Dell acquires Dell Financial Services Canada Ltd.

Dell Financial Services (DFS)
was established 14 years ago to deliver financing solutions for Dell customers.
In that time, we have directly enabled financing to customers in the U.S.,
while indirectly enabling financing through various vendors around the world.
Today, with our acquisition of DFS Canada Ltd., we are proud to announce that
we have expanded our direct financing capabilities into Canada, giving more of
our North American customers direct access to our financing solutions.

The acquisition of DFS Canada
Ltd. is an important step in our continuing evolution to support Dell’s
solutions focus. Qualified customers in Canada will have direct access to
financing opportunities from Dell, and will benefit from the continued
servicing capabilities and competitive financing incentives we will offer. For
our current customers in Canada, you won’t see many changes to the way you
currently finance with DFS Canada today. Our goal through the integration process
is to ensure a seamless transition for you.

As I shared in April, we still intend to acquire CIT Vendor
Finance’s Dell-related assets and sales and servicing functions in Europe,
subject to customary closing conditions. CIT Vendor Finance will also continue
to provide financing programs with Dell in select countries around the world
beyond these transactions, including through specific agreements in Latin
America. Please continue to watch for more updates on our progress here and do not hesitate to post any questions
you may have below.

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2 thoughts on “Dell acquires Dell Financial Services Canada Ltd.

  1. But the service isn't all that great anyways. It's rigid and uncaring of it's customers. If you happen to get captured by this program there is no leeway nor understanding. The world over is recovering from a financial hiccup and DFS had no means of figuring out how that may also affect it's customers.

    Its a shame really for I was a person that held Dell in hight regard but after the way I have been burned by DFS I can't think of the program or dell the same way.  

    I'm glad Dell (and DFS) is expanding; I just wish that that meant something significant to their customers.

  2. Tifa: I'm sorry for not responding to this comment until now. Also sorry to see that we've got some DFS issues to clear up with you.

    Someone will be contacting you soon.

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