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— Fourth in the "To 30 More" series —

Dell to 30 More pennant with photo of Wylie SmithWylie Smith is ready to “do it all again!”

After 26 years at Dell, this member of our Global Operations Engineering and Technology team remains optimistic about the company’s future: “I think we have a solid team that will help push us further forward into tablets, solutions, and services.”

Smith sees some of the least-visible elements of Dell technology empower the most people.

“When a customer, or anyone for that matter, is making a Facebook post or a Twitter update or accessing a medical record, there’s a Dell server likely on the backend of that request and from that perspective I feel that we’re enabling everybody to grow and thrive.”

Those medical records and even the social media updates play an important part in supporting our communities – especially during crisis.

Together with the American Red Cross (ARC), we launched the first social media command center devoted to humanitarian aid in 2012. The ARC uses social media to connect people with loved ones during disasters and figure out exactly where to send help – as well as to provide critical safety information so they can be better prepared.

And that’s just one way Dell strives to be a force for positive change around the world. As a team, we make a difference by contributing our technology, time and know-how; and by 2020, our goal is to provide five million cumulative hours of service to the communities in which we live and work.

Snippet of Dell 30 More infographic about how Dell is a force for positive change

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