BusinesSuites: 2009 U.S. Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award Winner


Over the past several weeks you’ve read about the U.S. finalists from the Dell/NFIB Small Business Excellence Award and how each company uniquely uses technology in their business.

From a record-breaking 3,000 applicants for this year’s award, BusinesSuites was selected as the U.S. national winner for its entrepreneurial approach to using technology to better serve its customers. Based in Austin, Texas, BusinesSuites provides executive suites and virtual office services in 15 locations nationwide.

BusinesSuites’ strong focus on hands-on customer service, backed by innovative use of technology, really set them apart from the other applicants and finalists.

As the winner, BusinesSuites will receive $25,000 in Dell products and services, a lifetime membership to NFIB, valued at $15,000, and a day of best-practice sharing with Dell experts, including time with Chairman and CEO Michael Dell.

To hear about how BusinesSuites uses technology to serve its clients, check out the video below featuring John Jordan, President of BusinesSuites.

For more on the award program and the other winners from around the world, check out

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  • vickyw


    I have been a loyal Dell customer for years.  I
    purchased Dell because of their outstanding service. I have a desktop that I
    spent over $3,000 for and purchased the extra warrantee for 24 hour onsite
    service.    The motherboard crashed in July 2009. 
    Replaced.  The second motherboard crashed after 5 days.  After
    repeated attempts to repair this XPS –  I was approved to receive a
    replacement computer which I was thrilled about.  I was told it was on a
    rush order because of all the hassle I had been through.  I was promised a
    2 week delivery.  However, it has been 7 weeks in production.  I get
    a different story EVERY time I call or text.  I have all the records from
    all the conversations.  I need the contact name, address, and phone number
    of the Corporate Office.  I have never experienced anything more


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    vickyw: I'm sorry to hear the problems that your original XPS had and that your replacement systems has been delayed. Happy to help where I can. First step, I'll need to get more details from you. Can you either private message me or e-mail me here with the order number for your replacement system?

    From there, we'll see what else can be done to correct this. Very sorry for the frustration.