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In any enterprise-sized deal it can sometimes be a complicated, time-consuming job to work out what hardware and software is actually needed. From understanding the best licensing regime to working out how many blades, ports or VMs are required, the different variables can make for some very complex calculations.

All of these were excellent reasons for us to launch the Dell Solutions Configurator  tool a few weeks ago. It’s built for Dell Partners, and it’s intended to make it easy for you to specify all kinds of enterprise solutions, from blades, storage and networking solutions through to virtualisation, data centre and active infrastructure.

This configurator is a fantastic tool which will help you to shorten significantly the quotation process in big deals, and it is integrated with deal registration to help protect your sale. We’ve provided some common configurations to help you quickly build solutions that meet the needs of your customers, and there are plenty of extra features you’ll like, too.

The  configurator is a collaboration tool – you can work with your sales team and with Dell Enterprise Solution Specialists to build a configuration. There’s version and history control – and it is  easy to create multiple different versions of the same general configuration to see what works for you, and what works for your customer. Then it’s easy to save a copy for later reference. You can find out more by watching the short tutorial videos on the  Dell Solutions Configurator landing page  or by taking a look at the guide we have put together for partners.

The  Dell Solutions Configurator was developed specifically to make it easy for Dell Partners to get the most from your relationship with us, so your opinion on how it works for you – and what we could add to the tool – is very important. Take a look, give it a try, and let us know what you think.

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