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Dell 30 More: Greener Planet


— Fifth in the "To 30 More" series —

Dell to 30 More pennant with photo of Keith Matteson“I really love the work and the people that I work with and I can see the effect my work has on the bottom line,” says one of our senior engineers Keith Matteson who has been at Dell for 25 of our first 30 years.

He’s proud to be able to recommend Dell products from laptops to data center, and was happy when his daughter entered architecture school at The University of Texas with a Dell laptop that the school’s IT team said it was a really great machine.

“What I am most looking forward to is seeing how our return to the entrepreneurial spirit that can transform our company into the most agile Fortune 50 technology company on the planet,” Matteson says.

He worked on some of the original Dell servers and the early integration of VMware. It’s this type of progression in technology that is improving our environment. Virtualization decouples software and services from hardware and reduces power use, conserves space and resources, provides greater system flexibility and provides a greater return on investment.

In the next 30 years and beyond, we will continue to help the world find more ways to be more energy efficient. As part of our Legacy of Good plan, we’ll reduce our products' energy intensity by 80 percent by the year 2020 and all of our packaging materials will be 100 percent sustainably sourced, 100 percent recyclable.

Snippet of Dell 30 More infographic that describes how Dell is reducing our footprint for a greener planet

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