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Day Two of Dell World Looks Toward Future of Technology


As with most conferences, Dell World has so much great content that attendees (including myself) often wish to be two places at one time. There is no way I can recap everything that happened today, but let me take a shot at some highlights.

In Michael Dell’s opening keynote, he talked about how the forces of cloud, big data, mobile & social are advancing human progress more quickly & more fundamentally than at any time in human history. Technology, combined with the limitless capabilities of the human brain to innovate, solve problems and dream, is ushering in an era of infinite possibilities for “The Next Billion.”

“In partnership with all of you, we have never been in a better position to invent the future than right now,” he told the audience and he brought Peter Zornio, the Chief Strategy Officer of Emerson on stage to talk about digital transformation, the Internet of Things, and Dell and Emerson’s unique partnership that spans more than 20 years.

Then there was a lot of exciting news to announce around our end-to-end solutions.

IT World reported afterwards that “Dell looks to wow clients with a new type of converged system;” and from what I heard talking to customers after the keynote, it certainly hit the right note. They were excited to contemplate the ways the new FX2 next-generation converged solution could help them reduce complexity through its workload optimized, single architecture with integrated management.

Cloud remained a common topic of conversation as we announced our new Cloud Marketplace public beta program that is striping away any remaining concerns limiting cloud usage through key industry alliances. For more background, read how InformationWeek took a look at why a customer might purchase a product via our Cloud Marketplace rather than going directly to the vendor.

But even before the opening keynote and these announcements, there were great discussions happening here at Dell World.

At a Think Tank on the topic of tackling “social” for medium-sized businesses social business experts emphasized “how much of a moving target the area is, and how little it lends itself to one-size-fits-all solutions.” You can watch the full replay of that conversation, but the following comment from Andres Bang of LinkedIn really stood out to me as something most Dell World attendees can relate to:

We’re excited that IT leaders like Andres have taken the time to join us here in Austin this week. It is in partnership with them that those infinite possibilities mentioned at the opening keynote will become reality.

As Michael Dell said in this morning’s opening keynote:

“Individually, we are doing amazing things, but together we are a movement… anchored in the core belief that we can build better businesses, better outcomes, better lives… And a better world through the limitless boundaries of human creativity… amplified exponentially through the power of technology. We stand at the edge of infinite possibility.”

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