscribed of all time.

A myriad of small businesses are using YouTube, as well, and sites like Mashable offer tips for doing that. More than 37 percent of business owners watch video on YouTube – that's more than 13 times the reach of Those are the people we hope to reach with our new YouTube channel: IT Solutions for Business.

The channel highlights several business innovators that have chosen Dell to help them take their own personal path to business success, including Joe Zenas of Thinkwell Group an experiential designer of out-of-this-world attractions such as Jurassic Park theme park and the Ski Dubai indoor ski resort.

In addition to these inspiring stories, the channel also features almost 200 select videos aligned to technologies and solutions including:

  • Data security and storage
  • IT management
  • Mobility
  • Virtualization and cloud
  • IT trends

But, this is just the start. We're going to continue adding new videos and plan to build this into Dell's centralized hub for video content.

So the question then becomes … what type of video content would you like us to bring to the channel? More stories from other business owners? More "how-to" tips regarding technology? Details on new services and products? Or, cats on computers?

Check out our new brand channel today at and then let us know here how to make it the most useful to you.

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