CAP Days on the Road – Shanghai, China


This week in Shanghai, China we hosted our second #DellCAP event. Ten Dell customers, all very active in local social media sites such as RenRen, Sina and BBS forums with special guest Guo Jia from RenRen joined us for a candid conversation moderated by local influencer Steve Lin (aka FlyPig). Similar to our first Customer Advisory Panel (CAP Days) in the US, attendees shared their thoughts and ideas on Dell’s support and services, product quality and design, social media and online efforts and had a chance to learn more about our bamboo packaging

Dell CAP Days in Shanghai, China

Here’s a sample of some the feedback we heard, some similar to our first event, some specific to our customers in China:

  • Dell’s large presence on RenRen and Sina is impressive, but maybe you should begin to segment various accounts by user and business group.
  • Make the drivers and downloads area of easier to navigate.
  • Why don’t we hear more about these cool new products? Like the new XPS laptops.
  • I like how much more readily available Dell products are in China (besides just online) now than they were before. Now I have a retail store right next to my house, which is very convenient.
  • Treat all customers like beginners, assume we do not know and teach us.

We look forward to sharing more here on Direct2Dell and on Direct2Dell China as we incorporate some of this feedback into our business decisions. Next up, a B2B focused CAP Days Germany on January 20, 2011!

Dell CAP Days in Shanghai, China

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  • MoneyGuyBK

    It is nice to see Dell reaching out internationally to gather info and input from its fans and critics.

    I attended one of the DellCAP meetings this year in Round Rock, Texas in USA.


    Having met Dell folks in person, I am quite impressed with the individual commitment I observed from each and every Dell employee at Dell Campus.


    I have no doubt that by continuing DellCAP days, Dell will succeed in increasing their customers' loyalty and improve its relations with those customers at the same time.


    Thanx Sarah for keeping us DellCAP participants in the USA aware of these events.




  • DELL-Sarah R

    Thanks, BK!