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Dell Among Companies Recognized for Excellence Using Social Media to Create Business Value


Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are increasingly looking to social media – not only to market to their customers, but to get information that helps them make their own purchase decisions. As Brian Solis so eloquently put it, social media in small business is anything but small.

So as you can imagine, it was a great honor yesterday to accept on behalf of Dell an award based on a survey of U.S. SMBs regarding their social media usage.  It was an even greater honor knowing we were nominated by our own customers who responded favorably to a survey about social media habits and preferences in relation to the technology purchase process.  Dell was mentioned so often we became a “buyer nominated” candidate.

AMI-Partners, the global leader in SMB market and go-to-market intelligence, through their SMB Social Media Marketing Excellence awards recognized Dell and several other companies that effectively use social media to help inform small and medium business purchase decisions.  What AMI learned through the survey has been captured in a profile of Dell's SMB social media marketing objectives on their website.

We've always enjoyed sharing what we have learned about how companies can interact with their customers online through social media.  In fact, two years ago we launched a Social Media for Small Business Facebook page to enable this exchange of best practices. I’m excited to announce we are about to merge this page into our broader Dell for Business page so that we can expand the conversation beyond social media.

Over all, it's fantastic to not only have bloggers commenting on what SMBs can learn from Dell's social media outreach, but to also have our customers speak on our behalf about our ability to offer social media expertise to help them grow their business and to also learn how we can assist them in their own technology solutions decisions – it’s the best we could ever ask for.

So, I want to thank our customers. Thank you for this accolade that AMI presented to us on your behalf. Thank you for trusting us when you are considering a technology partner . Thank you to all who have joined us in the online conversations that have helped us learn along the way. And, thank you for your feedback and participation that continues to guide and inspire us.

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