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Chris Pirillo Draws Out Trade Secrets in Live Webcast


September 13, self-described Geek and Technology Enthusiast Chris Pirillo hosted a one-hour webcast, “How SMBs Can Ensure On-The-Job Reliability”, featuring the Latitude E-Family laptops as the reliable choice for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Chris was joined by Carol Roth, SMB strategist and author of the New York Times best-selling book, The Entrepreneurial Equation and Dell product consultant David Ruth.

This webcast was part of the ongoing Trade Secrets campaign, which we developed to enable small and medium business professionals to exchange “secrets to success” with their Influencers and peers. During the broadcast, Chris, Carol and David discussed the features and benefits of the Latitude-Es, with emphasis on durability, productivity, security and manageability. As David explained, Dell redesigned the Latitude-Es in response to actual customer feedback to ensure they address the specific needs of Dell’s SMB customers.

The discussion included additional topics relevant to SMBs, such as how they can (and should) use video and social media to grow their businesses. Chris and the panelists also answered questions that were tweeted by viewers using the hashtag #Latcast. Three random winners—chosen from among 505 #Latcast tweets—each received a free Latitude-E laptop.

A total of 265 viewers tuned in for the live event and 278 people tweeted the link afterward to share it with friends and colleagues. To encourage additional viewership, we will be editing several shorter segments (5-10 minutes in length) and posting them on YouTube. Keep an eye out for links to these segments, to be tweeted through @DellSMBNews and @DellSMBUS.

If you missed it that day, we hope you’ll watch—and share—the full webcast replay. 

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