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Corporate Social Media Assessment: How does your organization stack up?


In mid-July we released findings from a survey that we commissioned of Forrester Consulting that looked into the evolution of corporate social listening and engagement in the digital marketing age. In that report, we found that Corporate America was making progress listening to customers through social media channels, yet that most organizations’ social media efforts were still far from integrated across the business.

We believe social media practitioners will find great value in being able to benchmark their organizations against some of the key findings from that study. Today we are rolling out our Corporate Social Media Interactive Assessment that lets you do just that. Compare your investment in headcount and budget against other companies, compare how integrated your listening and engagement efforts are, and also compare how these efforts are impacting various business metrics.

The survey will take just a few minutes to complete and your results will be presented to you in the form of a personalized infographic, which you can share with others within your organization as you continue to define your social media strategy and approach.  I hope this will be helpful to your efforts. Clicking on the image below will take you to the assessment:

Dell Corporate Social Media Assessment

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