New Dell Latitude Notebooks and OptiPlex 990 Desktops Now Available


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Dell has a long heritage as business professionals building solutions for business professionals.  And in early February, we announced a huge portfolio of business client systems, including new additions to our Latitude and OptiPlex families.  Response to this line-up was overwhelmingly positive, as some noted it was “one of the best product lines that Dell, or anyone else, has brought to market” and “the new lineup is probably one of the strongest that they've had in years.”  Today marks the availability of several of those new Latitude and OptiPlex systems. 

Designed as business-class tools with consumer appeal, the Latitude E6520, E6420, E5520 and E5420 are now available.  Designed to be the most secure, flexible and manageable desktops, the OptiPlex 990 (in four different form factors) is also available.

With the new Latitude family we kept all the goodness of the second-generation E2 family, which received the highest-ever scores on durability (more on that in a minute), but also significantly increased the productivity, security and manageability of the systems.  Here are some highlights:

  • Most secure notebooks ever – Dell Data Protection, Remote Data Delete, Free Fall Sensor
  • Commonality – 26 models – 1 dock, AC adaptor and internal bay modules
  • Productivity – Only business-class family of notebooks with backlit keyboards
  • Leading performance – options with the E6520 and E6420 include the second-generation Intel quad core processing, discrete graphics and multi-touch displays

Our design efforts focused on two key audiences; end-users and IT professionals.  Our defining principle was to create business-class tools with consumer appeal.  So, after extensive worldwide research and customer discussions, we made over 100 design improvements.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • New fit & finish with a magnesium frame structure to last and withstand the toughest IT environments
  • Added HDMI ports to make connections to consumer and professional components seamless
  • Enlarged track pad by 30% and microscopic keyboard gaps for greater ergonomics
  • Single back access door for serviceability
  • Integrated WLAN (MIMO), WiMAX, WWAN, LTE antennas for anytime connectivity

Our OptiPlex family of business desktops has been a staple of Dell’s PC portfolio for 18 years.  And the new OptiPlex 990 builds on that heritage by representing the most powerful, most manageable and “greenest” commercial desktop we’ve ever offered. 

As with the Latitude family, the OptiPlex 990 offers completely redesigned form factors and are amongst the smallest within their categories. The mini-tower, desktop and small-form factor chassis have been optimized to help maximize desk space and ensure the systems integrate seamlessly into virtually any office environment.

To give you an idea of the OptiPlex 990 performance, it’s powered by the advanced 2nd generation Intel Core i7 vPro processor, offers generous high-speed memory options and supports up to four simultaneous video displays across small-form factor, desktop and mini-tower chassis with dual PCI-express slots. And for virtualized environments, the OptiPlex 990 also sup­ports flexible desktop virtualization ranging from virtual remote desktop control to on-demand desktop streaming or cli­ent hosted virtualization.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is one of our customers’ highest consideration points and OptiPlex 990 delivers.  The system offers a premier-class of security and management options to meet an organization’s unique needs and challenges.  Manageability solutions include the latest Intel vPro re­mote management technology, and security options include Dell Data Protection with one-touch preset compliance policy templates, flexible encryption and sin­gle solution for system disk as well as removable media that work in unique environments.   In addition, Dell KACE system management appliances are fully-compatible with the OptiPlex 990 desktops, enabling easy deployment of remote manageability and maintenance simplification. The OptiPlex platform’s com­mitment to stability, long-lifecycle and managed transi­tions also help ensure IT to save time and money.

On top of sheer performance and low TCO, OptiPlex systems all have a minimum of 10% post-consumed recycled plastic enclosure and offer highly efficient power supply options. And starting with the OptiPlex 990 small form factor, Dell pro­vides select brominated flame retardant free (BFR-free) and polyvinyl chloride free (PVC-free) configurations and recyclable packaging (by the way, the same can be said for the Latitude E6420.)

The new Latitude and OptiPlex systems build on our history of delivering open, capable and affordable client computing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the workforce.  And our family of business desktops and laptops were recently recognized for this commitment with #1 rankings according to Technology Business Research’s latest Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction Studies.  Dell notebooks ranked #1 for Q4 2010, displacing a competitor after six quarters.  And Dell business desktops have achieved three #1 rankings in the past six periods.  We expect this tradition to continue with the introduction of these latest solutions.

I am excited to launch the newest (and best ever) members of the Dell Business Product Family!

Comments or questions on the new line-up? Let us know below.

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15 thoughts on “New Dell Latitude Notebooks and OptiPlex 990 Desktops Now Available

  1. @yungchin regarding the AMD Turion question, we do not offer AMD processors on this Latitude series. On the battery life – were you looking for numbers specific to the 4, 6, or 9-cell options?

  2. @Sarah Richardson:

    Thanks for the quick reply. The 4-cell is probably not so interesting, but how do the 6- and 9-cell fare?

    The other thing was more of a feature request for the next generation of Latitudes – let's say I'd happily pay an extra 200 or so if only there was the option.

  3. The specs on the new Latitudes are great, and if quality remains as high as with the last two generations I've had, I'll buy again. One question and one question/comment: can you provide battery-life estimates for the various battery options on the E6420, and can you build me an AMD Turion version of that machine with ECC RAM?

  4. @yungchin thanks for the feedback. I'll pass along to the product teams. For battery life with a 6 cell battery – up to 8.4 hours and with the 9 cell battery – up to 13.9 hours* of battery life with optional SSD. These estimates are all based on testing using the Mobile Mark 2007 battery life benchmark test ( Battery life may vary from these estimates depending on your product’s configuration, software, usage, operating conditions, power management settings and other factors.

    Hope this helps, let us know what you end up choosing!

  5. Hi – The graphic options we offer on the Latitude E6520 include Intel HD Graphics 3000 and NVIDIA NVS 4200M for Dual Core and Quad Core. We do not offer the NVIDIA GeForce cards in our Latitude line, but if you're looking for that specific card you should consider one our consumer systems like the Dell XPS 15 and 17, Inspiron 17R, Alienware M11x and M17x. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  6. Hi,

    can someone tell if and when the Latitude E6520 comes with a nVidia GeForce GT 500M series graphics card? The Intel HD Graphics 3000 is not the best for my applications so is the NVS 4200M from nVidia.

    Thank you

  7. I'd definitely like to see projected battery life numbers. I'm particularly interested in the e6420 and e6520. How does equipping these systems with a quad core, and the discrete graphics option change the battery life numbers? What can we expect with the 9 cell 97whr on the e6520? What can we expect with the e-bay battery on both the e6420 and e6520?

  8. @Sarah Richardson: Thank you, some impressive numbers! It looks like even the 6-cell will do nicely for me.

  9. @Sarah Richardson

    I have not yet seen a reply to the question from @skysoft

    and I am looking for reply on following so we can decide what to order

    What is the battery life for 6 cell 60WHR, 9 cell 87WHR, or 9 cell 97WHR

    for E6520 or E6420 Windows 7 64bit with i5 processor,

    NVIDIA NVS 4200M (35W) Graphics

    500 GB SATA hard drive for the different batteries proposed?

    Premise  multitasking usage on with internet usage

    via WiFi, including video streaming  as well as excel, word, powerpoint, outlook.

    Do the new Latitude 9 cell batteries for E6520/E6420 have raised profile similar to

    the 9 cell for Vostro 3500 or not.

    My real life experience on Vostro 3500 was not the outstanding battery life advertised

    so I am looking for guidance before deciding on Latitude E6520/E6540

    (Vostro 3500, Windows 7 64,  i5, NVIDIA Geoforce 310M,

    500 GB SATA Hard drive with 6-cell 56W/HR LI-ION was life

    of 60 to 90 minutes

    " Life with a 6 cell battery – up to 8.4 hours and with the 9 cell battery – up to 13.9 hours*

    of battery life with optional SSD" is another callibration.

  10. @skyosoft and @g_craft sorry for the delay. I'm not sure we have battery life numbers on those specific configurations, but I'm checking with our team and will let you know what I hear. Thanks!

  11. @Sarah Richardson: Still waiting for estimated battery life numbers on even a bare configuration for the e6520, and others….

  12. @Sarah Richardson

    Can Dell please give indications on Battery life as requested on March 18 and 21.

    Amazing that is now May 7 and no sign of a reply.

    Customers do have a choice

  13. Hi @g_craft, apologies for the delayed response. We realize you have a choice and are happy you're considering Dell. The 9-cell battery does not have a raised profile. Unfortunately, we do not have battery life estimates based on the specific configurations you listed. Happy to connect you directly with a product specialist if you are still looking to make a purchase.

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