Dell Adds the NVIDIA 8800M GTX with Dual SLI Technology to the XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook


Update: 1/29—My apologies… I published this at 6am, but meant to publish it here on the Direct2Dell home page.

I imagine many enthusiasts have read articles about NVIDIA's mobile graphics card in places like Anandtech, Crave, HotHardware and others. As of today, we're offering customers in the United States the option to order the mobile SLI version of the 8800M GTX in our XPS M1730 notebook. The same graphics card option will soon be available to customers in EMEA and APJ as well. What this means to a mobile gamer is DirectX 10 (DX10) performance that approaches performance of high-end desktops.

To put it in perspective, according to benchmark's run by Dell's performance team, the same XPS 1730 notebook earned a score of almost 13,500 in 3Dmark06—which is about 49% performance gain over two 8700M GT cards in the same notebook. In other words, games like Crysis, BioShock, Far Cry 2 and Age of Conan will scream.

Back when we launched the XPS M1730, I mentioned that we would offer an upgrade option for customers who purchased their laptops with the previous-generation graphics solution, the NVIDIA 8700M GT SLI edition. The upgrade option will also be available to customers who bought the XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition as well. 

Pricing and additional details about the graphics card upgrade program will be coming soon.

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177 thoughts on “Dell Adds the NVIDIA 8800M GTX with Dual SLI Technology to the XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook

  1. That's great that the 8800GTX is finally available, but is it going to be offered with a single GPU option?  I'm only seeing the option to buy two of them.

    I don't want to have to buy two of them, particularly since SLI is so dependent on drivers and profiles for particular games.

  2. Sanjay: We're still selling the 8700M as the default option on new systems. The 8800M GTX SLI version is a $1000 upgrade from the single 8700M graphics processor, and $700 more than the SLI version of the 8700M.

    We are not going to offer an upgrade option for Penryn processors—just one for the 8700M graphics cards.

  3. Frank: Yes, the graphics card upgrade will be offered in some places outside the US. I'll share more details when I can.

  4. Wish this had come a couple days earlier. I just got my XPS 1730 with the Dual 8700 🙁 How about the CPU? Do you plan on allowing us to upgrade
    the CPU to the newer Penryn processors?

  5. I live in Canada, I got my XPS about 3 weeks ago.  I was told I would be able to upgrade to the 8800 when it came out if I ordered.  They didn't have an ETA and I didn't want to wait several months.  Can anyone confirm this upgrade is going to be available in Canada?  Does anyone know if you have to return the old 8700's?

  6. Can you conform how much the upgrade price will be for the UK? Also when will it be available?

    As part of the upgrade program – will I be able to install the 8800GTX card myself or will this void my warrenty? Also, will i be able to trade in or return my 8700 card?

  7. When's the upgrade program coming and when's it coming to Australia and what's the price going to be for it?

  8. That's fantastic.

     When will these new options (8800 GTX SLI, 2.6GHz option) be availible in the european market? I mean, we're still waiting for the Alienware M15X.. 😐

  9. How will the upgrade program for current m1730 owners work? Will we receive a discount for the 8700m, or do Dell not take these back?

  10. Hi, I ordered my XPS on October 30th 2007 and I am wondering if I can order just the graphics card and upgrade my XPS myself or do I have to send my XPS to Dell and have you guys upgrade it for me?

  11. Just got off the line with "Daisy" and changed my order from the 8700 to the 8800.  Cost and extra $700.00 and ship date is now 26 Feb.

  12. That's great news to have 8800M GTX in SLI mode on XPS1730.

     But where is "Penryn" ??????

    True enthusiasts are just waiting for Dell to finally change the chipset platform to Santa Rosa Refresh and uses Penryn cpus.

    Come on, Dell !! before we turn to HP and others, do something!

  13. What are the details for the upgrade/exchange for the 8800gtx for those of us that purchased our m1730's at launch? Is it strictly pay the $700 for the new card or are their other options?  Thanks.

  14. I got my XPS M1730 back in late October with the dual 8700M GTs of course.  Will this upgrade program blow our pockets just as much as the laptop did in the first place?  I spent around $4800 on my laptop to start with.

     I also read somewhere (can't remember where it was) that the 8800M GTX was originally intended to be available in the initial release of the XPS M1730.

     So, since I ordered my laptop within like 2 weeks of its release, will I get a free, or low-cost upgrade?

     Because of the upgrade price is $700 for SLI customers, I'm doubting I can get this upgrade for free, but if it isn't free, hopefully it wont be over $200 at the most…


  15. Oh, sorry, I didn't notice: 

    "Pricing and additional details about the graphics card upgrade program will be coming soon."

     Well, like I said, for earlier customers of the M1730, I sure hope it isn't yet another pocket-buster…

  16. To summarise, I think the main questions on all CURRENT M1730 owners lips are:

    1. Is there an upgrade program?

    2. If yes, how will it work? Can we return out 8700's for a discount? Or do we get a discount anyway, since we were told of the 8800 at launch, but had to settle with the 8700 instead?

    3. If the above does not apply, how much are we looking at for a 8800GTX card alone (obviously only the in SLI config that is available at the moment)? This is for UK customers as well as the US.

    4. When will current M1730 owners be able to finally purchase the 8800GTX card alone?

    I have been told by Dell tech support and parts sales staff, that we are not able to buy the graphics card alone, and there is no upgrade option whatsoever. The tech support guy told me that Dell do not do that and I have to settle with what I have.

     Is this correct? Since I was led to believe that because the GPU card is upgradable, I would have the option to upgrade in the future. Yet Dell tech support tell me I cant buy the part from them!

    Maybe we are in the early stages, but please understand that I, as well as hundreds of other M1730 owners, have been waiting patiently for a GPU that we were told we would get at launch. I just want to know when I can finally get my hands on the card and get it in my system, and how much extra Im going to have to pay.

  17. Hi, I'm italian boy and I have XPS M1730 with dual 8700GT. The graphics card upgrade will be offered in ITALY?

  18. Hey blair. If you nhavent had the system 30 days, RETURN IT, Not only will the upgrade most likely be cheaper to buy with the system, But you dont have to deal with upgrading, waiting for the upgrade system to come to light, returning the old 8700 cards etc, I would really reccomend you just return the system and order a new one with 8800's 

  19. Come on Dell!
    Give Us Details on upgrades!

    We need the upgrade to be shown in our SERVICE TAGS, and carry SYSTEM WARRANTY, not the standard 90 day to 1 year warranty from spare parts!!!!!!!!!! 

    We've been loyal buying the system with 8700GT SLI, now it's your turn to give us something in return!

  20. Dell's price on the X7900 CPU is now $400 higher than it was… it used to be a $300 upgrade from the T7700 2.4 GHz C2D to the X7900 2.8 GHz C2X… it is now $700.

  21. I really need the portability of the XPS M1530 and I was hoping to see a single 8800 as an option above the 8600. Add what hp is already offering with the new dv9700t – the T9300 processor for a $225 upgrade above the T5450 and it would be perfect. 

  22. I am also in the same boat with many M1730 owners…waiting for our chance to upgrade our video cards.  The main reason we purchased this laptop was for gaming – having been told the graphics card was upgradeable was priceless for many.

    I have been given the runaround with reps being clueless to there even being an 8800GTX option for the laptop.  At the end, I was simply told that an upgrade isn't an option because of the "complexity" of installing a video card and its drivers.  Go figure.

     I am still within my 30 day return time frame…am I going to send it back?  I have reviewed the options – having found that the M8800GTX will provide up to a 48% performance increase over the M8700.  That is a great performance gap…at a great performance price.  Easily over $700 – as a simple upgrade when designing your laptop on the website.Sold serparately…easily closer to the 1 grand mark.  Is it worth it?

    I think I will give Dell some time to communicate their new programs to their sales people.  I'll sit and enjoy my M8700's for a bit…and wait for the novelty to wear off from the 8800's and then purchase them when the prices go down.  Even at lower resolutions, the M8700's perform very well and the screen is crisp and detailed.  Besides, my wife would shoot me.  LOL

  23. Can one just return it ,and say you don't like it. Then you ask if you can have one again ,but with 8800 instead ? I got a discounted price on mine for buying the first in South Africa. Its only about 20 days old now ,so I would still probably have the option to return it then?

  24. endl3ss – same result here in the UK. Rang tech support. They either dont know anything about the card, then I was told the card was not upgradable. Upon correcting the tech support guy, I was then told they do not sell the card alone.

    So what do I do now? With no idea of the upgrade program and no way of obtaining the card?

     After spending so much on a laptop, Im am not impressed in the slightest – especially since we are promised an upgrade option, but hear nothing afterwards.

    Its unfair that new users purchasing the system now have the option of the 8800 card, but us early adopters, who probably spent more on the system due to higher prices, have to wait around in hope.

     Come on Dell, get your act together. I dont even mind paying for th ecard and installing it myself. But dont just ignore us. Look at the amount of comments you have on this page, and how many responses have you given us – your customers – your customers that have paid an arm and a leg already.

  25. Hi gents, I've just today called the Norwegian support-line, and at least at this time they don't offer an upgrade for existing XPS M1730 owners. The sales manager didn't know if this would change or not, but he had checked with the brand manager about this earlier, and he had said that this would not be done. He also said that Dell would not sell these cards alone. And of course, I've had my laptop for over 30 days now… So I guess my big question is, is there any chance that this could/will change, or am I looking at buying NVIDIA 8800M GTX SLI-cards from somewhere else, and installing them myself? Regards,

  26. Hello Guys,


    I´m here in Irland, and also 1730 Owner from the first hour on, so i have no chance to sent it back!

     But i can tell you guys, that the upgrade is not really much work, i upgraded my 1730 from T7300 to X7900 by myself (and saved 500 €uro) 🙂

     To change the Videocard takes maximum 1/2 hour!

     So, i hope i can get any Sli 8800 from Dell or whoever!


  27. I've seen a guy who got M1730 replacement from E1705, and the guy's also getting 8800GTX SLI for FREE?

    I think we M1730 owers who actually paid 3-5k on the system deserves such treatment as well!!

    Atleast start offer the upgrade program already please~!!

  28. Some of you guys are pretty greedy. Dell is going to do what its going to do. You all should be happy that they came out with the 8800, an not saying "OMG I am emo an i need something to complain an bitch about all the time so now wheres the penryn" Be happy they came out with the 8800gtx… The processor is NOT going to make a significant improvement to anything that your gonna notice, unlike the graphics card. SO relax… Enjoy the performance of the new 8800gtx SLI  An dont worry about the penryn.. Seriously.. With a claimed 13.5k 3DMark06.. Your already be sitting on the fastest laptop in the world…  

  29. Im not bothered about Penryn at all, as it wont offer a significant enough improvement anyway in my opinion. Not for a while yet anyway.

    I would just like to know a few more details about the graphics card upgrade program that we were promised. I dont feel its fair that new purchases are able to get the new card and we stil lhave no upgrade path.

     Tech support pass me through to sales, and sale pass me back to tech support. I guess we just sit and wait again.

  30. Evan ~ I'm with you 100%….I have an XPS 720 running an E6800 with 8800gtx and I am satisfied…. When the 8800m GTX is released for upgrade I will pair that up with my X7900 in my 1730….I am stoked! I think the X7900 does a great job….its the Video Card thats been the bottle neck…

     I am just thrilled that the 1730 will support the 8800m…..Awesome!




  31. I too have a 1730 and they have no idea about the upgrade yet in Australia it was one of the reasons for buying the 1730 also if people watch the performance monior on your LCD display that even the 2.4GHz cpu is not heavely under load from games the graphics cards need the upgrade.

  32. Markus Kainer can you tell me how you upgraded your CPU or give a link to where we can read how to do this? I was told by Dell tech that you need to change the motherboard to do this as the chipset isn't compatible.

    If you can indeed upgrade this is an attractive saving indeed!



  33. I'd love to buy a 1730 if there was an option for a single 8800M GTX, not SLI.  I'm sure that there are many others who feel the same way.


    Dell rep's – any idea about when that option will become available?   

  34. When will Dell begin including the Penryn processors in the 1730 since no upgrade is possible.  It appears that the bios has been posted to support them. 



  35. I don't see where anyone from Dell has responded since the 29th, regarding qustions about the upgrade. Any idea when there will be an update good/bad?

  36. How many of you are checking this page three, four, maybe say…. TEN times a day?….. I know I am

  37. It took DELL a good couple of months to even comfirm that they will be shipping new M1730s with the 8800m, so I would give it a while longer for any info to be released regarding the upgrade program.

     The 8800m is in very short supply and I would imagine that what stock they do have will be used on NEW orders of the 1730 as this makes better buisness sense.

  38. I would like to know when this will be available and how much it will cost? sooner the better I just bought the 1730 with the 8700's Sli and then noticed that the 8800's were available last week. Should I return the laptop or wait for the upgrade?


    And if I do return the laptop will I get hit with the price increase for the extreme of $400? Or can I just return and pay the extra $700 that is the upgrade price that is now on the configure page?

  39. Well after getting bounced all over the place I am told I can return my laptop and reorder another with the new video. However the same system I have now comes up $630.00 more and that is before the $700.00 increase for the video card.


     With no ETA on when the upgrade will be available and when/if it will be outside of the US I think I will just return it and use my desktop till the price comes down or they have more info.

  40. soon !! its been almost 2 weeks now. why mention it so early and get our hopes up.

    im sure itll be worth the wait IF its available outside USA

  41. So when is this available in australia? i want the m1730 but if its gonna be only around 1k for the upgrade i might as well wait, but i dont want to wait 6 months just because they are to lazy to order them from dell america..



  42. You know its been 2 weeks….and I do understand that these things take time….putting together an upgrade package with parts and instructions and all that stuff….

     But just a little interaction from Dell with this thread would be nice… even a hello or two??


  43. been on the phone to dell in the uk and ireland. apparently its available to buy as an upgrade in the usa but not yet in the uk. the guy did however say that he expects we will get a discount on the card as we will have to give the 8700 sli card back so they can sell it on in a reconditioned machine or use it for warrenty parts.


    still anoying. had mine 55 days now so much wished i had waited. COE ON DELL WHATS GOING TO BE OFFERED F OR CURRENT 1730 OWNERS WITH 8700SLI SETUPS.  40#% OFF OR TOTAL KNOCK OF THE POCKET FOR THE UPGRADE.



  44. Upgrade path is not available in the US….Just got off the phone with what seemed to be a pretty reliable source….

     He said it will be announced on the blog first….he was guessing with-in a week or so….

     Fingers crossed…!

  45. can i upgrade my Dell vostro 1000 with another graphic card such as  8800M GTX  or another  ?


  46. If upgrade program is not offered, I for one will be returning the system, stopping my CC payment.  I kept the darn system because of the impressions and statements from Dell that they will provide the upgrade program.

    I'm pretty sure Dell will understand, and eat up the 5k refurb on it's hand.

    Only reason I got the laptop was because of the upgrade program information that was provided ages ago, and if Dell decides to back out of it, they are not keeping my money.

  47. I've been waiting for about 5 months without purchasing the M1730 with 8700 just so I could get the 8800.

    But the 8800 option is still not available in Korea.

    I tried calling Dell in Korea, but they told me that they also didn't know when the option will be available.

     Could you please tell me when the option of getting the GeForce 8800 will be available in South Korea, and the approximate additional price?

  48. That concerns me…..

     I purchased through the EPP Program…. And I am seeing a big difference in pricing.

     I can purchase the 1730 with 8800 GTX SLI for the same price that I purchased the 1730 with 8700's….. What gives?

  49. its available to buy in the uk now for the same price i gave for my current machine 60 days ago with dual 8700s

  50. Well I called yesterday to get a return label seems they give you a run around. I spent many hours trying to get a ETA they either had no clue about the program or no idea when it will come available.

     Seems like selling new computers comes well before keeping past customers happy with stuff they had said that made most of purchase the computers in the first place.

    So guess I will just be returning the laptop and not reordering as it looks like it now takes another 9 days for the 8800's over the 10-15 to order another 1…way to go DELL!

  51. exactly same thing here. i have still tried to call support here in the uk and the techs all say they do not know anything about the upgrade path. although one did say to me the other day that chances were they would offer a discount on the new cards and when we buy the new card they take th eold cards away with them. fine by me as i wont be needing the 8700s anyways. that said i guess we should just wait for a reply form the origonal poster to see what he says


  52. Hi there I'm a little bit concerned about a thing about something in this postings. My personal problema is that I'm also worried about the new price of the M1730. The same computer is now more expensive even before the upgrade to the 8800M GTX I think this is a little rare and as I'm right now interested in buying this computer I'm not sure whats happening or what to think. Kyle commented about this issue as well as others. The other thing that Zanlok comented is that Blu Ray isn't working properly and that makes me worry even more.

    But the main thing about this posting is that I can't see any replies to all the doubts that we all have, I can only see postings with complains and no replies from Dell or anyone else. What's happening? 


  53. I am an XPS m1730 owner and was told the same thing about being able to upgrade my 8700 gt sli cards to the 8800 gtx once they became available. I just passed the 21 day mark of customer satisfaction by 3 days and cannot return my laptop now for an exchange. Will Dell offer an upgrade video card program for new m1730 owners or was it just false advertising so they can make the sell?

  54. Ashe and Natoar: I just weighed on this topic in IdeaStorm here. My apologies for the lack of updates. Still working through some details…

    When I have more information to share, I will.

  55. Just got off the phone with DELL!!! NO UPGRADE!!! I purchased my xps1730 with every avaliable option a few months ago with the promise of upgradable video cards!!! $6000 for a laptop and 3 months later im outdated with no option to upgrade!! NOT EVEN IF I INSTALL IT MYSELF!!! REDICULOUS!!! By no means do i even need a new graphics card now but i should atleast be offered an option. I was told no upgrade b/c of how the computer is configured. The would not sell it to me to do myself or offer any other type of resolution for my problem. PRETTY SILLY IF YOU ASK ME!!! Last DELL i buy!!! Thats a promise. Should of known the upgradable video card was i lie look how they did with the xps 1710. NO good driver updrades and no avaliable hardware upgrades either!! Dell Blows!!!

  56. No they will have the program like they said we just have no idea when and how much….

    That being said SIMON you can still retrun your laptop after the 21 days as long as it is before 30 days


    Call Sales or use the web whatever order your new laptop with upgrades then call customer care and ask for a return label for the laptop that is less than 30 days old. 

    You will be without a laptop while a new 1 is build but will have what you want.

  57. Hey guys,

    iftibashir  (click link to watch all his videos) on youtube has some great video guides on upgrading parts on an XPS M1730. This guy really holds your hand so as long as you are careful with it the upgrades all should go smoothly.

     His latest guide is upgrading the GPUs from nVidia 8700M GT SLi to 8800M GTX SLi.

    This month if I can get hold of a pair of GTXs I'm upgrading the CPU, RAM, single HD to a RAID config, and GPUs! It's a gaming laptop right? I like to get my fingers dirty.


  58. Please send me an email about the date of release of the modified 1730 in Korea.

    My post original post was:

    I've been waiting for about 5 months without purchasing the M1730 with 8700 just so I could get the 8800.

    But the 8800 option is still not available in Korea.

    I tried calling Dell in Korea, but they told me that they also didn't know when the option will be available.

     Could you please tell me when the option of getting the GeForce 8800 will be available in South Korea, and the approximate additional price?

  59. Whats going on with this why dont they at least release the upgrade program with an eta for delivery at least then customers can order them

  60. I agree Natoar, I would be happy with someone from Dell just saying hello….I check this link 3 or 4 times a day…. The least someone from Dell could do is send us some kind of an update?? : /

  61. Thanks for the response Kyle. I just got off the phone with Dell customer care and they will not except returns after 21 days of the shipment date (US customers). I explained to them the misleading information I had received from the sales agent who sold me the laptop and from the xps technical support department to confirm the graphics cards are upgradable. The customer care department gave me a "run around"!! The documentation of their systems even showed that i had called asking about the 8800m gtx during the production of my laptop, but they failed to document the conversation about telling me yes my laptop will be upgradable as soon as the 8800m gtx are in circulation. Are you sure they will have a graphics card upgrade program in the near future for new XPS m1730? If yes, Where did you get this information from? 


  62. Slade ~ I understand where your coming from…. However I firmly believe that Lionel and Dell are telling the truth and there will be an upgrade path… You will get better info here vs the phone…..Lionel from Dell does a good job and most of these guys will answer any PM's that you send in a timely manner…. Chris from Dell has also been a big help here on the forums and blogs….

     There will be an upgrade path….soon!



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    raised a glass of water and asked
    "How heavy is this glass of water?"

    Answers called out ranged from 2 to 5 pounds.

    The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter.
    It depends on how long you try to hold it.
    If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem.

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  63. Simon they may not accept returns after 21 days it is all how you word it….it is not a simple return you order new laptop with new video and tell them you UPGRADED and would like to return the previous 1 you purchased.

    If less than 30 days you should have no problem…..If you do run into problems be persistant after all you are the paying customer.

    Or you can wait for the upgrade program it will be out not sure when or how much but it will be out….my guess is they are trying to meet new purchase demands before they worry about past customers…

    .following taken from above

    "Back when we launched the XPS M1730, I mentioned that we would offer an upgrade option for customers who purchased their laptops with the previous-generation graphics solution, the NVIDIA 8700M GT SLI edition. The upgrade option will also be available to customers who bought the XPS M1730 World of Warcraft Edition as well. 

    Pricing and additional details about the graphics card upgrade program will be coming soon."

  64. Why isnt anyone sending me an email?? T_T

    I will definitely buy XPS 1730 when the new version (with 8800 gtx) is available in korea.

    So one of you Direct2Dell people email me please!


  65. This is just ridiculous, its been almost a month and there has been NO news from dell about the upgrade. Even the staff has no clue about what's going on.

  66. Kinda funny…. I log on to my computer….I check two things on a regular basis for the last month….

     1. My Tax Return (IRS.Gov)

    2. Dell Upgrade for 1730 (8800m)

     And the winner……THE IRS!!!

    Dell you should be ashamed of yourself, the IRS provided me with a faster response…..WoW!  ; )

  67. C'mon Dell…were talking the IRS here? The IRS? IRS? (err…I mean Practice)…..IRS? Dell its the freaking IRS that beat you to the tape…. The IRS? C'mon man….IRS? Are you serious? The IRS? IRS?

    I got my refund in a shorter amount of time then what its taken Dell to announce a formal update for the vid card upgrade for the 1730? The IRS? The IRS beat Dell? IRS?

    Yes, the IRS is faster than Dell?!? The IRS? IRS!!!

    Were talking the freaking IRS!

  68. Just like Ashe i find myself checking for updates of the illusive 8800m upgrade for my m1730.  Surely you at dell could get people to register their interest in the upgrade, then once you've finalised the details you could send out an automatic message to all who have registered giving them the exact details of the cost and procedure that will be involved.

    Surely this is not to much to ask seeing as all concerned apparently joined the exclusive XPS club! 


  69. Anyhow…I thought the whole thing was kinda funny…Just poking fun at ya Dell… Maybe…just maybe… hoping to here something back!

     The IRS?!?

  70. Yeah man, that's some truth spoken right there.

    Give us some answers DELL.

     Im not american so iono what the IRS is,

    but they sure sound pretty darn slow.

  71. Hey guys….try part number XM888 with the parts department.  Here in canada..expect the 8800M GTX SLI to cost you $1,173 for the purchase plus taxes.  No info on trading your 8700M SLI in exchange for discount was available and doubt one will happen. 

     So start saving your dollars…hope this helps everyone.

  72. Based on what Nomad has to say…..


    Dell is there any thruth to this?


    All due respect to you Nomad….$2112 seeams a bit high…..

  73. Dell ~ How come I can go to Ebay and buy an 8800m GTX SLI for $1449?

     And Dell has still not given us an upgrade path yet? The parts are on the street…. The price is high but for those who have the money, well I guess this wouldn't be an issue…. And in the forums there is a nice link to an awesome video that showes you step by step how to upgrade the card yourself….think its hosted by YouTube….

     So, I'll wait a little longer but if its too long I might just be tempted to choose another route….

  74. 2k price is to stop people from ordering card when the demand is too high for new systems, and I don't think you would want to buy this card even with 1k price tag since if you buy the card from Dell spare parts, it wouldn't carry the system warranty.  It will only carry 90 days – 1 yr warranty.

  75. Yeah. I asked the sparepart department for the 8800M as well. and they said 2000 dollars for both… i actually thought she was kidding around. some sort of prank? Apparently its true…. just so disappointing… regretting buying the M1730 already

  76. I don't believe it….. If I was selling 8800m GTX's on Ebay I would say the same thing….lol

  77. Well if you bring up the XPS 1730m and add the 8800's there is no longer an extra 9 day waiting period which I would take as supply has leveled out with demand…..


    That being said figured they would've givin some word on the upgrade but guess that is asking a bit much lol

    Guess they will be getting to everyone else when they feel like it, after all they got the lump sum of the cash from you already and you come secondary.

  78. hi

    do i understand it right there is no way to upgrade a single 8700 card to 8800 single or sli ?

    just the sli version of 8700 ??

    if the upgrade program comes ?? 

  79. Hello Customers,

     How are you today? We would just like to let you know that we are working hard everyday to make the 8800m GTX upgrade a reality for the Dell 1730m Customers. For that reason we may have lost touch with our number one priority…. YOU, the customer….

    Just wanted to let you know that the plan is coming together and it should be any day now… We had to accomplish many things before we could release this to the public…. And we want to make sure the customer is taken care of properly!

     Thank you,



    (Hmm. that took 2 minutes….WoW!)

  80. can we get someone from dell to give us an update on this, its been weeks and weeks since the "soon" comment was made.

    the XPS desktop motherboard exchange took a while but takes the biscuit !

    please tell us something.

  81. I've seen a guy at who said he bought 8800M GTX SLI from spare parts.

    He claimed initial quote given by the sales rep was 2k plus taxes, but when he mentioned about this page, the rep went back and gave him second quote of around 850 shipped.  The invoice also said the part would carry 90 day warranty, or systems warranty, whichever is longer.

    Good news for people who been checking this site every  day I suppose.

    I returned mine, and reordered w/ 8800GTX SLI @ cheaper price.  Way to go Dell, and keep wondering why P & L doesn't look so great.

  82. Dave and others: I'm sorry for the frustration, but the truth is I don't have an update to give at this point. I will check with the team to see if there are any new details to share.

  83. Lionel,

    That was an update… Thats all were asking for… You have customers checking this blog daily… sometimes more than once…

     Let us know that your  working on it…



  84. well i have just gotten off the phone to ts and rather than just give me a card exchange they have opted to giveme a full refund on the machine in which case i can just order the newer machine with the 8800s in and get a faster cpu and it will actually cost less than what i paid for the origonal.


    cant understand the thinking behind it seeing as i have had the machine for almost 5 months. going to call customer care monday and explain the situation and ask if they will just agreee to send and engineer to come fit the 8800s rather than have to take my machine away and refund me then me buy anothe rone which could ytake up to a month. sigh.


    so if they agree to send a tech guy i could ave the 8800's by the end of the coming week. cmon dell whats the magical thinking behind all this.


    refund after 5 months of having the machine as apposed to just giving me 2 new cards and being done with it?


    . sigh i suppose i should be happ seeing as i will be able to get a better machine but i dont want to lose this one for a month.


  85. been on the phone to ts again. had problems with my machine since i got it in november anyways i called up to ask about the upgrade and still the answer was no. theyinstead have offered me a full refund on the laptop and i shall then order one with th better cards,


    really odd as it wouls surely be cheaper for them to just send a techi round with the new cards and install them. the new machine has better specs than hte crrent machine i have anyways i i guess i win.


    just seems aimless to refund the whole machine rather than just replae the video cards.


    go figure.

  86. Do Not Buy the 8800 on EBAY… Call customer service first…$1400 is way overpriced if you already have a 1730 with the 8700's in it.

  87. sigh. just off the phone to a supervisor at uk ts. still wont budge on simply upgrading the cards even when i offered to pay. so i have no choice but to accept the refund and then re order a new machine. so annoyed i dont even think i will go with dell again. might have a look at rock instead


    i think the runaround i have had with customer service and then the refusal to just upgrade the cards rather than give me a full refund (which surely would have been cheaper) had just made me lose confidence totally in the company as a whole.


    going to be without a machine for up to a month. so annoying

  88. I mean you had this product a month back offered to new buyers. WHY can WE not get it? This is just horrendous…. Can we at least know around how much longer it will take so we can stop wasting our time? Honestly.

  89.  Rikbikboo , ound to me like you have had a right result , who did u speak to i would be REALLY interested in getting an offer like you !

  90. Anyone know if that's an hdmi port on the side? I need to assure I have the proper cables for when this upgrade becomes available in the next few days.

  91.  Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone from dell could please tell us anything about the upgrade for the people who bought there xps 1730 before the 8800 was out. I understand that you all must be very busy but I would just like a little info that is all. I'm sick of calling customer service since whenever I call they seem to have no clue what I'm talking about even after I tell them that is it is written on direct2dell. I know that price changes happen all the time and I am upset that I could buy a new xps 1730 with 8800's for the same price maybe even cheaper then I payed for ones with the 8700's but I understand that is my fault for no waiting and buying the laptop when it first came out. Thank you for understanding any info will be good.

     Thank you,


  92. Hi all,

    some days ago i've contacted a dell commercial here in italy, she told me that she don't know anything about this upgrade. I've e-mailed the link to this post to her, but i haven't got an answer in three weeks. Just to say that the situation is the same here in Italy. Where we can have some info on the upgrade?!

     Thanks in advance.



  93. I am also wondering when the 8800 upgrade is going to come out.  I have been patiently checking this site everyday, but my patience is wearing thin.  Just say…  it may be another 6 months or something!!!  Any info at this point would be nice.  What is holding the program up?  Surely someone at Dell knows something? 

  94. Since there's little lead time for new 1730's with the 8800s, it's turned out to be easier to just order a second laptop with the new video setup, and return the old one for a full refund. Might even be able to bump up the CPU if you time the purchase right.

     Or, Dell could discourage this with some wild idea like putting existing customers ahead of new ones?

    I know, I know. Crazy idea. But otHer People have done well with it.

  95. Hi Joanne,

    thanks alot for the answer. That's a really good new… it makes me hope that one day i can have that upgrade. I was loosing any hope. Thanks again 🙂

    Ps – i'll keep an eye to this webpage, but as far as you know, there are some other place where i can have some info about that?





    I sold my XPS last week because I had enough to call customer services and get the same answer "We do not know anything about that sorry”. I do not believe that the upgrade option will be available for the people who bought the XPS 1730 before the 8800 was out.  I have ignored as well the bad comments you see flying around about dell's reputation but I have to say they’re right.  Big disappoint to me after owned more than eight Dell Systems.  I just order a new Mac. Will be with me in two weeks. I feel much better.  Good luck to everybody.


  97. It pretty much is old news. None of the executives or dell bloggers are taking any initiative to fully provide support. Its a lost cause and it hasn't been available for two months since dell first offically anounced the upgrade. Just like the release or drivers that are always 'promised' to be released within weeks (everytime I ask).

    Congratulations to the customers who bought the laptop 21 days before the release of the 8800M, and bad luck to those that bought it before that. And thank you dell for customer satisfaction.

  98. "New from NVIDIA!  GeForce 9800M GTX now available in Dell XPS notebooks!"

     …"By the way, the 8800M GTX upgrade is now available for XPS M1730 customers." *wink*

     😛 Hehe


  99. I just got off the phone with Dell in Aus and they wanted $1692 to buy the XM888.

    After regaining consciousness I told them that I had previously been quoted $436 for the card. (I didn't get it quoted at this, another guy on the forums did)

    So they put me on hold and came back saying they could give it to me for $1008.

    So basically, it is still quite expensive and secondly they took $650 off the price in a second!!

    When are we getting news on the upgrade program?!

  100. The thing that looks strange to me is that here in Italy the dell customer care said to me that they have literally HUNDRED (thousands?) of pre-request of this upgrade… why dell would like to disappoint all of these customers? 

  101. Well folks I beleive the gpu upgrade program is in place .2,000 usd take it  or leave it .I have been told many times that Dell promised the ability to upgrade they  did not say at  what price.As long as we have the ability to upgrade dell as done what they promised to do .The silence speaks volume .

  102. I do not think there will  be an upgrade program.The  2000 usd that they are quoting people now will be the price .Dell reps have told me as long as I have the abilitity to upgrade they has honored their promise .

  103. Well, I think that hundreds (thousands) of us who are waiting for an upgrade program to be clarified (dare I say realized)  would have to disagree with the statement that "Dell is a great company." The proof is in the pudding.

    The "right time" would have been immediately following the announcement that the 8800s were available. Consequently, my only satisfaction is to inform as many people as I can exactly what they can expect from Dell — empty promises. Perhaps if all we did was to let people know just how we have been treated, a geometric negative impact on Dell's future sales would let us sleep at night.

  104. I would have to agree with what Pilot44 said, I'm already discouraging people from buying dell products. The M1730 has been so neglected, in terms of driver updates as well. Truly disappointing…

  105. Dell, where is the upgrade program?! I bought my 1730 just after the release and now I'm really starting to regret it. Give us some details!

  106. woohoo well i bought my machine in november. those lovely ppl at dell gave me a full refund on my 2.4ghz machine with dual 8700gt's


    today i just ordered my new machine with 2.5ghz cpu (6mblv2 cache) dual 8800m's


    very happy although it did take an age to get sorted. a few more days and this time next week i shall be a happy bunny 🙂


    well done dell cust serv



  107. I want those cards now! i can't believe that i'm here waiting and ready to buy and yet still being kept in the dark. ?

  108.  Anyone have a clue as to where our chief blogger, Lionel is?

    He has responded twice since January 29th, when he started this discussion topic. It seems like the entire Dell philosophy is to avoid resolution by feeding the rats some crumbs and then exit left (or right if it pleases you) laughing at their moaning.

    But I remain clear of mind knowing that eventually a replacement for the 8800's will be coming and at that point, we should hear something about an upgrade program.

    I kind of like an overpriced computer that can be upgraded with out-of-date components. Certainly none of us could have expected an upgradable computer from Dell to afford us the luxury of remaining on the leading edge of technology. Rumor has it that Dell may just throw in a floppy disk drive with our upgrades.

    Keep The Faith Gang


  109.  Well, since I have the same unit you returned, and I'm equally sure I would like Dell to give me the same consideration, could you let us know just how you got Dell to "see the light?"

  110. that's cool rikbikboo

    which country are you from?

    did they charge u for the upgrades?


  111. Guys… Call Dell Customer Service… I received my 1730 Dec of 07…. They replaced it a couple of weeks ago… They gave me a swap… I got the upgrade on the processor and the video card….



  112. Pilot. I had had some issues with my machine since purchase in nov 07. of course when the 8800 was released i was unhappy to say the least (read my other posts) .  I ha asked for a simple tech call to upgrade my cards.


    I got to speak to a supervisor who agreed that my problems were unnaceptable. it still took over a month to get my refund and as far as i am concerned my problem still remains unresolved but, last week they sent me my money back and so i odered the new machine.


    nice thing about it s i got a faster cpu (nice new peynron) and of course the video cards.


    I guess advice would be to keep calling an complaining pilot.


    p.s I am in the UK


    Good luck

  113. Yeah. You guys are terrible, promise an upgrade over two months ago and dont have it ready. I think you guys launch products faster than upgrades.



    Glad you got some service on your machine. You deserve to have the option to upgrade given you have experienced verifiable problems with your purchase.

    But the problem remains. Since it's initial promotion, the M1730 was to be an upgradeable unit — and to prove it, new video cards were going to be available under an upgrade program. Just pay us now. Just pay us a premium price. Just close your eyes and jump right in!!! We love you early adopters. We'll take care of you.

    So we wait, and we experience frustration as those who ordered units only a few short months after us brag about their "beasts." We sit back and wait.

    Our only hope for an upgrade appears to be if our 1730 falls apart. Now that's one heck of an upgrade program.

    I noticed your "news" update. Well, if they are removing staff from the 8800s then I have to beleive we will see our warranty expire before we get an upgrade. They really don't need much of a "staff" if they just automatically approved upgrades at a reasonable price…

    If they honor their upgrade PROMISE, it won't really cost them anything. Just offer them at their cost and we pay for the installation (if we opt for that service). They shouldn't be making money on the 8800s to those of us who purchased our product on the basis of an upgrade to the 8800s since we knew it was coming. They made their money on our escalated price (versus what it's costing now).


  115. hey did anyone notice the news headlines?  Dell sacks 8800staff to cut costs….. maybe lionel is one of them.  i mean  if they do honor the upgrade to all of us lot how much do you think that will cost the company?



  116. I agree totally. \\\\\and had i not been able to send mine back i would be in the same boat as you. i think its ridiculous really. having been here and followed this forum since the first announcment i am really suprised that still there is no word on the upgrade.


    I called and called and called and no one knew a thing. and the fact we have head nothing since regarding the upgrade makes me happy i did get so send it back.


    In the uk the part number is still unavailable as an upgrade and if you call and ask they still just say not available.

  117. Hi guys,

    sorry for a long post but I could really use an advice.

    Basically I had nothing but trouble with my m1730 ever since I bought it in october last year.

    First of all my laptop kept locking up in vista games like solitaire, minesweeper etc. also in internet explorer and it crashed often (1 in 5) playing videos with VLC player and it would freeze on Vista loading page every 3rd-4th time I restart + it would sometimes lockup in BIOS. Strangely I didnt have much problems with freezing in games (happened no more often than a few times a week). I was away from home in first couple of months since I got it so I had no opportunity to return the computer.

    After that I wasn't using it much and I was hoping new driver releases would solve the problem eventually. About a month ago I had enough of waiting and contacted Dell. Since then I had 4 visits from dell engineers. At first they changed GPUs and HDD, which didnt help at all. Then they changed my motherboard, which has solved the problem.

    However, this time I started having problems with my drivers constantly crashing causing computer to lockup randomly (mostly flickering and recovering when I use old dell drivers – and locking up completely with new drivers). After a few days it locked up on vista loading screen again and locked system up (even using old dell drivers) in Vista and while running a game 5 times in just one hour. Today Dell engineer changed my motherboard, GPUs, physics card again, installed Vista and asked me not to install any new drivers and Vista updates for a few days to see if the problem persists. So far I had 2 video hardware errors.

    When I asked dell technical assistance whether they would swap my computer, or give me a refund he said that it is impossible since I could only get that within first 30 days from purchase. I'm really unsatisfied with the fact that I'm stuck with malfunctioning 4000 USD computer that doesn't even live up to its performance expectations unless I upgrade it while the upgrade isn't even available. What do you guys think I should do about it?

  118.  Alexei:

     I would contact Dell and firmly state that you want a laptop computer to perform in a manner suggested in Dell's website. Also, DO NOT SPEAK TO TECH REP — ask for a SUPERVISOR!! Keep asking for the next level up until you speak to someone who says o.k.

    In the meantime, you may also want to try the Nvidia 167.51 driver from the Nvidia website — 167.51 driver…ok_167.51.html. It is their Beta Driver for your machine (assuming you have Vista 32). 



  119. I say we all get together in our groups and take the local dell factories by storm… 8800's for the masses!!!!

  120. Update.


    Well today I called as my new replacement had still not arrived.  I then cancelled my order again and re ordered. this times its a rough 6 weeks wait as they do not have the cards in stock.  *grrrrrr*


    anyways i re ordered as this time around they changed prices on the website again. cancelled my order and for an extra £20 got bluetooth headset wireless n card and 4 years warrenty .


    Still annoyed i have to wait yet another 6 weeks but 20 quid and a little longer wait means that i get four years product support and the other bits for virtually nothing.

    what gets my goat is the 6 week wait for the video cards.


    hopefully they will get it to me within 2 who knows.

  121. what about us guys whoose machines work fine and whoose where bought ages ago…how are we gonna get anywhere?

  122. Rogue


    No need for me to do that, I ordered mine in Nov Got the refund in march re ordered. had to cancel and reorder again as my order was somehow stuck.  Currently its stuck again at part 4 preparing for shipment. I have however had an exec from north america take ownership and am hoping that things will look up in the next few days.


    Here's to holding my breath.

  123. I don't see how its possible that even a forum administrator will reply to these comments. I truly regret wasting my money. Forget about the 8800 upgrades, they aren't even able to get past the first 8700M driver and release a new one.

    The XPS label is truly a marketing gimmick… there are no advantages whatsoever.

  124. Hi everybody,

                        Is there a consumer forum that we can complain about this so called upgrade.

    Well, I am pretty sure it would not help, but what is the harm trying.



  125. Sigh, I went to another blog and posted asking Lionel (the guy who started this blog) to please respond to our blog again. 

    I understand that dell wants our enthusiast dollars.  Don't they know that we will continue to pour dollar after dollar into dell products if they can just make good on their promises of upgrades and updated drivers!  We like to have the newest greatest computer thing, thats why we spent $4000 dollars on a laptop.  The investment in time and money on Dell's side will be rewarded because we are basically addicts with money.  Give us good product and we will beg, borrow, or steal to get it!


  126. Has anyone tried to find any other links by the origonal poster? perhaps he mentions the upgrade somewhere else in these forums. 


    oh. laptop shipped today. should arrive in the next 24 hours.  (only weeks and weeks after )


    but its here. dunno if i still want it now. i could buy somthing else .

  127. Well I called Dell today to talk to them about ordering the 8800 M GTX and was told that not only was it on backorder till Late May early June but that it was going to cost me $1,999 dollars for the new card.  Yikes 

  128. to make the video graphics scream and run cooler why not apply the dual core technology to video with a quad core gpu and cache which applies a lot of the same cooling approaches.  If the gpu will only run at about 50%, they may not need all those big fans therefore running cooler and more responsive.

  129.  Rob:

    Isn't this a kick? The great upgrade program that hasn't materialized has been replaced with a ridiculous price for the 8800s. $1999.00????

    You can buy a new 1730 with dual 8800s for $2399.00. Now I'm seriously considering having Dell management committed. This is unbelievable. This is also why there will never be another Dell machine in my home or my company. Absolutely ridiculous. 

  130. Rob

     I know of at least two other ppl that have posted here that have gotten the said upgrade (including myself) .  I was still not happy with my machine and to make me happy i was actually sent another 4gb of ram today for my machine.


    I was probably lucky given the fact that my machine was almost 5 months old at the time i was given a refund. i then spent £100.00 more as i wanted a couple of extra's.


    I have to say that I have found the customer support team to be extremly helpfull with regard to all of my gripes about the machine.  i even had a tech man out today who promptly replaced my keuboard as the n key had come dislodged. it turned out that it could just be popped back on.

     I still got to keep the keyboard which came as a suprise, in all i am now quite happy with my machine and the service from dell.  Although i have to admit had I been stuck with the dual 8700gt machine i would have been quite upset.

     lionel shame on you for telling all of these ppl about the upgrade and then not offering it to anyone. thank god for this page though as i found that pointing a dell techy or cust serv agent to this place and then explaining why i was not happy with my other machine promptly resulted in me getting a refund and then being able to buy the newer machine.


    Hang in there folks you never know. maybe in a week or so Lionel will tell you all where you can now get the upgrade.


    or not.

  131. You guys know you can get them on Ebay right?? I was going to do it but Im still waiting with everyone else!! THis is getting pathetic !! Everyday I check the dell forum and Everyday its another dissapointment. WHy is it soo difficult?

  132. Pochipoch, you put it all in perspective. We are dumb ***…dumb *** who bought Dell. Dumb *** who bought the Dell rhetoric. Rhythmic stupidity.

    As to Rikbikboo's comments, hasn't it become clear that for those who have M1730s with the 8800s, there are no issues. All is well. But for those of us who are stuck with an underperforming machine that does not measure up to Dell's promise of superior performance (I believe they like to refer it as the "beast), we remain in a state of irritation, disbelief and bewilderment.

    Lastly, I believe Lionel's absence in this forum speaks to Dell's commitment to solving issues…turn your back and it's all gone.

  133. Hey Riki who did you call to complain?  I have talked to 5 departments and they keep shipping me around to another department.  I would love to at least try to get a refund but all i get is "Oh that isn't our department.  Here try talking to ________".

     Thanks for your earlier reply and help.



  134. Actually Pilot.  Mine is going back yet again and a replacement is having to be sent. sigh..   Time to start looking at rock maybe?.


    It could be I am just fussy but nevertheless its going back.

  135. Hi guys. After Pilot44 recommended me 167.51 driver my freezing problem went away. So I was content for a while, but now HDD started failing with frequency of once a day. So I'm going to follow Pilot44's advice and call Dell to speak to their supervisor. Thanks again Pilot44.

  136. Wow.  Dell and whoever posted this should be ashamed about even releasing this blog back in January, and didn't do a thing to keep readers informed on it's status.  Take some responsibility, take little initiative, and post some follow up.

    I'm very glad I was able to return my system with 8700SLI, and get a system with 8800GTX SLI @ even cheaper price, but do feel bad about people still lurking on this irresponsible blog, hoping to get their system upgrade paying an arm and a leg.

    For those of you are still waiting for this upgrade program, I've seen people calling Dell Spare parts and were able to get the part @ $850 ish.  Don't take for no for a answer from whoever you are talking to, and keep trying is the goal.  One person called spare parts 14 times, and it takes that type of attitude to get it w/ Dell.

    Just make sure to save the invoice that will say the part will cary system warranty since it won't show up on your service tag.


  137. Hey Guys,

    I just got off the phone with spare parts, I was SHOCKED and severely DISAPPOINTED, after spending so much on my machine, to hear that the nvidia 8800m GTX SLI 512MB was being offered at 2000 dollars.

    I was like WHAT? Its cheaper to sell my machine and build a desktop. 

    So….I feel screwed, royally . How about you guys? 

    DELL…there must be an upgrade program, announce it already. Age of Conan will be release soon and the crappy 8700SLI is an EPIC FAIL.



  138. Lionel answered my email immediately and here was his response.


    Thank you. I know it's pathetic, but we're still working through some
    details. Please hold on just a bit longer.


    Lionel Menchaca
    Chief Blogger"


  139.  Hey guys.  Thanks to everyone who has been trying to help out.  Here is Lionel's email address (Dell's Chief Blogger) if you want to ask him personally if he has any updates  etc. 

    [email protected] .

     I'm hoping we hear from him soon.


    Good luck everyone



  140.  Ari, I guess it all depends on what "Please hold on just a bit longer" means.

    How much longer do they expect us to wait?? Isn't 5 months long enough?

    Perhaps "a little bit longer" means the 12th of Never. 

  141.  I check this page everyday….DELL any update?

    Should I sell my machine and build one myself? 

  142. What about us who called Dell…. gotta a replacement with the new 8800 but may have had a better deal with the upgrade plan that your about to release.

    How will you handle these situations???




  143. Steve

    How much did Dell charge you when you contacted them and got a replacement?  I have just written a complint to see where it gets me.  Not really willing to pay as laptop is barely 6 months old

  144. Simon Dennis,

    I did not pay a dime… but I did sacrafice a brand new machine (WoW edition) for a refurb (non-WoW edition) with a scratch on it. I have some other issues with my exchange that will/may resurface based on what ever it is that Dell may offer for the upgrade program for the 1730's/8800m's……

    I guess I'm waiting like the rest of you!

  145. Steve

    I wrote a letter of complaint.  Got absolutely nowhere. Got a call from their legal dept who said tough.  Technology moves on and gets upgraded.  Bad luck for buying when you did.  Got any tips to help get a resolution?


  146. Simon,

    I am sorry to here about your situation…I'm not sure if I can offer any tips but I can share my experience with you:

    1. Called Dell Parts to purchase the 8800m sli.

    2. Dell offered 8800m to me for right around $800 (I referenced this blog to get the lower price)

    3. I turned it down said it was too much

    4. I was on the phone for well over an hour with Dell Parts.

    5. Dell Parts transferred me to customer service because I requested a refund for my 1730 WoW edition.

    6. I explained to Dell Customer Service my situation and how I was on the phone with Dell Parts for well over an hour and now I would like to return my WoW 1730 for a refund.

    7. I was put on hold by Dell Customer Service and when she returned she offered me an regular 1730 with the 8800's for WoW 1730 with the 8700s. She said that "I wish you would have called me first because you should not have been on the phone that long and I can take care of you".

    8. I accepted…. basically it was a trade… my 1730 WoW edition with 8700's for a regular 1730 with 8800's.

    9. Dell shipped within a week and I returned my WoW edition after I recieved the regular 1730 with the 8800's

    I'm happy with the upgrade but I wish I still had my WoW edition case. Needless to say I play WoW every now and then and I really liked the case.

    I hope this helps or at least gives you some insight on what I had to do to get the 8800's.



  147. Steve,


       You have a name of the rep you spoke with at customer care? They're throwing me around like a sack of potatoes from department-to-department.

  148. Thanks for your help Steve.  Sounds like you have had a result.  Still trying but I had other problems with the machine since.  Really got fed up with Dell support (just getting through is a mission in itself).  Got an engineer coming out tomorrow.  If they cant fix the problems it is going back. 

    Looks like the upgrade offer has died a death!!  All gone very quiet on that front.


  149. Is Dell getting a closer to offering a solution to this issue???

    I would like my original WoW XPS 1730 edition with the 8800m SLI back…. I don't understand why I couldn't have the WoW edition with the 8800's…. and was only offered the original version?

  150. Just wondering if there are some news on the upgrade plan; the italian Dell helpdesk knows nothing about that and basically refuses to help me (the only option they talked me about is to buy the sli for about 1500,00 EUR or so …)

  151. Dear Dell,

    It is really nice that you promised your customers with an upgrade for the M1730. That is one of the reasons I purchased it.
    I was really pleased to see that the upgrade kit came out. So I called Dell Netherlands and guess what they said:

    HUH?!?! Upgrade? Noooo, you must be wrong. I made them ask, and ask again. It's not possible to get the upgrade cards in the Netherlands. Nice work. Now i'm stuck with 2 8700GT's. I even asked if I could order it through the USA. Not possible. And no, the cards aren't available ANYWHERE in Europe, since not one factory sells M versions of videocards to consumers.
    I am heavily disappointed, since I payed over €2,600 (over $ 4k) not even a year ago that can't run games smooth.

    I'm already getting shaky and might drop my M1730 if this takes any longer by accident.
    If only Europe would get the same amount of attention as the States, or half of it, I would be happy.

    Please dell employers, contact me if you read this.

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