Can social media help green our business?


We’re going to find out!

On Wednesday, we’re inviting a group of 15 green experts, bloggers and enthusiasts, who are active in social media, to participate in our CAP Days program. We’re bringing together Sustainability leaders across Dell to listen to the ideas of these customers and experts and to discuss topics that our customers have told us they care about: recycling, greener products and packaging to name a few.

Helping our customers be more green is important to us, and we want to continue to find new and innovative ways to help customers reduce their impact on the environment and communities around the world. Who better to help us than our customers and green experts themselves?


Since we cannot possibly fit all our green customers and experts into our conference room, we plan to bring the discussion to you online as well. We encourage you to join in by posing questions to the group and presenting other ideas for discussion.

More on the CAP Days program:

CAP Days started as a way to have open and honest conversations with some of our most vocal customers in social media. Discussions have ranged from everything from Dell products to to customer service and support. The feedback has been so invaluable that we’ve now engaged customers in the U.S., China and Germany and look forward to bringing the program to more countries and areas of our business this year.

For a bit more insight on this event, check out Lauren's post on the Events blog here.

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  • SusanMcP1

    Thrilled to be participating and looking forward to learning more about Dell's sustainability initiatives and programs.


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Susan… thanks in advance for participating!

  • DELL-Sarah R

    Thanks to all of yesterday's #DellCAP participants for a full day of great conversations!