Customer Service: A Social Think Tank airs on June 25 with Live Stream #WinningService

Dell is hosting a Customer Service Think Tank on June 25, 2012, starting at 9:00 am CT, in Austin, TX — a gathering of peers in the service and support arena as well as influencers who specialize in it. The group will discuss best practices and innovations in customer support as well as how organizations can adopt support models that better support their customers. Although Dell is hosting the event, it’s focused on the holistic service and support industry, not on Dell products or technologies.

The event will be moderated by Jackie Huba, founder of the Church of the Customer blog and co-author of two books on customer loyalty. Other participants include members from Intuit, Citrix, Nationwide Insurance and Wells Fargo, as well as customer experience experts like Liz Strauss and Becky Carroll.

You can follow the event via Twitter at #WinningService and tune into the live-stream to listen in live.

Full agenda and more information here:  “Putting the Customer Back in Customer Service: A Social Think Tank hosted by Dell

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2 thoughts on “Customer Service: A Social Think Tank airs on June 25 with Live Stream #WinningService

  1. Dell's customer service is a real joke. I was on the phone with tech support for a total of 9.5 hours yes that right more than most peoples work day. The first 16 people I spoke to swore my warranty would cover the service I needed and after 6.5 hours on the phone number 17 decided it didn't lovely right. When I refused to pay after so many hours on the phone I was just out of luck. I requested to be transfered to customer service and was transfered to a department that was closed without being told it was closed. again i say lovely right. I would have been fine with my warranty not covering the service in hour one or even hour 4 but after 16 reps and 3 or 4 hangups and 6.5 hours not so much. The next day I called back after I fixed the problem myself and asked to speak to customer service, I was transfered to a closed department, cussed at. hung up on, yelled at, and told there was nothing they were going to do. I will never buy a dell again and I will pass my experience along to oters as I am now. Bad customer treatment reaches more people than good customer treatment does just so you know.

  2. @ladielayell: I'm sorry to see that we made the support process so difficult in your case. I will send you an e-mail to get more specifics, then I will ask someone to contact you to resolve this.



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