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— Second in the "To 30 More" series —

Dell To 30 More pennant with photo of Susan Lomaglio“With the lessons we’ve learned, and the expertise we’ve acquired, being able to move again with a ‘start-up’ attitude will make us unique in the industry again,” says Susan Lomaglio of our Global Services Delivery team.

Lomaglio joined PCs Limited right out of high school and has stayed more than 25 years because she loves working with schools installing our technology solutions in classrooms.

“I get to see the kids actually use the equipment and it’s really awesome to see how it’s helping and benefiting them,” Lomaglio says.

But being in a physical classroom isn’t a requirement to use technology for educational benefit.

Through its cloud based virtual desktop infrastructure from Dell, the University of Madrid was able to connect more of its students and enhance both campus-based, and online learning – in fact doubling its online student base.

As the image below notes, Dell has helped millions of children in 180 countries by developing technology education programs that help close the learning gap for children as well as through our strategic giving programs, like Dell Youth Learning in 16 countries. In the future, we see Dell connecting the next billion students worldwide with tools they need to succeed.

Snippet of Infographic that talks about how Dell empowers students and teachers to be their best by providing technology solutions

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