Dell Order Delays


We’re seeing some online activity in blogs, forums and from customers on Twitter like @kevincully and @dstxus reacting to order delays. Especially at this time of year, we are sorry for the frustration. The reality is that we are seeing increased demand for many of the products consumers want to buy and it has affected our ability to fulfill the orders. In addition, there are also some industry-wide constraints on some components (like memory and larger-capacity hard drives) that are delaying the manufacturing of certain products for customers.

We’re addressing these issues and regret any inconvenience this has caused our customers. We recently extended our manufacturing capacity to help meet this increased demand. We hope you choose to keep your current order and choose Dell. Customers in the United States who choose to keep their order can receive a Dell Holiday Card by filling out the form on that link. If you request a holiday card by December 20 at midnight, you should receive it in time to put under the tree.

If you choose to cancel or change your order please follow the directions below:

  • Call 800-247-2076, choose option #2 to speak to a representative who can help cancel or change your order to one of our Fast Track systems.
  • After you cancel an order, remember you can purchase Dell netbooks, laptops desktops and gaming systems at a variety of retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others. Take a look at this link for more details.

If you are a customer outside the United States, please contact Dell Customer Service in your region. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to and choose your country if you haven't already visited.
  • Choose All Support Options in the footer in the Support section of the footer.
  • Choose Support for Home Users
  • Choose Contact Order Support

Again, I apologize to customers who are affected by these delays.

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  • glc12

    Thanks Dell my son will be so thrilled to recieve his holiday card instead of his netbook, you really came through this time!!

  • fijiman

    Yeah, thats great, 1.5 months to get my comp (hopefully…it will probably get bumped again).

    How bout next time have the parts in stock before your customers purchase? I bet you have enough of "Holiday Cards" in stock, just not the components for my system.

    Merry Christmas.


  • beamermt25

    Yea except dell does everything in its power to refuse cancelation of the order.

  • gotrippedoff2

    Dell has ripped me off.  They shipped my order but changed the prices.  Now my sales rep never existed. They have no intention of making this right.  What, did they just happen to know what I wanted and ship it?  I am considering returning it because of this situation.  I used to have a lot of praise for Dell now I am truly dissapointed.  If this is how they treat people I am not sure I want to spend money there.  I am not talking a lot of money, but it is the principle.

  • ACHE76

    ive only been delayed once so its no problem yet but if my pc doesnt arrive by the new EDD which is 12/30 then im canceling my order.

  • jeffocos

    Just a couple of questions:

    Why would you continue to take orders when you know your manufacturing capabilities cannot keep up without a notice on your main site?

    Why would you give random ship dates that you know you can't keep and refuse customers refunds?

    Since in my personal experience you have the absolute worst off-shore support, why would you expect someone to buy a Dell computer from a retailer when they will have to deal with said support for any warranty issues?


  • boneshiqua

    Lionel are you able to list the specific items that are on delay?

    Also how for those whose orders are on delay because of the tract mouse or keyboard can get their pc systems shipped in advance rather than waiting for those items.

    Thank you


  • bsabs

    While appreciated, your response is inadequate, and here's why:

    1. Your phone support (in India, I suspect), is probably the worst excuse for "customer service" I've ever experienced in my entire adult life. Telling a paying customer that they can't comment on why the machine they have ordered is late is absolutely absurd. To top it off, they were extremely rude and seemed to have an issue with me speaking to a manager of any sort.

    2. Why won't you tell me what component is running late on the build?  If it's something minor, I'll change the order so I can get the computer on time. Why is that so hard?

    3. Why is Dell giving out estimated shipping dates without taking supply and demand into account? I know many people wouldn't have ordered a Christmas present based on these dates if you were honest in the first place.

    I've bought 4 machines from Dell now and I'm sad to say this will be my last. I've always spoken favorably about the company and that stops today.

    For now, I'll wait for my phone call from the mystery manager that support told me would call…5 hours ago.

  • zeldacuz

    Ordered Nov.24 , est. arrival Dec.18, it has yet to ship, waiting for the inevitable delay email, atleast that will be some sort of update on my order status.

  • Ghosty Night

    Order my computer Nov.9 been delayed 4 times..New date 12/31..Was my son`s Christmas present, thanks Dell.

  • bpstation14

    Dell is about to loose my commercial account. And with 8 computers bought in the past year – I hope it hurts. I ordered a laptop for my own personal use the day after Thanksgiving, and now it says it won't arrive until January 7?!

    I sold my old computer to help offset the price of this one. Thanks Dell. Thanks.

  • baylark

    My issue is not ordering and not receiving. It is ordering a service and canceling and waiting now ONE MONTH for a credit to my account that has not happened. I have made a total of 3 calls to Dell-On-Call requesting the refund along with the original written request via email. They have kept me on hold at extreme lengths of time and have questioned the status of my hard drive which is something Dell-On-Call does not handle. I had an issue with my hard drive and it was replaced and the damaged one sent in. But again this isn't On-Call's issue. I have been a customer of Dell over 10 years and have never returned or canceled any service until now. I know legally this is wrong and cannot be done according to your contract. I made a request for a refund exactly 9 days from the date of purchase which is within the 30 day limit. 

    I am truly disappointed at the level of customer service I have not received and have yet to get this matter resolved.

    Please provide any feedback on this issue.

    P.s. I have also phone customer service 3 times as well.


  • Haduga

    Us DELL customers celebrate xmas in January.


    Ohh, a holiday card. Thanks.

  • Liking Deals

    Industry-wide constraints? Components ARE available, it is a matter of price. Prices have gone up, you do not want to pay the higher price seems to be more likely.

    So, 1 week to Christmas and referring to B&M stores? You gotta be kidding me. That to loyal customers who placed their TRUST into Dell.

    Out of 4 orders I placed around Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday, 2 got cancelled by Dell and 1 is delayed until the next year. Nothing "offered". Calling in, I got disconnected often, customer representatives were unable or unwilling to help, some referred to a resolution hotline, transferred me, only for me to get disconnected tons of times then or people hanging up on me. Contacting customer care? It – just – does – not – work.

    1) Vostro a90, prominently advertised on Cyber Monday, suddenly – more than 2 weeks later you guys are getting the idea that the item is not available anymore? There is nothing really to replace it with plus the item has already be committed to a key customer. (SMB order)

    A replacement needs to be of significantly higher value or I will have disgruntled that customer forever.

    2) Vixia HG21 – also 2 1/2 weeks after placing the order you got the nerve to cancel? Supposedly not available anymore?  1299 MSRP, was a good deal sure, and there was Bing cashback, no way I am getting a comparable deal now. Are you going to offer a substitution for something compareable that 1299 value to offset the damage? That item was meant as a gift for elderly parents who live on a different continent – no way I can get something compareable now on that short notice without losing 100dreds of US$. Oh, and it is needed for a wedding on 1/1/10. What is Dell offering here?

    3) Dell Zino HD, delayed – what a surprise… also an item that is "committed" in this configuration, do not have the luxury to give out a "card". I do not know how I can make up for that without it to cost ME a lot of money

    Note that electronics, the later you ship, the less value they have as technologies move through their innovation lifecycle. Some companies actually do that as part of their profit stream to modify shipping dates if the money saved by shipping later or profit lost by shipping earlier is too large.

    Seriously, you guys have to do a LOT better to make up for this.



  • txfeinbergs

    XMAS rush? I ordered my system on November 7th! I didn't consider myself a procrastinator, but apparently I needed to order my cookie cutter system in September or October if I wanted it by XMAS. That's right, 3 MONTHS to build a PC. My order has been delayed to January 19th, 2010.

  • pkouzov

    I feel better now that I have read the replies to this post – in my case I have vacation coming up and I was looking forward to do some work on the new machine. Now it is too late to order a comparable machine on time from somewhere else, my plans are ruined and I will have a hard time in January to catch up. At least I am the only one disappointed and not my wife or my daughter. I offer my deepest sympathies to anyone who has to explain this to a loved one on Christmas.

    I was wondering why other people would switch to Acer and HP, since their products are not better at all. I guess now I know. That Gateway/Acer machine I did not pick starts to look better every day.

  • jacko1234

    So, foolishly I ordered a new laptop for my daughter on December 6th – as a Christmas present.  At the time Dell newspaper advertisements were telling me that delivery could be made within 48 hours.  When the delivery date of December 21st came up on the order confirmation I thought – no problem – still plenty of time.  On 16/12 the order went from "W-I-P" to "In Production" – great news – still on track for the big day.

    Yesterday the EDD moves to January 2010.  OK – disappointing but not the end of the world –  I'll cancel and go to a store and get an alternative. But – surprise, surprise – now it's "In Production" I can't cancel!  I have to wait for delivery and then return it – and Dell will charge me for the privilege.

    This is truly unbelievable and the worst kind of customer service.  This is my 5th purchase from Dell – and the last!  And they're still promising delivery by Christmas on "Fast Track" items. 

    What about fulfilling outstanding orders before seeking new ones?

  • Jim Harle
  • nigel.nicholas

    Thanks Dell for moving my estimated ship date from december to January (without even telling me) my duaghter will be so thrilled she will not be getting her christmas present, and i think its real real bad that i can not cancel and i can not return the product, i guess i will have to purchace a PC before xmas from a fair and reasonable supplier and sell the Dell (when it appears) I have had about 30 Dell PCs but there will not be a 31st

  • Thor_100

    I called Dell customer care to find answers but what I got was only "We apologize for this delay" like ALWAYS and nothing at all in return. After reading the comments in this blog I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to receive the XPS16 on time (ordered Dec. 2) which is a shame because I was looking forward to give it as a present. I have been loyal to Dell for quite a while after switching from HP but in the end all are the same (PC's) and you can get them anywhere.  What I will never understand is why Dell is never prepared for the holiday season… year after year things are the same.. short supply, blah,blah,blah.. and they never improve! maybe that is why they're no longer the #1 pc company and maybe that's why they will never be again the # 1.  for the records I also sent an email and as of today I have not received an answer. If someone is whiling to help me then contact me to work things out  if not then I will cancel the order and go with someone else.

  • njbongo

    You should offer something REAL to show customer appreciation like a $100 gift card or a percentage OFF the price of the computers we're waiting on.  Even free, upgraded overnight shipping.  I don't want to tell you what you can do with that Holiday Card.

  • manacur

    On November 28th I placed purfachese order for Inspiron 1750, the EDD has been changed 3 times (the las updated EDD is DEC 30th). This is my first and last online purchase.

    I stop buying HP due to bad quality product and customer service, but Dell is a mess!!!..I regret

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you should start answering by why people order on Oct or Nov did not receive their system but people who ordered the same exact system on December received their system within 10-15 days? Explain this please!

  • bigbill32

    Sorry guys, I got my Aurora in 11 days, came today!

  • jcrice

    I got an e-mail today form Dell offering computers delivered in 48 Hrs ,is this a joke or what!!!

  • Curtisbeef

    Thanks dell for your fake shipping dates. I would not have ordered if i had gotten a real date. Thanks for ruining Christmas morning. Hopefully ill be able to go to best buy and get a nice HP or something because most likely going to cancel my order and never order from dell again. This is the second time this has happened to me. The worst part is i called dell like 8 hours ago and they said there were no part shortages for my laptop and it would be here by the 22nd but now my order page just updated and says the 31st.


    Thank you again Dell for ruining Christmas morning for my family. You lost a customer for life.

  • crzyal12

    What do you expect when you buy from dell.

  • beamermt25

    If you live in the US, you can state the mail order rules against them.  If they cannot deliver the product within 30 days, they HAVE to request from you an extension or refund your money.  Its an FTC mail order rule.

  • bsabs

    Got the same email. I'm sure those machines will ship in a few months.

  • beamermt25

    If you live in the US, another poster stated that the FTC has guidelines stating that they have 30 days to deliver their products.. If they go over the 30 days they have to get your permission first (which is why some people have stated that they get emails requesting extensions), if they do not get your permission or you deny it, they have to give you a complete refund.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    nANCYl86: Sent you an private message to get more details from you.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    monkeypants: Sorry for the churn. I'll send you a private message to get your order details to help track down the shipment.

  • deanzt

    Thanks a bunch! Ordered my alienware on 14th Nov was told a delivery of 21st Dec. Suddenly the estimated delivery date changes to 1st Jan.  I didn't even get an email telling me that the date had changed – let alone why it changed! So much for that christmas present! Us UK customers won't even get one of these vaunted "holiday cards" to put under the tree! Looks like its an empty box under the tree this year.

  • chrisdow

    It looks like I am not alone!!!  Surprise


    Ordered a pc on November 17th for delivery on December 22 …., a long time !!    Suddenly the delivery time is changed to January 25  with no notification, of  course.    But the real trick is that Dell debited my Visa account on the 8th December …….   at least 6 weeks before the projected delivery!!!!!!!"    


    Of course, I have made 3 phone calls and sent 2 e-mails.   Did I get an answer?    No.    I have bought almost 10 machines from Dell in the past, but, never again.   What a farce.   Cool

  • Midnight_Voice










    The first No-Dell, the blogger did say
    Was to certain poor customers facing delay
    On delivery promises Dell couldn’t keep
    Like snow around Christmas, the problem was deep.
    No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell
    A Holiday Card doesn’t suit me so well!

    They chose a machine that was rated five-star
    All built in the East beyond them far
    But quickly enough? Well it seems not quite
    Although they were working both day and night.
    No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell
    A Holiday Card doesn’t suit me so well!

    And by the light of one single star
    They roamed the freeways both near and far
    To seek for a Dell was their intent
    At Walmart or Best Buy, wherever they went.
    No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell
    A Holiday Card doesn’t suit me so well!

    Then entered in those purchasers all
    Whose childrens’ faces were certain to fall
    If under the tree, among their presents
    No laptop to see, they’d be frankly incensed.
    No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell
    A Holiday Card doesn’t suit me so well!

    These buyers drew nigh to aisle forty-three
    There were systems from Gateway, Compaq and HP
    And there they made their ultimate choice
    As they sang to the heavens with one single voice:
    No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell, No-Dell
    A Holiday Card doesn’t suit me so well!

    (Sorry about the first try – it looked OK in the Comments boxEmbarrassed. Can some kind Admin soul delete the 'formatted' version, as I don't seem to be able to edit my posts, any more than I could have previewed it, as many forums permit)

  • dduval

    Canceled my aurora order yesterday. Ordered from newegg, building my own, saved $550.00



  • dysfunkshon

    I ordered on oct 23rd, original date of 11/30.  5 WEEKS! So i soldierd on I wanted my Alienware Area-51…  So on nov 25th i recieved my first Delay, and have gotten one everyWednesday since then.  I have recieved NO notification email's from Dell, not a single one, I am now on my 4th delay, soon to be my fifth.  So i ask you Dell/Alienware, why have there been customers that have ordered in the month of December and RECIEVED THEIR COMPUTERS!  I want somone from Dell to contact me and tell me something other than "Your order is on time with no delayed part for expected delivery on *such and such new delayed date*"  I would really like to know how it takes 9 week to make a color coded computer….

  • worcester

    I can hardly wait for my Holiday card from Dell  I would bet anyone it will be late anyway. According to Customer Service agent in India it should be done production  8/30/2010

  • 2xvet

    I ordered an AW area-51 alx on 10/19 with est. delivery of 11/20. Canceled that order because of the mouse/tactx) flap. I was told to cancel my order to get it right, and lost my 18 month interest free incentive with that move. I specificaly asked the rep if my 18 month would still apply on the reorder that same day 11/05, and my invoice showed 12 month interest free. BIG difference. So my new est. delivery time is 12/11, then 12/18 and now 12/29.

    dell's service and customer care aren't as they should be. Something is missing in the equation for future growth. I know I'll never want to deal with dell in the future. I did enjoy the Christmas parady while I read the long list of unhappy customers complaints. Thought I'd tack mine on for good measure. Merry Christmas, and maybe not so good of a New Year.

  • carscheles

    I ordered in November thinking I was giving myself enough time (I've ordered in November several times before with no problems).  The original shipping date was December 12th but has been changed to January 5th.  This is my son's Christmas gift.  I have begged Dell several times to make sure it's hear for Christmas and I keep getting the "we can't promise anything" answer.  Now that I see this thread, I feel ill.

    My son isn't going to get his Christmas gift till after he goes back to school from Christmas vacation.  Our Christmas is ruined because of Dell.   How sad is it that a company can ruin somebody's Christmas and not even care?

  • ScorpionTattoo

    Hello Lionel,

    Your offer below does not seem enough on Dell's part.  I have already canceled my Zino order.  If I place an order for a Fast Track system it is going to be more than I was willing to spend on a system.  Is Dell going to discount me the difference as a way to keep me as a customer?  If not, your offer is not adequate in providing even minimumally good customer service.

  • Wulfy



    i ordered a M15X from french site and DELL change 2times the delivery date and finally cancel it without telling me…

    I ordered a second time the M15x and the delivery date change 2times too… 1mounth to get a computer…

    Finnaly i ordered my computer in germany (another brand, ot dell) and i got it 10days after my order without any delay…

    Components were exactly the same…


    I wonder what DELL's doing they are losing lot's of customers 🙁

  • bpstation14

    How do I close my dell charge account? They can take it and shove it.

  • DrewinVa

    I find it wonderfully comforting that for $2200, I too can share the joys of watching my loved one unwrap a "Holiday Card" on Christmas instead of a stupid old XPS9000.  You had me at "Holiday Card", Dell.  You had me at "Holiday Card."

  • wheretheworldmeets

    Remember back in the day when Dell had its plants in Texas and Tennessee? It got PCs assembled SO much faster. Having plants close to customers really makes all the difference in the world. Otherwise, people would have gotten their holiday presents much sooner and more likely on time.

  • gentega

    I wonder if Dell thinks that alienating so many customers is no big deal. Maybe not. Judging by Dell's incredible indifference, the endless emails advising people to call phone numbers that no one answers….it's as if the company makes so much money they just really don't care about whether customers stay or not. I can honestly say that I have never encountered so much rudeness and misrepresentations in trying to buy a product as I have with Dell this year. The fact that I've been a customer for years, as has my medium sized business, doesn't even merit a response. I could be wrong, but I think companies that treat their customers the way Dell does don't stay in business long. When Michael Dell is pontificating about all the excuses for "flat" sales, perhaps Dell should look at itself and its customer relations. And yes I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

  • Kiko514

    First I want to say that  I'm very sorry that the unexpected delays have caused so many problems for people this Christmas.  I definitely seem to be in the minority here, but I think my new XPS 8000 is definitely worth waiting for and will wait until it is available for shipment.  Of course, I realize it is a different situation if you've ordered it as a gift for someone, or if you need a new computer right away so I understand your frustration.  When I ordered mine on 12/11, I had no idea of the delay issues until I just happened upon the threads here.  It seems to be a perfect storm of new technology, unprecedented demand, and fluctuating inventories of available parts.  I've ordered probably a dozen Dells on my account for various family members and delivery was always less than 10 days, sometimes less than a week.  I just assumed this time would be the same with a little extra time needed for the holiday rush.  Oh well… not the case this time.  I will continue to use my original XPS (the big blue box) that I got in January 2004.  It has performed flawlessly for six years now and I am hoping my new one will be just as dependable.  That first XPS cost around $3200 (no monitor, huge 2G of RAM) and this new one was half the cost with three times the performance.   I just wanted to put in a positive comment to say that I will continue to be a Dell customer until their products lead me to a different conclusion.  So far, so good. 

  • cjbaldwin

    Super Angry I do believe that Dell has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Perhaps if you hired your Customer Service Reps in the United States, they could get their act together. THUMBS DOWN to Dell No

  • patrick_ptc

    I'm glad to hear of people's commitment to never buy from Dell again.  Me too.  My product wasn't even a computer, it was a gaming package, so build had nothing to do with it.  Yet and still, order delays, fraudulent statements — such as it's been shipped but all UPS has is the electronic statement, but no package!  In fact, they took the product I ordered off their website – they don't even say it's out of stock, it's nowhere to be found.  I waited one night online with Dell's customer service for almost an hour, then they told me they were closed! Another xmas ruined, another customer lost for life, along with all my family and friends if I have anything to say about it, and I do. Disgusting.

  • cjbaldwin

    I ordered a camera for my daughter for Christmas. I called Dell to check the status of the order. The guy that answered assured me my merchandise would be shipped and delivered by Dec 22. I asked him if I could change my order to a camera that they had in stock, so I could be sure I would receive it in time for Christmas. He informed me that I could not change my order, but again assured me that I would have the camera by Dec 22.

    A couple of hours later, I received an automated call from Dell informing me that the camera was no longer available.

    When I called Dell, after being on hold for an hour and half and being transfered four times, I was told too bad.

    I ordered a new camera and paid for 2 day shipping. Now I guess I have to pray that this camera comes through and on time.

    Thanks for nothing Dell.

    Dell has the absolute WORST customer service.

    I live in the United States of America, I would like to speak with someone in MY Country when I call customer service.

    HIRE AMERICAN perhaps the economy would be in better shape

  • cjbaldwin

    I totally agree !!  I was transfered four times and put on hold for a total of 1 1/2 hours before someone claiming to be a manager finally spoke with me. Which was a total waste of my time. Dell obviously does not care about their customers. If they did they def would not treat them the way I was treated. I can guarantee if I ever spoke to one of my customers in the manner Dell's reps and manager spoke to me, I would be looking for a new job


  • mczolton

    Yup, canceled my order. Endless delays, no explanation, different parts. It all adds up to one horrible customer service experience.

  • monkeypants22

    The Dell website says this:

    Shipped Date:11/12/2009


    The UPS website says this:

    Status:Billing Information Received

    I called UPS and they confirmed that they don't have my order. However, Dell state that they shipped it a week ago.

    They can't both be correct.

    Where is my order?

    Why send me an email and make me stay in to receive my order if it's not going to arrive? That costs me a day's work.

    Very unhappy with Dell and considering cancelling my order on Monday morning. Not even the offer of a holiday card for customers outside the US.

  • edster00

    I ordered a Studio XPS16 on Oct. 9th, only to have the delivery date extended 4 times. I then received an email saying dell needed to cancel my order and start over as the optical drive they offered was not compatible with Windows 7. The laptop was ordered with Vista! I reordered everything Nov. 30th, (the exact same optical drive is still offered on dell's website for Windows 7). The laptop is scheduled to be delivered 12/22 but I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut it will be delayed again.

    If I don't receive the laptop by 12/22 I am cancelling my order and going with another manufacturer! The clock is ticking…..

  • jcrice

    In stead of offering a christmas card to delayed orders x2 How about FREE overnight shipping??? 

  • carscheles

    I wanted to let Dell know that my sister and her mother-in-law are waiting to see the outcome of this delay.  Both of them asked me for my help picking out computers for themselves and I recommended Dell to them.  That was before this whole delay business. 

    If Dell pulls through with my son's Christmas present, Dell will have 2 new customers and sell 3 new computers.  If Dell breaks the heart of my 14 y/o by not shipping his Christmas present on time, then they will lose all of my family and extended family as customers.  This really is that important to all of us.

    Please Dell, do the right thing and have my son's present here for him on time.


  • asterix101


    I also cant stand speaking with this guy living in India who I honestly have a hard time understanding.

    I want…..I demand customer servier-tech support with workers in Canada or USA.

  • cjbaldwin

    Go figure.. I paid for 2 day delivery for delivery date BEFORE Christmas… Now delivery date is Dec 28 . i guess I should have known that was going to happen.

  • BenArn

    I ordered a Dell XPS 8000 on 11/16, with an EDD of 12/07, which slipped to 12/14, 12/21, and now 12/30. Repeated "email" requests have got nothing but automated acknowledgements with a promise that I would be contacted. Hasn't happened! Also, the promise by Dell to notify customers by email if an order is delayed is a joke. I've never received anything from Dell. My calls to customer service has resulted in long waits listening to elevator music, finally answered by someone I can hardly understand reading from a script. (He probably couldn't understand me either…..a southern accent trying to converse with an Indian accent…)  My order is supposed to be cancelled according to the customer service reps, however, it still shows as "in production" on the order status page. I started out years ago with IBM and HPs, but when HP bought up COMPAQ their products suffered. I went to Dell and currently have four Dell computers. Well, I'm going back to HP. Dell has violated FTC mail order rules by failing to notify customers of delays, fails to answer emails (except with automated responses which do absolutely nothing for the customer), have a totally incompetent customer service (apparently with no authority to do anything), because of poor planning and production management cannot fulfill their customers orders. But hey, what am I complaining about, they will give you a Holliday card. Another little beef I might add is that when I ordered a keyboard from Dell a few months ago, what I got was the wrong keyboard and to top it off, it was a refurbished keyboard. Sure they took it back, but I got nothing for my fustration and trouble. Maybe I should have asked for a "Holiday Card" to sooth my rattled nerves. 

  • gausej8


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    I know I am just repeating everyone else’s complaint but it
    sure it frustrating to order a standard computer (Studio mini-tower) off Dell’s
    web page on 12/2—and get a confirmation that it will be delivered in plenty of
    time for Christmas.   Then the delivery
    date changes overnight to a January date.  
    After trying to reach customer support three different times – finally
    get through and get put on hold for 45 minutes—only to be connected to someone
    I can’t understand.   When I asked what
    was holding up the order—I was told the monitor, heat sink and network card.   Except for the network card—everything else
    came standard with the computer.   I
    told him, ship the order, send the network card later and I’ll install it.  Then was informed that I should have ordered
    earlier because some people were still waiting that had ordered in October and
    November.  So why is Dell still
    advertising these computers if they aren’t ready?
       The slap in the face is—on Dell’s web page right now is the
    advertisement with a pretty red bow—“Our most popular systems—shipped within 48
    hours”.   Bottom line—Dell doesn’t
    care, and after 10 years of ordering Dell computers this will be last.  Any one listening?

  • UpsetatDel

    Seriously!  I ordered a computer for my ailing mother on Nov 22nd with an expected delivery date of Dec 9.  I wanted it so that I could set it up for her when I was home for Christmas.  Imagine my surprise when I heard, on the 14th of Dec, that the delivery wouldn't be until the 31st!  After 4 tries, I finally got through to customer service and asked that it be shipped overnight so that I could get it while I was still with my mother.  They wouldn't say anything other than their script of "the expected delivery date is the 31st, but it could be earlier."  I cancelled and will buy a different (not Dell!) computer from a retail store.  Get it together Dell.  This is the holiday season.  

    I echo what others have said, I will NEVER buy from Dell again and am going to post similar messages on every relevant website I can find.

  • hokiexterra

    Wait, you ordered your XPS 8000 on December 11th and you already have it?!?!?!?!  What config?  New or outlet?

  • Kiko514

    Sorry if I wasn't clear.  No… I don't have the one I ordered on 12/11 yet.  It showed an EDD of 1/6 when I first placed the order and now it just says N/A.  Now that I've read all these posts, it will probably be later in January or even February.  Like I posted, I have one of the first XPS boxes that I purchased in Jan. 2004 which is still working fine.  My sister asked me to configure a new computer for her, and after I did her order, I got the bug for a new machine for myself.  I customized an 8000 because I didn't like the red trim on the 9000. How's that for a technical decision (and I'm an engineer)!

    As a sidenote, I ordered her Inspiron 537s (I5 processor) on 12/6, shipped on 12/12, and delivered on 12/18.  That's the Dell I remember but I cannot get too upset over this one time delay on the XPS8000 after over a dozen on time or early deliveries over the years since I'm not in a time crunch like so many of you are right now for Christmas.  I hope all you new XPS's arrive soon!

  • Kiko514

    Duh… wrong processor cited in my above comment.  Her 537s has a E5400 chip, not the I5 processor.  She just browses the internet and uses email so this will be a good little computer for her.  Too much reading about the 8000 options. I ordered the I7 in mine.  Blaming it on being snowed in down here in the Virginia mountains and going stir crazy!

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy!! and unbelievable…people that ordered their system on Dec 15th got a shipment notice but people that ordered way way way before still HAS NOTHING! not even an estimated date of shipment. If you're going to apologize, then EXPLAIN THIS RIGHT NOW!! We're tired of this nonsense, and want some answer!!

  • Anonymous

    Don't worry, we will make sure that everyone knows about Dell business and how they treat their customer as well.

  • monkeypants22

    Thanks Lionel. I don't mind waiting until January for the laptop (M17x) as it's not a Christmas present. But when I'm told to expect delivery on a certain date and therefore have to wait around the house all day, I expect it to happen. Thanks for anything that you can do to assist.

  • carscheles

    I think that the stock holders should be aware of Dell's new customer service ways and how many customers they'll probably be losing over this.  I'm going to post this info on some of the stock message boards I go to and I encourage everybody else to do the same thing.  It's only fair that the stock holders know about Dell's potential loss of customers.  And maybe it will be a wake up call to Dell.

  • DungeonRaider

    Placed an order 9/12, received acknowledge almost immediately and paid within an hour… but the order status sat on Order Received for about a week.

    Since then I've called, been promised call-backs, I've emailed, I've prayed … and after almost two weeks finally was told that my order had been placed on hold due to an issue with the configuration and they'd call me back in about 30 minutes. I asked why I hadn't been called when they placed it on hold but didn't get an answer. It's been about an hour since that promise… no call as yet.

  • DungeonRaider

    Still no call… we ordered when we did to allow plenty of time for delivery before christmas (in fact they're usually far better) and this is causing a number of problems due to the excessive delay.

  • jdghenley

    Just to add my two cents, I cannot comment on the computer that I ordered because it has not arrived.  I just want to warn prospective customers not to bother with Dell if they are interested in receiving their computer within a reasonable time period.  A few comments:

    – Dell should be honest up front about delays.  There is no indication during the order process of delivery problems.  The shipping and delivery portion of the website suggest that orders will be delivered in a few days.  It was a complete misrepresentation and I feel deceived.

    – The order cancelation process is a nightmare.  In Canada they require that I wait to ship the computer back to seek a refund.  Completely pointless and clearly intended to wear the customer down, delaying cancelation until you give up in frustration.  This seems pointless as I must wait an uncertain time period before I can cancel.

    – Their website indicates emails will be responded to within one business day.  On average it takes a week to respond.  Again, they need to be more honest on their site about what they can or will do.

    – Do not bother to call the customer service numbers.  It leads to a call center in India where the representatives seem to have no more information than is available online.  Whenever I called, I was passed back and forth several times in a completely useless process.  I found that the representatives were abrupt and provided contradictory information.  It was the worst customer service system I have ever dealt with.  It seems intended to wear the customer down until he or she gives up in frustration, which I eventually did.

    This is the second time I have ordered from Dell online but it will be my last.  I found the same issues three years ago but assumed they would have improved.  I was pleased with my first computer but obviously cannot comment on my current order.  However, the abysmal customer service and horrendous delivery process completely outweighs any value in the product.  I strongly advise anyone considering online purchase of any Dell product to go elsewhere.


  • Will12usa

    I recently ordered a Dell 1545 laptop for $584.69 from online. That is with a $199.00 discount, so I thought. Then I went on Walmarts home page, and found the same laptop for $518, with more accessories for free.

    Intel&#174; Pentium&#174; Dual Core T4300 (2.1GHz/800MHz FSB/1MB cache)
    I found the same laptop at Walmart for $518.00, which included an extra power cord, a carry case, and a flash drive. None of which I will receive from Dell. I called Dell, and after 3 attemps and waiting for 45 min, they informed me that they do not have a price match gurantee, so I asked if I could canx my order, and since it has shipped, they replied, "No", I could wait until I receive it, then send it back and pay a restocking fee.  Oh did I mention I have still not received it, since they sent it to my old address in FL.

    I will never purchase another DELL. HP here I come.

    William Johnson

    1 Jet Black
    1 3GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz
    1 Glossy, widescreen 15.6 inch display (1366×768)
    1 Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD
    1 250GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
    1 Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
    1 Integrated 10/100 Network Card
    1 Adobe&#174; Acrobat&#174; Reader 9.0
    1 8X CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)
    1 High Definition Audio 2.0
    1 Dell Wireless 1397 802.11g Half Mini-Card
    1 Integrated 1.3 MP Webcam
    1 Microsoft® Works 9
    1 McAfee SecurityCenter, 15-Months
    1 6-cell battery
    1 1 Year Basic Service Plan – Florida
    1 1Yr LoJack for Laptops Theft Protection
    1 No ISP requested
    1 Napster Link
    1 Thank you for choosing Dell
    1 Intel&#174; Pentium&#174; Dual-Core Processor
  • DungeonRaider

    Still nothing (I rang again after my last post and they took my number again and promised a call back asap).

  • C Ed cruz

    "placed my order 11/27 – since then I have yet to receive any status of delays to my order. I have made several calls and their customer services staff really stink and make all kinds of promises.  The only way I found out about the delays (which has been delayed 6 times now!!!!!) is when I logged on to my account.   I have yet to receive any kind of status on my email account. I want to cancel this order. DELL is the worst company I have dealt with regarding any on line purchases.  Sure the credit approval took merely 35 seconds and the order confirmation came within 15 seconds…what speed eh? But now they keep postponing/delaying the order.  I want to cancel this order. I want to cancel this order. I want this order cancelled.  Can anyonee help? Is there anyone alive at Dell to give an reasonable excuse?  In Production is not acceptable status.

  • C Ed cruz

    I ordered 11/27 – to date I have yet to receive a status via my email address. Dell is very fast when approving  credit (less than 18 seconds) and confirming orders (less than 12 seconds)…but providing accurate order status – even the customer service call center stink – they dont know what answer to give.  DELL stinks and I will tell everyone I know not to buy Dell.  I bought ACER notebook and their product is far superior to Dell.  I want  this order cancelled NOW – it's not worth the 6 (so far) delays and postponement. This company should not be in business if they cannot deliver products on promised dates.  CANCEL THIS ORDER NOW. C Ed Cruz

  • annette123

    Another kid not getting his computer for Xmas! I ordered an Alienware Aurora on Nov 25th with an estimated ship date of 12/17! My son has been wanting an Alienware computer for 2 years and I figured this Xmas, let him be in total awe! The only awe he will be in is that he has no gift under the tree! I now have an estimated ship date of 1/17.

    This was my first purchase from Dell. All my son kept saying for 2 years is how great this computer was! I am/always have been a Mac user myself (very happy one at that), but my son a PC. Last computer I bought him was HP and less than a year in the laptop mouse key fell off. I figure this year let me get him what he says is one the best brand of gaming computers on the market and customize it, and really shock him!

    Again, shock is he won't have a gift! I spent over $2000 customizing this computer and so did not buy him anything else 🙁 Wanting to make it one of his most memorable Xmas', and it certainly will be, the 1st one with no gift!

    Thanks for nothing Dell! I have the mind to cancel this custom order for breaking the FTC rules and not even emailing me as to where this system was! Worst part Dell (not that they care), is that all my other children will be opening gifts, except my son!

  • Kaneusa

    Wow, I think this page is basically a keep it in Dell page. I too have a similar Horrific situation. Here I ordered my husband for Christmas a Wii. We have been faithful Dell customers for YEARS and have spent THOUSANDS of dollars with Dell. I called their sales reps on November 27th to make sure that the Wii's were in stock, and was told YES. So on that day I ordered a Wii for my husband, for Christmas, and along with that ordered some other items to go with it and such. Well on Dec 15 I get an email after being told they were shipping it on the 2nd, then the 16….Now they sent an email saying it wouldn't be  arriving until MARCH 11th 2010???? OMG… First it is false advertisement to have the product on the website and claim they are in stock……. Then second it is just wrong for a sales rep to tell someone before they order that it will arrive and it was in stock,,,,,, third then to keep shoving back the date, and then not keeping with their promise.

    I called customer service, just look it up..spent 1 hour waiting on the phone, then talked to an agent who was not that friendly, and very unhelpful. I got thrown from customre service to electronics, to customer service. Isn't it wrong to do this????? And then to just offer a card for people to get and give telling their loved ones ohhh your gift will be here in MARCH??? (Maybe)  To top of my not so great experience I got all the accersories from Dell for the Wii now and what am I suppose to do? Here it is Christmas is around the corner. I have written an email to Corporate…but have not heard back yet.. This is heartbreaking that a company would not tell the truth to their clients?

    Sandra Kane

  • Kaneusa

    I can understand I am in the same boat..somewhat

  • jdghenley

    Their computer system seems to automatically assign the initial shipping date, I think fifteen days from date of order.  However, it bears no relation to reality.  My initial date was 22 Dec but was adjusted on the 21st to Feb 1st.  Completely unreasonable and to date the customer "service" representatives have resisted my efforts to cancel the order.

  • Syffin

    I have been very disappointed with my service from Dell.  I ordered an Inspiron 537 back on 10/14.  Original ship date was 10/23.  Delayed until 11/09, then 11/18, then 12/11, then 12/15, then 12/22.  What is the deal with all of these delays?  I have been in email contact with people from Dell's customer service who consistently tell me they will keep my updated and apologize for the delays  but never actually answer the question about what is delaying the computer.  They also fail to keep me updated, only corresponding when I send them an email first.

    I have bought three notebooks from Dell this year and it has been very dissappointing how badly this order has been handled.  My previous orders all went fairly well and I can even understand a few delays.  I wouldn't even bother complaining if I only had to wait a few weeks.  But a few months?  That is ridiculous.

    If only I could get an honest response from somebody at Dell I wouldn't even mind waiting.  The most frustrating part is I feel like they aren't even honest about what is going on with the computer.

  • MileHiG

    Dell- this is bad- very bad.  I can't even get a darn Holiday card now since you chose to send me my delay notification after midnight on the 20th- and now the link to it on your blog is broken.  Your customer service is so rude, telling me that I'm not the only person who won't have a gift to give on Christmas.  Is that supposed to make me feel better?  Customer service didn't offer me a holiday card either, or any type of "fast track" you refer to on your blog.  They won't even refund the money I spent to have expedited shipping for Christmas.  It's really a very bad sign when your blog posts are not even reliable.  I will not be buying from Dell for myself or my business.  Ever. Again.

    Lionel- I suggest you update your blog!  I'm tired of these stupid fake apologies and false promises.

  • sjs9145

    Yet another unhappy customer, I would like to know just how Dell will compensate all the customers who are not getting the systems ordered for Christmas? Believe me a Holiday Card is not going to satisfy anyone.

    This is the first time I have ordered online from Dell and will no doubt be the last time. I ordered on 12-1-09 thinking plenty of time to get it here for Christmas but checked the order status today and it is delayed till 12-30.

    Dell needs to offer something substantial to compensate it's customers for this mess it has made of people's Christmas. They need to be responsive to customers or they may find they suddenly have none.

  • sjs9145

    Yet another unhappy customer, I would like to know just how Dell will compensate all the customers who are not getting the systems ordered for Christmas? Believe me a Holiday Card is not going to satisfy anyone.

    This is the first time I have ordered online from Dell and will no doubt be the last time. I ordered on 12-1-09 thinking plenty of time to get it here for Christmas but checked the order status today and it is delayed till 12-30.

    Dell needs to offer something substantial to compensate it's customers for this mess it has made of people's Christmas. They need to be responsive to customers or they may find they suddenly have none.

  • Malenax

    Placed an order 18/12, received acknowledge almost immediately, I logged on to my account only to find estimated delivery for 11 february 2010!!!
    I called today early at morning to cancel that order following Lionel Menchac directions but nothing, they dont want to cancel because it is in produccion??
    I am very very angry at this moment, last time i buy something from dell.

  • Malenax

    I did try to cancel my order 2 times today (estimated delivery time: 10 february 2010!!) following Lionel Menchaca directions with phone call to the Order Support in my country.
    They didnt cancel it and didnt help at all, if something very rude.
    Then i send e-mail to the customer support, got the reply 1 hour ago, mail say order cant be canceled without any explanation or anything.

    Funny thing is i read how some people can cancel, but others not. Look like is all about luck.
    I am sorry but this is not serious at all and they are going against their Terms and Conditions for dell sales in my country:

    5.4 Delivery will take place less than 30 days after the date of Order unless specifically otherwise agreed at the time of making the Order.
    5.5 If the estimated delivery date cannot be met and the revised delivery date will exceed 30 days from the original date of order then Consumer will be contacted & advised of a proposed new date for delivery. If Consumer refuses the revised delivery date and delivery is not made within 30 days from the original date of order or prior to the specifically agreed delivery date if applicable, then Consumer may cancel the order without charge &     obtain a full refund.

    Still all i get is order cant be canceled …

  • wallyworld1024

    Does anyone know how many orders have been delayed? 

    What the real issues are?

    Whether they are responding to any of the emails they receive?

    Whether/when they will make a definitive statement on what the issues are and when customers who ordered in November can realistically expect to receive their PCs?

    I would like to be patient and understanding, but would appreciate direct, honest information and some transparency here.

  • enguerran


  • manacur

    I am soooo happy because I will receive a new delay notification!!!.. Every single wednesday Dell reward my customer fidelity by sending a nice note stating that my order has been delayed two weeks more.

    EDD has been changed four times since I placed purchase order….probably I will receive my laptop by December 2010

    Thanks Dell, I appreciate your care!!!


  • Druckerguru

    I am sorry to see so many customers experiencing problems with Dell. I am a long time Dell customer and this is not the Dell that I knew and that, until now, kept me coming back for my next purchase. It looks like I am one of those many dissapointed customers that also received notice that my laptop order was cancelled. An Inspiron 17 ordered on 12/06/2009 was cancelled today because I am told they ran out of 17" hi-def screens. I was also advised that the Studio 17 laptop to be delivered on 12/28/2009 will also be cancelled. That's $2600 in lost revenue from just me alone.  

    Michael Dell….Where are you?


  • ogdeni

    Thanks to Dell my son will not get his xmas present – a laptop

    They advertised "fast track service" – placed the order via internet – got the email confirmation – then it says wait up to 5 days for shipping info

    Waited 5 working days – still no info so tried calling – mission impossible – you are on hold for an eternity.

    Now told will be Jan 8th

    I will never use Dell again – their customer service is the worst ever experienced

  • bpezzi

    What options are available to UK customers? we don't even get cards.. the UK call centre, which is actually in India, is simply shocking. After hours on end, I just managed to be put on hold 3 times after simply stating my order number. And for that you pay premium call charges. You don't answer online support forms. No online chat available. Even facebook uk page is not actively manned. I lost 2 days of work to be at home for allegeded deliveries that never materialize. I don't care if I don't get the order before Xmas. I just want to speak to a human being who is going to tell me when the order will actually arrive, who will apologise and also let me know what are you going to do about the lost days of work. Hopefully I won't have to create a twitter account to get an answer.

  • wallyworld1024

    Does anyone know how many orders have been delayed? 

    What the real issues are?

    Whether they are responding to any of the emails they receive?

    Whether/when they will make a definitive statement on what the issues are and when customers who ordered in November can realistically expect to receive their XPS 8000 PCs?

    I would like to be patient and understanding, but would appreciate direct, honest information and some transparency here.

  • ScorpionTattoo

    Dell can learn how to treat their consumers from Barnes & Noble.

     Barnes & Noble is giving $100 gift certificates to Nook e-reader buyers who placed orders for the devices to be delivered before the holidays and now won't receive them until after the Christmas.  The gift card represents more than 1/3 the purchase price. 

    That could be considered a fair attempt at consumer satisfaction when a company disappoints its consumer.

  • maoleoin

    In the UK, system and monitor ordered 18th Dec, no special options standard XPS8000 and a Dell monitor, wish I'd seen this before placing the order, EDD 2010-02-03 – 7 weeks !!!, no money taken from credit card as of yet, just reserved.Luckily system not needed urgently just had the time to look and order prior to Christmas. My sympathy to all those people with nothing to put under the tree for loved ones.

    Will see if Dell can pull this date in, if not it may be a straight return depending on when I really need the PC as may have to go out and purchase an alternative. Dell's customer service lines just seem to have too bad a reputation for me to even try chasing this now before Xmas, will review early Jan. If money taken from card in meantime and no change in EDD will definitely cancel. Dell will not have my money without providing me with goods and no confidence in a projected delivery date.

    Second purchase from Dell, laptop last year and no complaints, but this is very disappointing !

  • Kaneusa

    Now it is 12/21/2009 and still have not heard from anyone from Dell as I requested. Do they not care about long time customers, and answering emails?

  • enguerran

    "Hopefully I won't have to create a twitter account to get an answer."

    @direct2dell does not answer twitts… ^^

  • enguerran

    I just redo the purchase procedure to see if Dell changed the EDD : for Visa and Bank Card, 7 to 10 days, before validation. Liars!

  • DungeonRaider

    I did finally get hold of someone who was able to explain the delay… apparently they were out of stock of a component and the supplier of that component has shut down for christmas so they can't get stock till New Year but it should be a quick process once they have it.

    Oh, and there reason for not ringing, emailing or making a note that I could see on the order status is the high workload… it must have slipped his/her mind.

    I'm glad I have an answer but am less than impressed with Dell under pressure.

  • LouP73

    Well, add me to the list.  Surely not the Dell I once knew.  Ordered my Area 51 on 10/25 and the shipping date has been pushed out more times than I can count and is now and is currently standing at 12/30/2009.  Yea right, want to buy a bridge (Oh, they won't get that joke in India).  Seriously, you guys can laugh at your customers now (yes that relly happened to me) but you won't be laughing too hard once your company goes under.  All I can say is I feel sorry for all of you that purchased these as Christmas presents.

  • Haduga

    Michael Dell is sitting at home by his mansion fireplace, lighting a cigar with a $100 bill.


    Of course his kids presents arrived on time this year, no doubt.

  • disappointedx24

    Dell should have an inventory of their produced computers and be able to give there customers an accurate delivery date.  There are a lot of people worldwidw who have ordered computers from Dell in good faith that it will be delivered on a specific date.  And then an email comes with a delay.  That should not be happening and it is to so many!!!!!!

    I ordered a Mac on the same day that I ordered my Dell.  The Mac was shipped free and arrived 2 days after I ordered it.  I received a delay email 10 days after I ordered the Dell.  And to increase my frustration level it means no laptop under the Christmas tree for one of my children. 

    I'm switching to Macs. 


  • Malenax

    The thing i cant understand at all is why i cant cancel my order when the terms and conditions for sales in Spain say:


    Delivery will take place less than 30 days after the date of Order
    unless        specifically otherwise agreed at the time of making the
    5.5 If the estimated delivery date
    cannot be met and the revised delivery date        will exceed 30 days
    from the original date of order then Consumer will be        contacted
    & advised of a proposed new date for delivery. If Consumer
           refuses the revised delivery date and delivery is not made
    within 30 days        from the original date of order or prior to the
    specifically agreed delivery        date if applicable, then Consumer
    may cancel the order without charge &        obtain a full refund.
    No one contacted me, i am not agree with 2 months delivery, so  i want cancel it and you dont let me, maybe i am wrong but i think this is no legal?

  • enguerran


  • Kiko514

    I am soooo sorry for your situation.  I know it probably won't be there Christmas, but I think your son will be thrilled to learn that he's got this awesome  computer on the way.  And, what an awesome parent you are for getting this for him.  A couple of years ago, I ordered something (not from Dell) for my sister that didn't arrive on time, so I printed off a large picture of it off the internet and wrapped it in a pretty box under the tree.  Although there was the initial disappointment, she was still very excited to know that this was going to be her Christmas present.  Again, I know it's very difficult for a parent to deal with this kind of thing and I hope things work out for the best given these unfortunate problems.

  • carscheles

    I went online today to check what the estimated ship date Dell's telling people for the same computer I ordered.  The web site told me the estimated ship date would be January 4.  The order I placed (in November) has a ship date of January 5th.  

    Explain that Dell.  Are you giving new customer orders priority over the older orders?  Or are you just misleading the new customers about how long it will really take to ship?

  • gana

    My husband placed an order (of 4 exact same laptops) Oct 30 with a ship date of 11-30. It has been changed I don't know how many times & he has e-mailed & tried to call to check on the progress & why it keeps changing. He has gotten very little response. Today he did get ahold of somebody on the phone (on hold for an hour or more). Was told his order had been cancelled in shipping but then put back in production.Now the estimated ship date is Jan 11. We are really wondering how good dell really is!!!! Now

  • iecwillow

    Why my post could not be showing up here?!

  • Malenax

    I am very tired of Dell, i dont know what is the problem but look like i can talk or mail with someone with a brain.

    I read some people here with luck since they get the option to cancel. The estimated delivery time for my order is 11 february 2010 and they dont want to  cancel my order. Phones calls, mails, nothing, always get the same answer we cant cancel your order …


  • lovejai

    Customers in the United States who choose to keep their order can receive a Dell Holiday Card


    Hello people so dell only serves United States People But not other countries ?

    good luck dell

  • lovejai

    Customers in the United States who choose to keep their order can receive a Dell Holiday Card

    they only serve united states people not other countries .

    good luck dell

  • enguerran

    I guess they do not…

  • therax72

    When I logged to the blog first, I thought my case was something different… An accident. But now, after reading all the comments from the people in the blog my story sounds to me much more "common"… I am not talking about delay or general problem of somebody who wants just a xmas present that's not in time with delivery, I am talking about total disfunctions in Dell marketing system:

    My story:

    • I ordered a Dell system + a monitor on 26th Nov. 2009
    • My order was confimed by credit card and accepted by Dell in 24 hours.
    • I didn't get any mail confirmation of my order, I got details by calling Dell Order Support.
    • My order was scheduled to be shipped on 24th Dec. 2009. It sounded long to me initially, but finally I realized that it was acceptable. After some calls to order support they said to me that everything was ok with my order and that it would have been shipped probably even before.
    • Now I recently I looked into Dell web site to see if my order was still scheduled on 24th Dec., but it shows new scheduled delivery on 28/01/2010, without any advise by Dell about this 1 month delay.
    • I then called Dell Order Support and they just confirmed this situation, when I asked to cancel it, they said to me that the order has to be at least 1 month old for cancelling it.
    • Today 22nd Dec. 2009 I got the BIGGEST SURPRISE, everywhere on the web site, before effecting the order Dell states that the Credit card is only debited when shipment has been effected. They charged ny credit card on 21st dec. 2009 and the order will be shipped on 28/01/2009 (possibly, nobody can make sure about this).
    • This is just something that should not happen! I am disappointed and completely unsatisfied with Dell and I can just agrre with all the people here that in a stronger or softer way they just show that the reality of Dell is that they are just not able to give to their customers what they were lloking for and what they deserved.
    • I am talking about customer's rights, not just good service pre and post sales.
    • On top of all above happenings I sent at least 7 e.mail to Dell order support Italy and nobody answered to my questions and remarks. To say that I am just disappointed is being kind to Dell.

    The final comment is that will be the last place where I will look for buying my new PC and that i will do all my best to spread my experience wherever it will be possible and useful, just to warn other buyers to the "rubber wall" they will face in case of any trouble.

    I don't know if the blog chief will cancel or keep my post, but I hope so.

    Mr. Lionel Menchaca gave his political answer to all these torubles, but they are, were and will be much more than what he explained.

    The only good thing after subscribing the blog… I don't feel lonely…

    Dell is a big company and this is the worst advertising you can make on your products. No matter of low prices, good offers or quality. Everybody in thsi blog know exactly that technology's value and time are strictly connected and dell is playing with both of them!

    i am from Italy and next time I will have to by a new laptop or desktop I will go to a shop and I will buy what I will be able to get immediately!

  • therax72

    I forgot to say sorry for my English… I am trying to add my story to the many here…

  • Love_Me_Some_Alienware

    My god, I could remember the day that I was choosing between Dell and HP. I regret to say I made the wrong choice, I ordered a studio xps 8000 on 12/4/09 because they had a nicer configuration then HP's(core i5 machine). I'll admit I haven't been waiting as long as some of you guys but I fear I soon will. My estimated delivery date is 1/5/10 but my purchase was meant to be a christmas present for my 12 year old brother. Three years ago I gave him my old computer and I really wanted to surprise him this year. Needless to say I called 12/11 which was the 10th business they claim it would take to build the machine, waited on the line for 30 mins. and was finally told we're sorry for any inconvenience but it's the busiest time of the year and that is one of our highest selling products. So I patiently waited, a week went by and still my purchase was in the "in production" stage again I called on 12/17 and was told the same exact garbage. Dell you've left my brother and me disappointed for christmas. I thought I would maybe get better customer service considering four days before I placed the order, I purchased an Alienware Aurora which was built in 4 days and shipped in 3 (thumbs way up to alienware). Dell on the other hand READ MY COMMENT!! unless you can perform a Christmas miracle "I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOU AGAIN AND TELL ANYONE THAT ASKS THE SAME!"

  • carscheles

    A gift certificate worth1/3 of the purchase price is a sincere apology….

  • carscheles

    Lionel, Is it true that Dell is giving preferential treatment based on what you paid for your order?  Basically, anybody who used a coupon code or bought something on sale will have to wait longer?

  • Kiko514

    Another long-time Dell customer here.  Wow… I didn't realize they were actually canceling orders due to lack of parts.  I suppose that news is better than receiving numerous extended delivery dates leaving you in limbo.  Now at least you can take your $2600 elsewhere if you choose. 

    Unfortunately, this problem isn't unique to Dell.  It seems the general problem is that most big companies have "grown" themselves into this position by drastically trimming workforces while massively advertising to consumers to buy, buy, buy from them.  In these scenarios, nobody really wins because they can't meet the demand in a timely manner.  It is disappointing to say the least, and infuriating if you think about it long enough.  It will probably continue down this path since now profit and stockholder interests always come before customer interests.  I hope one day corporations will realize that their business pyramid is upside down.  Without happy customers, they won't be around for the long haul.

  • enguerran

    Lionel, could you tell me why my comment with id #19614466 disappeared?

    I wrote a lot of thing inner and you just erased it? Why do you publish a blog if you delete comments?


  • enguerran

    NB: Hey Dell customers! Don't forget to screenshot your posted comments if you need them later.

  • enguerran

    I can't find out why you deleted my comment, here are some reasons, please choose:

    • parce que j'ai parlé en français
    • because I use some html style to color my comments
    • because I put some customers services helper url ( + +
    • because I copied/pasted the support email (cf below)
    • because Lionel do not like my words
    • because I use more 'e' letter than in other comments (french)
    • because Mickael Dell is not as good as Steve Jobs
    • because I posted some links all over the web
    • because Copenhagen is in Europe
    • because you are liars AND a censor
    • because I add twitter account : @Direct2Dell
    • because I denounce too your service quality
    • why?


    Expéditeur: FR_CC_HSB_DHS_PRE <[email protected]>
    Date: 21 décembre 2009 10:15:51 HNEC
    Destinataire: "Enguerran XXX <XXX>" <XXX>
    Objet: Rép : Case #: XXX – Email Customer Care -Order Status (XXX)

    Cher client ,

    Nous vous remercions d’avoir contacté le service clientèle de Dell.

    Apres avoir verifié le statut de votre commande , nous vous informons qu'elle est : En Production .  

    La date estimée de livraison de votre système est:07/01

    Avec votre numéro de commande  et votre code client , vous avez la possibilité de vérifier le statut de votre commande via le lien suivant:

    Nos remerciements,

    Service Clientele de Dell

    Le message dorigine suit :
    *** This is a feedback Message from Dell Online Customer Care. ***
    Customer Name:Enguerran XXX
    Customer Email Address:XXX
    Customer Phone Number:XXX
    Customer Number:XXX
    Order Number:XXX
    Order has been delivered:NO
    Request Reason:Order Status


    Je voudrais avoir une mise à jours des détails de ma commande… J'ai commandé un mois avant Noël, serai-je livré à temps ?
    Rien ne bouge sur le suivi… La société existe-t-elle encore ? A-t-elle un Service Client ?

    Merci de prendre contact avec moi car peut-être devrais-je annuler ma commande pour aller chez HP ou Asus ?


    Referring URL :http://

    Date Submitted:17/12/2009

  • enguerran

    Lionel, do not forget to scroll up, other comments are waiting for you!!!

  • total_wipeout

    I've been a Dell customer for over 15 years….  never had any issues with ordering from Dell until now.  Been trying to order a computer since October…  delay after delay, after delay.  The company I work for is setup with an 'employee purchase program' with Dell.  If I go out to the Dell EPP web site and configure a system. it shows 1/12/2010 as the ship date.  I then go out to Dell's HOME web site, configure the EXACT SAME system, it has a 1/6/2010 ship date.   DELL why is there a 6 day difference in ship dates for the same system?  The only difference is the cost.  Seems systems with 'bigger' discounts are delayed longer.  I tried to order my dad a XPS One 24.  The day I ordered it the system had $300 off.  Showed a ship date of 2 days after the day I placed the order.  10 days went buy and they XPS One system still did not ship.  Then the 'delay' emails started.  During that time I noticed the discount on the XPS One changed from $300 to only $200 off.   I finally canceled the XPS One with the $300 discount, and as an 'experiment' reordered the XPS One the same day I canceled the 1st order….  this time the discount was $200 off.  The XPS One shipped the next day.   Exact same config between the 2 orders – just different discount amounts.  Does this seem funny to anyone else?????

  • stephens557

    My story is the same as every other on this biog. Neither of my two children will receive their Dell Studio 8000 computers this Christmas. One was ordered on December 1st and the other on December 5th. To make matters worse Best Buy and Micro Center seemed to have a number of these same models in-stock and on display in the store.

    On December 17 one of our 8000's was ready to ship. It waited FIVE DAYS for Fed Ex to pick it up. Tonight on December 22 it still sits in TX. After an hour in phone hell, I finally got to a person in India who assured me it would be delivered on December 23. Now I see the date has moved to December 24.  I almost feel sorry for those poor dell employees in India who have to get yelled at by 100s of people every hour and are firced to respond with what they must know are lies. When I asked FOUR DAYS AGO if Dell could upgrade the shipping to a faster delivery in hopes that it might arrive by Christmas, the answer was absolutely not. The second computer got bumped to January 5th, 2010.

    While sitting in phone hell I counted up all of the Dell servers and work-stations I have purchased for my business and my family over the past 10+ years. The total was 146.

    I will never in my life buy another Dell computer. I will spend the next two weeks making sure everybody I know on Facebook and Twitter knows what Dell did to our holiday. I encourage everybody who received the same treatment I did to do the same.

    And to make it worse Dell did not seem to care at all. A free Gift Card to put under the tree ? Are they kidding ? Dell I will eventully forget what you how you jacked my around. But now you have involved my children. That I wont forget.

    But every time i buy a new HP work=station or server I will feel just a little bit better.

  • enguerran


    Information Temporarily Unavailable


    Lionel, Is this a good news? Or a really really bad one?

  • Danabethka

    I know the feeling ordered a dell and it arrived BUT it would not turn on SO I have gone and had a reorder done one of the reasons that it would NOT  turn on is it was not put together correctly   You would think that they test the product before shipping???????????  This is not the first dell I have purchased  SO now we are waiting for the replacement to arrive when ever that is???????????????    I don't even have a date of delivery  nor do I get an answer for why this matter has not be resolved  it has been a month  I also believe that dell needs to place customer service back in the U.S.  that way we can understand the person we are talking with and also get better service!  Your customers are the most important part of the company we are the ones who pay your salary  but we get the worst service  and the laptop that I purchased for over $1000.00 is now a door stop    I am such a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danabethka

    I know the feeling ordered a dell and it arrived BUT it would not turn on SO I have gone and had a reorder done one of the reasons that it would NOT  turn on is it was not put together correctly   You would think that they test the product before shipping???????????  This is not the first dell I have purchased  SO now we are waiting for the replacement to arrive when ever that is???????????????    I don't even have a date of delivery  nor do I get an answer for why this matter has not be resolved  it has been a month  I also believe that dell needs to place customer service back in the U.S.  that way we can understand the person we are talking with and also get better service!  Your customers are the most important part of the company we are the ones who pay your salary  but we get the worst service  and the laptop that I purchased for over $1000.00 is now a door stop    I am such a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!

  • alanwood

    I live in the UK.  The laptop I ordered on 9th December was due to be delivered on 23rd December.  Suddenly I see in the status delivery is now 3rd Feb next year.  I am trying tobcancel but help desk is in India and I cannot get through toanyone to cancel.  Advised by bHead Office in UK to stop my credit card. Appalling service. I will never use Dell again  I hope someone in Dell's HQ reads these.


    Alan Wood

  • enguerran

    Thank you for this clear answer.

    Lionel, young padawan, a jedi master is coming!

  • enguerran

    5.4 Pour les seules ventes aux Consommateurs,
    la livraison est effectuée trente jours au maximum après Confirmation
    de Commande. En cas de dépassement de ce délai le Consommateur a droit,
    conformément à la loi, au remboursement de sa commande et aux intérêts
    de retard calculés selon le taux d'intérêt légal.


  • cleetx

    I'm not shy about complaining when wronged but this time I really have to give Dell a lot of credit – they really are working hard to get stuff out to all of us. I, too, ordered a laptop as a gift in plenty of time for Christmas. When I ordered on December 4, the delivery date was December 22nd – cutting it close but it was just an Inspiron 17 with really no modifications over what the employee purchase program deal (better processor and more memory) gave me. 

    Started getting worried late last week that there was still no delivery information on the order just the "in production" tag and I feared that meant they haven't even started making it yet. So I called and after being on hold for more than 30 minutes, I was transferred to the employee purchase program desk since the regular 1-800 folks couldn't help me… that desk was already closed and phone disconnected. Yep, I was happy!  So I sent a nastygram via email to customer service and got an email back the next morning saying that the order was delayed and new delivery would not be until January 4 and with apology and invitation to cancel the order due to the delay. So of course, we FREAKED and went out and bought a really nicely loaded 17" Toshiba in-stock laptop at Best Buy that afternoon and canceled the Dell order.

    Well, it turns out that they are perhaps just being a responsible company by "under-promising and over-delivering" to help customers manage expectations just in case they don't get their products in time….because early this morning, I got an email saying that my order had SHIPPED and would be delivered by December 24… tracking actually shows delivery tomorrow.  So I guess "in production" really means just that.

    Last thing I need is two new laptops, and I do prefer Dell but we had a virus protection program added by the Geek Squad folks and so it can't be returned now…. it's already wrapped and waiting for Christmas morning to go under the tree.

    So I called Dell this morning and was lucky enough to get to talk to a young man named Dayam who took care of everything and even contacted FedEx to redirect the delivery right back to Dell, authorized crediting the charges to my credit card within 15 days and even followed up with an email. So I'll buy from Dell again the next time I need a computer – and sure do have to give them credit for taking the time to give great service in the midst of the great Christmas delay of 2009.

    So there is still hope for anyone still waiting to get a surprise computer delivery this holiday! 

  • enguerran


  • Haduga

    Wow if only Barnes and Noble made computers I could go give them my business.


    Learn from this, DELL.



  • enguerran

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    For the first time ever, I am glad to tell you that the winter is coming this month (for north hemisphere, of course). And, as a special guest, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Christmas.

    And for the first time ever, Christmas, winter and subprimes are disturbing for Dell Firm. I know… It is unbelievable… But Dell could not guess that this year (2009) such weird things will appear on earth.

    I hear you telling me that Al Gore, Mel Gibson and the Committees for Nobel Prices and Miss Universe have found some hints to anticipate the awfulness. But how is Dell supposed to do?

    Apologizes and politeness are my 2010 wishes for you, Dell. May Mel help you!

    In Sonic the hedgehog we trust.

    Enguerran "heaven-maker" the customer


  • seriously1

    Dell may be experiencing delays in shipping, but that was the easiest and fastest part of my ordeal in trying to get a Christmas present for my son!  I had an order that was input incorrectly and subsequently cancelled without notice to me.  I then had to spend over 9 hours and 4 days of monitoring just to make sure my son got his Christmas present. 

    I truly wish you would teach your "Customer Service" (I use the term very loosely here) something more than to say "I understand your problem and I'm sorry you are upset.  Hold one moment while I transfer you"!  I work in the software industry and have done Technical Support, and the lack of business processes that would actually help your customers is simply amazing.  If only one person, throughout my entire ordeal, would have stepped outside of their script and acutally used the brain given to them, my problem could have been solved in a matter of minutes not days.  But instead, I spent numerous hours on hold and being transferred.  I even got a manager on the phone in Customer Care, only to be transferred again as soon as I told him my problem!

    If I didn't love my Dell computers so much, I would have gone to Best Buy and gotten one there versus the amount of anguish I had over this.  And I will say that I refused to post this until I had the computer in my hands, for fear that someone would cancel it again!  I do not look forward to my next interaction when purchasing a Dell and if it is anywhere close to this one, I will be looking elsewhere.

  • seriously1

    No they don't!  Unless you keep calling them back you won't get anywhere!

  • carscheles

    Isn't it a coincidence that your order shipped right after you canceled it?   Think about it. 

  • marra2

    I chose the Dell laptop because it promised 48-hours fast track shipping back on December 17. After hours of expensive phone calls and emails, I have found out that the delivery date is December 30. I know the weather has been bad in the UK, but other online companies, Amazon, Pixmania, PC World, .playcom have been brilliant and have excellent customer service back-up. Ordering from Dell has been the single most stressful online experience I have ever suffered.

  • carscheles

    This morning my order is showing 3 statuses. 

    The order status shows "In Production". 

    Under My Account, Recent Order Status, it's showing "Delivery Preperation".

    But when I click on Dell Purchase ID, it's showing as "Shipped".

    Please, please, please tell me it shipped/is shipping overnight so I can put it under the tree for Christmas.  Oh, please, my son will be thrilled.

  • dgrisby

    I am in the same kind of situation as many other people. I'm in the UK. I ordered a machine on 16 November. I was quite surprised that the estimated delivery time was 21 December, because I expected it to be faster than that, but I thought it was not too problematic. On the supposed delivery day, the estimate changed to 15 January. i.e. two months after I placed the order.

    Even more pathetic, I haven't received a single email from Dell, either proactively about the delays or in response to the two emails I have sent. I've also spent more than an hour in total on hold waiting to talk to someone on the phone about it. The only human being I've spoken to simply asked me for my order number then immediately put me on hold again. Some people here report problems cancelling orders. I can't even get in touch with anyone to be able to talk about cancelling mine!

    The final insult is that my credit card has been charged, despite the clear information in the FAQ that it won't be until the order is shipped. If this was an experience with a small unknown company, I would at this stage assume that the company was a fake and didn't actually supply any goods at all, or was going bust and was unable to fulfil orders.

    If I don't hear anything within a few days, I'll be contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge and cancel the order that way.

  • bakshb

    I ordered a laptop for my Son for Xmas on 11-20, delivery date went from 12-4 to 12-17 and now 12-30!!!

    I have emailed as well as spoke to Dell and was told my order got permission to be "expidited "on 12-15,,just another false hope because as of this morning I have received no emails, or calls, still says in production and unless it ships today overnight it will not be here for my son. I will not be doing business with them again or reccommend to others. I ordered in plenty of time for Christmas, the router came 5 days after the order. Today I will have to tell my son his gift will not be here for Christmas.

  • carscheles

    I'm getting worried because the status is still showing 3 different things.  I haven't got a shipment email and there's no tracking number on the site.

    Please Dell, please have his gift here for Christmas.  I'm begging you….

  • carscheles

    I feel your pain.  I still have no idea when my son will get his gift. 🙁

  • filmstar40

    In the UK delivery is by a Top Notch outfit called SYNCREON.

    My Laptop has sat in their warehouse for 13 days and I am told "do I not realise the time of year it is".

    I have had 3 delivery dates – all missed 10th, 17th & 21st of Dec.

    Now it's the 30th of Dec after 45 mins on the phone.

    DELL you conned me on delivery before XMAS – Thanks a bunch you left my daughter in tears – why use such a poor company to deliver your products – cost or a don't care attitude to customers.

    Let us know please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • tessh

    On November 30th, I placed my Studio 19 order online.  The following morning, a Dell customer service agent calls me to say that my order has been placed on hold and that I need to call my credit card to confirm this transaction.  While I’m on the phone with the credit card company, I receive another phone call from Dell telling me that they will need to cancel the order and resubmit it.   I eventually speak with a manager.  She tells me that she never places orders online due to this problem.  She always places orders over the phone.  Unbelievable….  They told me I would receive the computer on December 15th.  The EDD has been rescheduled twice now.  The customer service agent acts like he’s doing me a favor by waiving the shipping charges.  What irks me is that the Dell home page does not mention that they are experiencing delays.  It is false advertisement at its best.  New EDD:  12/31/2009

  • Malenax

    Same problem here, estimated delivery time 11 february 2010, trying to cancel my order since last monday, nothing. Horrible and rude customer support.

  • enguerran

    My posts were deleted because I add an dell email address and because I use some bad f-words.

    Lionel, could you please send me a PM with the paragraph of the chart regarding both interdiction?

    If you want something from me, just give me something.

    For urgent comments knowledge, I insist.

  • Koboi

    What is up with this i ordered my studio xps 8000 on dec 1 and first est date was dec 18 then it was dec 29 and just yesterday they changed it to jan 6 man this sure is great…..

  • annoozz

    I used to be a regular Dell customer till recently (thanksgiving) and after my thanks giving purchases I have decided to NOT to purchase anything from DELL o purchase anything from DELL.

    I purchased a 40" Samsung televison from DELL on 26th Nov and it was supposed to be delivered by Dec 3rd. However, on Dec 1st I got an email telling that the order will be delivered by only Dec 17th. I did not want to wait till Dec 17th and I was getting the same TV at a cheaper rate from another retailer. I called up DELL (call lasted more than 1 hour) to cancel it and finally after a very long wait period, I was told that the order was cancelled. I was ok till here because this delay was something  which could have happened in a holiday period. I also ordered a blue ray player (with Bing cash back) from DELL on the same day and the delivery date was shown as 22nd Dec and I was ok with it.

  • annoozz

    I used to be a regular Dell customer till recently (thanksgiving) and after my thanks giving purchases I have decided to NOT to purchase anything from DELL o purchase anything from DELL.

    I purchased a 40" Samsung televison from DELL on 26th Nov and it was supposed to be delivered by Dec 3rd. However, on Dec 1st I got an email telling that the order will be delivered by only Dec 17th. I did not want to wait till Dec 17th and I was getting the same TV at a cheaper rate from another retailer. I called up DELL (call lasted more than 1 hour) to cancel it and finally after a very long wait period, I was told that the order was cancelled. I was ok till here because this delay was something  which could have happened in a holiday period. I also ordered a blue ray player (with Bing cash back) from DELL on the same day and the delivery date was shown as 22nd Dec and I was ok with it.

  • annoozz

    I was a regular customer of DELL till recently and after my thanksgiving purchases I have decided NOT to purchase anything from DELL in future. I would not even recommend DELL to a friend so that atleast they can escape from the DELL trap.

    I ordered a 40" LCD HDTV from Dell on 26th Nov and the delivery date shown was 3rd Dec. On 1st December, I received a mail from DELL stating the order will be delayed and I will get the TV only by Dec 17th. I wanted the TV urgently, so I called up DELL to cancel it. After more than an hour of wait period, I was finally able to talk to a representative who could cancel my order. Till here, it seemed normal to me, considering the holiday rush. I even placed a new order for a Blu ray player with DELL on the same day(wuth Bing cash back). I ordered the TV from Sears on the same day and the ensured me that I will get it in 4-6 days (and I got it very promptly as promised).

    To my surprise, even after cancelling, DELL sent a mail on Dec 3rd that the TV has been shipped. I again called up DELL (talked to multiple people and waited multiple times – Total of close 1.5 hrs) and finally they gave me the carriers pone nbr to check the status. I called up the carrier and they told that they havent picked up the order from DELL so I could still cancel it. I again called up DELL (waited for more than an hr as usual. Reason  high call volume from all dissatisfied customers) and finally they told that they have successfully cancelled it (previous cancellation was unsuccessful it seems, very funny and irritating) and they will return my money back in 10 – 12 days.

    I am waiting for the money to come back and the blu ray to arrive. On Dec 16th I got a mail from dell stating that there is a delay in the order for my blu ray player and the new estimated delivery is jan 11th 2010. I again called up DELL, waited for half an hour, got a representative and according to him, 11th Jan was just a probable date and it could extend again. So I thought of cancelling this order. The representative again said that the order is cancelled (un)successfully (The cancel button in the DELL internal order application never work I think, or there is some major software issues or DELL is completely irresponsible). I wanted to check regarding my cash refund for the TV and that agent forwarded my call to another department. The order status for the TV now shows delivered(excellent!!!) , but I havent got my TV. After again waiting for half an hr,another dell agent picked up the phone and confirmed that the TV order was cancelled (eventhough DELL website shows that it is shipped) and I will get my cash back only in 31 days. SO I need to wait more. ok fine.. I just checked again regarding my blu ray order to see the status again (I have completely lost faith in DELL), and not vcery surprisingly, he told that the order is still in production. I told him that I had cancelled the order 1 hr back (same call only), but this agent is telling that it is not cancelled. He now transfers me to the cancellation department. The wait continues. My AT&T free talk time is over for the month. many thanks to DELL. Again a 15 – 20 mins wait and the cancellation department guy takes over. He promises me a $20 discount if do not cancel the order. I did not want to deal with DELL anymore so I told him that I want to cancel anyways. He confirms that the order is cancelled this time (hehehe.. cancel button never works!!!).

    I am still waiting for the cash refund for the TV. Better deal for the same blu ray player at amazon. Thinking of buying it. 23rd Dec, I get a UPS mail man coming with the Blu ray player from. Oh Brother!!! The dell website shows order cancelled, but I received this order:) . TV still shows delivered but it was never shipped. My bing cash back was taken away from bing as dell says the blu ray order is cancelled. So now I have that Blu ray on my hand for a much higher price. I am gong to send it back to Dell and I am not sure whether I'll get my money back also. I am not sure what to do now.

    what a pathetic customer support team!!! Dell sucks!!!!!

  • dag0357

    I ordered a laptop Inspiron over the weekend and to date have not received any confirmation of the order.  Of course Dell has charged it to my account and I am still waiting for a delivery date or for it to show on my account.  I don't know what is going on but Dell needs to get their act together or with this great customer service they will be going out of business.  I think this will be my last Dell system.

  • carscheles

    I don't get it.  Dell has time to censor posts but doesn't have time to provide answers? 

    Here's a question for you.  Why is my order showing 3 different statuses?  And did my order REALLY ship???

  • bakshb

    I just checked to see if my laptop may have shipped yesterday for overnight delivery and now it days 1-809!!!!!

    This company has the worst customer servive….and of couse no notification again!!!



  • glc12

    The three different statuses are a result of your order shipping from the facotory in Malaysia to the US and then out to you. My order has gone through the same process. The order status showed delivery preperation( the three days it takes to ship from Malaysia), the order number showed shipped( becuase it shipped from Malaysia), and the order itself still showed in production( becuase it was only moving from the factory to the distribution center not actually to you). When I called the 1-800 number for order status it said the order shipped on Dec 24 even thogh it was only Dec 21 when I called becuase that is the day it would reach the distribution center and actually ship to me( my order now shows shipped and is with FED EX). If you call the order status number(1-800-433-9014 ) and it gives you a shipped date that is the day it will actually ship.


    More Dell Delays

    I ordered a Studio Laptop in November and have just received a second delivery delay.

    I am now told that the expected arrival date is Jan. 7th. Over 6 weeks since I ordered.

    I have tried to talk to Dell Support, and after significant waits got shunted around without any more information.

    Dell is certainly doing its best to alienate old Dell customers.

    One would imagine that the least they could do is offer some discount to compensate.


    Hector W

  • carscheles

    Thank you very much glc12.  Much appreciated.

  • poikj

    Jingle bells! Jingle Bells! opps forgot..its still December, not January, I hope, when  I get my order!

    Is it too much to ask if when ordering, online, phone, etc to give a "approxiate" date of shipping before we finalize our purchase? At least it would be up front with us and not the "sneaky" surprise afterwards which leads to all sorts of anguish for both us, the comsumer and you who has to listen to us.

    As for me, I'm looking at a min of 45 days…if I'm lucky and if everything works as promised.

    The irony is that this is just a blog which I highly doubt if anyone with any decision-making powers within Dell actually pays attention to anyway!


  • Kaneusa

    I would like to just send an update. Originally I order a Wii Bundle package and it was suppose to be at my home before Christmas…I was not too happy, hence my previous blogs. 

    I would like to just update with a Thank You. I got a call from a Dell Rep and they canceled my order and broke the bundle package down so I could still get what I needed. So good job, and thank you again. I was suprised also to get a call from fed ex saying the order which I was suppsoe to get on the 28th, was now arriving today on the 24th at no charge.

    I will remain a Dell Customer for this act of kindness.

    A now happy customer

    Sandra Kane

  • Cobie is me

    Ok, I'll keep this short as it is very similar to you all.

    I ordered an Alienware system on the 23rd of Nov and was given a date of 31/12/09. I checked the order status regularly and it just said inproduction since i ordered it. I checked it  again the other day and it has been put back to Jan 29TH 2010! My Credit Card has already been charged and the amount paid for in Full which contradicts the Dell Website, as it states that the amount will not be charged untill the system is READY TO BE SHIPPED.

    After numerous phone calls and emails – which wern't replied to till 2 weeks later –  I have been told (once i spoke to a manager) that my system is waiting on a part and will be sent out as soon as it arrives. I was then told that my credit card had been charged because they have to do it within 21 days of the order being placed or the order will not be authorised…. or something along those lines which i think is a load of rubbish as i always have to authorise a payment of that size and as i am the one who ordered it i would know what it is for and allow it when the credit card company phoned me, (As I did when they phoned 2 weeks ago.)

    There is no Guarentee that Dell will not push back the EDD Further and Dell will not give me any form of discount or upgrade to compensate this inconvenience. They won't even throw in the Alienware Keyboard or mouse to keep me happy or refund the delivery charges. I also found ALL of this out for myself. Dell has not sent me any e-mails to tell me about the delay in my order or the fact that they had to take the money before it was completed. If they had sent me a very nice e-mail explaining it would be late due to part shortages I might not be so peeved. Conversly if they had offered to adapt my order to parts that they had instock to ensure quicker delivery, I might have even upgraded and payed EVEN MORE money for my system just to get it now, instead I am left waiting for e-mails that never arrive and phoning Call centers to speak to people who are not friendly and know NO MORE than what i can see for myself on the My Account section of the Dell site. Whats the point in a customer services department that can't HELP their customers?

    Fortunetly this system is for myself, so Christmas day Will see no crying faces OTHER than my own, however I am self employed and need the computer to work as my last one is fried! I chose Dell as they are a reputable company and i have bought successfully in the past, However i will not be recommending them any more after this experience. The one time i need a computer and fast  and pay a FORTUNE is the time they decide to muck me about. Well THANKS DELL! I'm now unable to work for more than 2 months and thats if you stick to the new delivery date. If it's not here by Then i will be Cancelling the order and Doing what i was going to do and build one myself. SILLY ME THINKING DELL COULD BUILD ONE QUICKER! In total Dell will have taken 9 weeks if they deliver by the 29th of January, which in my opinion is a joke! Especially for a system i have spent this much money on! I have had more contact about a couch i bought earlier this month than i have about this Dell order. The couch company seem to know that i WANT TO BE KEPT INFORMED! They Even phoned me to appologise for the driver getting stuck in the snow and promissed it would still arrive that day and it did. Why is it that Dell treat their customers like idiots. If this was any other company taking my money and giving me NOTHING in return INCLUDING information, I would assume that they were Fake and / or going bankrupt and need the money to pay suppliers.

    Dell have just lost one of their more loyal customers as i have always bragged about their systems and competance.Not anymore. Well doneDell, your loosing future customers as you can't please the ones you have, and if the delivery date is moved further back you will have lost this one too as i can't delay working forever.

    Merry Christmas.  Super Angry

  • daniel.mahadi



    I ordered a monitor on 20th dec 2009, dell actually quite quick on process the credit card and assembly. And it arrive at the port @ 22 dec 2009, and then i get a call from a guy, that tell me they will deliver @ 23 dec 2009 around 6pm – 10pm. So, I waited for 4 hours, It never show up. The next day, i emailed and call dell order support, they told me there is a security problem. They thought it was a fraud, but they had already process the payment, if there is any doubt on the purchase, should not dell call me to verify? Now they give me a lame excuses that every one went back for holiday, and it is 16.00 pm, that they promise me, they will ask the finance team call me today. Then they move my delivery date to 18 jan 2010. Come on dell, i need a monitor for my pc, so that i can web cam with my parents, when i am having holiday from my work. If, i need to wait that long, i might as well get from a shop near my house. It is so unprofessional, i work on service industry too, never see anything like this. This is awful.

  • KathGarvey

    I am also in the UK, and I ordered a Laptop,on the 26/11/2009  which I was told by the representive, that it would take 10 to 12 days. Of course the online shipping status said Estimated delivery was 01/01/2010, until today , Now the new Estimated delivery date is 09/02/2010……..What a joke !!!

    Luckily this was not a Christmas present. This was my first order with Dell, I can see it being my last.

  • fredat

    WOW!  Ordered the Sharp 47 inch TV and mounting bracket on 12-18-2009.  The online special was free shipping and I had a 15% off coupon code.   When I submitted the order neither discount registered.  I immediately called Dell only to be put into a FOUR hour telephone tag system in which supposedly no one could give me my discount or free shipping and NO ONE would cancel my order for me!  Finally a lady told me that this order would be cancelled and I could now just redo my order to get everything correct….and I believed her!!!  What a joke!!   I reordered both items and the price came out correct that time BUT they never canceled the first order as said.  Now they are saying that they will send me a label to return the first shippment…even though it hadn't been shipped yet…. they still insisted they cant cancel it.  BUT, one man said they will charge me a 15% restocking fee….although another lady said that no I wouldn't be charged any shipping or restocking….but now I find it hard to believe what I'm told. 

    Tonight, 12-24-2009, I got home from work to find two ice covered packages, that contain the mounting brackets, laying by my back door!  How do I return one of these that has the cardboard falling apart?  Lovely ice and snow storm here in the mid-west today!

    Dell must do something about their awful customer service.  The agents currently seem to be trained to put you on hold and send you to another agent that puts you on hold and routes your call then somewhere else to someone that can't help you.  My poor cell phone started to die and I had to plug it in to be able to keep trying to get this resolved!  As previously stated, with more than four hours of phone calls, on holds, and transfers to different agents,… none of them would cancel my order.  They kept saying they couldn't cancel an order, someone else had to. It then proceeded to,"it's in production now,we cant cancel".  Duh!  VERY INEPT!

    So, we shall see how this turns out.  At this point, I'm very dissappointed in Dell. 

    Freda,  USA 

  • karielees

    I ordered  an Inspiron 17 on NOVEMBER 28, supposedly to be delivered on Dec 14.  Just checked the status page, and it has been delayed for the fourth time and now not set to deliver until JANURARY 7, 2010!   I ordered an Inspiron 15 for my father for $500 less on Nov 30 and he received it by Dec14.  I sent a letter to Customer Support pointing out the falsehoods on their website about NOTIFYING the CUSTOMER when there will be a delay and asking what was going on and received NO response. 

    It's great that I found this post now.  Now that the link to the "Dell Holiday Card" is broken.

    Thanks for being pro-active, upfront, and the grand customer service DELL.  I will be sure to tell my friends how NOT wonderful you really are.

    Still waiting for a system,

  • IPmotion

    My first and last order here. Offered customer to order the same server to lower the price. Ordered and prePAID december, 9th. Quote from december, 8th with shipment confirmation for december, 17th. Planned migration from december 27th to december 31th. Confirmation then december 30th, now january, 8th. Migration stopped, job lost. Thanks to Dell. DELL Buchungsreferenz Nr. 237039856 Kundennummer: DE3257808 – Schlicker GmbH

  • azTRS80

    My tale of woe is quite different from what has been written here.  I have an Inspiron E1705 laptop that is still under warranty.  The computer suddenly started to heat up.  I called tech support and the sent a tech to my home to change the motherboard, heatsink and fan. The computer was still hot and I noticed that there was a bulge in the lid where the Dell logo is. I called Dell  again and was told that they would send me a refurbished computer equal or better since my computer was no longer made.  They are supposed to be sending me a Studio 1745,  I was very surprised and pleased with Dell.

    The replacement went into production on 12/11 without an estimated delivery date.  That is when the problems began.  The order status has never changed, nor have I heard from Dell about delivery.When calling customer service, after being on hold for at least 45 minutes, I have been given various delivery dates.  Some of the delivery or ship dates have passed and no computer. Emails are not answered. I think customer service gives me a date just to placate me.

    Is Dell going to replace the computer or not?  Has the order fallen in a black hole never to be seen again? All I ask for is truthful  communication from Dell and to be kept updated on the order status, but is seem that Dell is unable to do that.  No wonder their stock price has fallen and sales are flat/

  • helmsta

    Shame on you Dell!

    Ordered an Inspiron at December 1st 2009 and fully paid-up the system at the same date. This would be a christmas present for my daughter. In my point of view approximately 4 weeks should be more than enough to provide a customer with an ordinary system. 

    BTW: calling a dell support number, waiting one or two hours on the phone to get a human voice speaking broken german (and also broken english) and not to have a clue is absolutely not professional and scare of the most patient client.


  • azTRS80


    I believe the delay is caused by the fact that they do not have the 1080 display for the Studio 17 and do not have a date when they will be received from the manufacturer.  They were still selling them when our computers went into production.

    There would be so much less animosity toward Dell if they trained their customer service personnel to tell the truth and Dell would keep their customers informed.

  • geovannys

    I agree,  the one thing I cannot stand is when they tell me maybe a week maybe more!!!!  its like saying ….. YEA YEA the check is in the mail……

  • JuRoxx88

    I have been trying to place an order for my 4th Dell laptop (Studio 17) and I have been unable to do so because all of the components I want in my system (Blu-Ray Drive, Midnight Blue, etc.) are not being offered at the current time.  Hopefully, Dell will resolve these issues soon, because I gave my "older" laptop (Inspiron E1505) to my son for Christmas.  I had anticipated that I would have been able to order another system by now.

  • aanand

    Dell now outsources all its manufacturing to vendors like foxconn, compal etc. So I understand that some of these delays are not in Dell hands as the order is now pending on compal's side probably; but Dell should do a better job in managing customer's expectations and have better customer service. If the order cannot be fulfilled in a stipulated time frame then don't advertise otherwise. I think what most of the customers feel hurt about is the fact that they were misled. I placed my order on Dec 1st and its still in production. The revised estimated delivery date is 1/5/2010 but everyone knows that is improbable since it will take 7 days after shipping alone.

  • david_in_tn

    I am amazed at how far down the commercial commode Dell's CS has gone – purchased a high end XPS 730 gaming desktop from them a year ago… started having some issues with fan cycling (since this is a liquid cooled system, it was a bit disturbing) in October and got Dell tech support involved (in retrospect, the beginning of the end…)… after Dell tech support dialed in and fried the motherboard, and two subsequent motherboards, the decision was made to replace the system (around the beginning of December)… for reasons completely unknown to me (besides the simplest, complete incompetence…) it took Dell until 12 Dec to create a 'dispatch' then until 21 Dec to create an actual order… mind you, said order is sans delivery date – still… at this point, I have resigned myself to a routine of make the morning coffee, call Dell for my daily dose of excuses, finish my coffee with Dell-focused profanity laced invective, to the great amusement of my cat…

    It is inconceivable to me what Dell is currently attempting to pawn off as an illusion of customer service – granted, if they ever actually ship the system that is showing up specced in my 'order status' then I will have a system that is a bit superior to my XPS 730 (especially considering the XPS's current state of abysmal deadness) but it has taken me over 2 months (thus far) of phone calls and interminable wrangling just to get to this point – bad form, Dell.

    As many prior posters, I was previously a huge Dell fan, having owned 5 laptops that, for the most part performed very well. This particular debacle disguised as 'customer care' has definitely made other vendors significantly more attractive, however. At this point, I am beginning to wonder if I will have the theoretical replacement system before the end of January… it's a shame – I can remember back when "Dude! You're getting a Dell!" was cause for excitement, not code for "Drop trou and try to relax – this may hurt…"

  • deanzt

    Time for an update. I posted a while back about my delayed alienware. It has been a quite a saga so I'll recap the dates. The computer has been marked as 'in production' for all this time – I've had no notification of any of the EDD changes.

    Order placed: 14th November

    Estimated Delivery 1: 21st December

    Card charged: 7th December (yahoo Smile – must be ready I thought…… WRONG! Angry)

    Estimated delivery 2: 1st January

    Estimated delivery 3: 29th January

    Getting information from dell regarding this order is like pulling teeth. I'm getting the feeling that I will get my alienware….. by xmas 2010! Can it really take 2.5 months to build this computer. All I've been offered is a 15% off voucher on future electronics (that doesn't seem to work on all electronics but thats another matter). Does dell really think that I'm likely to order again from a company that takes money without giving you anything in return.

    It is poor practice at best and criminal at worse that DELL are
    obtaining interest etc on MY money (and it is mine until they send me
    what I paid for).

    Is anyone at Dell reading these. Or is it easier for them to cover their ears and pretend we're not here!

  • david_in_tn

    the hits just keep on coming…

    still cannot get a straight answer from "customer care" – and still no estimated delivery date – apparently a week is simply not enough time for the dell machine to churn out anything but "data temporarily unavailable"… gotta wonder how dell would feel if they got the same answer when they tried to run customer's credit cards through…

    if not the worst service ever, easily in the top 3… phenomenally bad, dell – way to go…

  • geovannys

    They deleted my post …I guess they didnt want to hear me say that I was going to call the BBB or their Corp offices or tell my company which buys thousands of laptops from them every year




  • Switchback700

    Add me to the list of totally frustrated customers. My story is the same as everyone else here. False delivery dates, order delayed 4 times, so long it became obsolete, re-order with the promise of quick turn around and delivery by Christmas, and guess what…….. YEP……. now this order has been bumped to Jan 4th. I fully expect a delay on that date too. My original order was Oct 4th! 3 months and still no laptop! I don't know why I am even waiting for this one. This has got to have some practices going on that are not L*E*G*A*L* Their offshore customer support and newly offshore production lines seem to be working real well for them. 

     “Our business is about technology, yes, but it’s also about operations and customer relationships.” – Michael Dell"

     What a total joke Michael! Great business choices you've made that seem to be running your business into the toilet.

  • Switchback700

      Here's the latest update…………of course the second delay on my second order (up to 6 delays now since my first order date of Oct 3rd) I send another email voicing my disgust on this whole nightmare. Later in the day I check the order online and SURPRISE my order has now gone from delayed  to shipped………… Dell? I've actually almost passed the point of being upset to the point of just surrendered exhaustion. I now have quite a few comparable computers from A*C*E*R, A*S*U*S, H*P, T*O*S*H*I*B*A, and others that actually have their product in stock that I am ready to purchase, It's just that I've gone this long I might as well wait out this game Dellseems to be playing with it's customers…………this will be the last time I ever deal with Dell!

  • poohstickz

    Like many, my order was due several weeks before Christmas. It too magically kept changing dates moving towards 2010 and I received no notification of delay. My emails to customer service only received the "we normally respond within 24 hours" email but no answer. Even my email to cancel the order was ignored.

    I called multiple times and kept gaving up after being on hold for hours. Eventually I decided I needed to take action. Here's the deal.

    • Dell is ignoring these emails we are sending to them.
    • Dell has deactivated their email process to notify customers of delays
    • The message when you call in to the call centre shows that they are aware of issues.
    • Dell isn't responding to the issues here but is reading the posts.

    The obvious conclusion has to be that Dell is making is hard for all of us to get answers and hopes for us to get frustrated and give up.

    So, if you guys feel that this is unacceptable way to run a business, then get on the 'phone and cancel your order. Heck, I managed it in under two hours. I know it's a long time but now it's post-Christmas I expect the delays are shorter.

    Write to your congressman, senator, MP, local politician, newspaper etc. Those are the people that can give this issue the publicity that it deserves. Unless people do that, we're just venting but nothing is going to happen.

  • meechigan

    I placed my order on 11/28 for a Dell 17 in laptop and am on the fourth estimated delivery date, 12/14, 12/21, 12/30 and now 1/5.

    It's frustrating because Dell is accepting orders that they are not able to fulfill and they expect their customers to sit by until they get their inventory in order.  Most of us ordered a computer because we wanted it or needed it for a specific purpose.  I understand minor delays but this is ridiculous and a bad business practice. 

    Dell has not sent any updates or options for modifying the order which they are unable to fulfill.  If the world is running out of high capacity hard drives, then perhaps Dell should not sell computers configured to have those unavailable parts. 

    What Dell is apparently losing sight of is that they are creating a bad reputation with old customers that have stuck with them and new customers that are making their first and now last purchase.  They are not the only computer manufacturer and seem to be losing sight of the fact that trustworthiness is important as is being forthright with their customers. 


  • sjs9145

    Good advise, yesterday I started searching for consumer protection web sites where I can post about the frustrating manner Dell is treating it's paying customers.

    Better communication on the part of Dell in letting people know where orders actually stand would reduce the frustration significantly and people might actually be willing to wait as well as understanding of the problem from Dell's perspective. Keeping customers in the dark only serves to increase the frustration and motivate them to cancell as I have zero idea when I will really get the laptop I have ordered.

    This is my first custom ordered laptop experience and probably my last. What was I thinking I should have just bought off the shelf at a retail store.

  • netastophales

    20091228—- update I called Customer Care again. My Rep was not in so I talked to someone else (great guy really clear speaker, totally patient). I told him that I thought that my Vid card might be the problem with my configration (the Nvidia 260) since they do not make them anymore. He suggested I talk to Sales and check in to reconfiguring my order. Long story short 3 hours later I find out my configuration was indeed the problem. The 525 watt (or something) PSU could not handle the Vid card. So we upped the powersupply to the 825 and then I found out that the 500gb HD was not in stock either, so we upgraded that. I also noticed that my card is now the Nvidia 295. Anways we got everything checked and configured, and placed a new order. The difference in configuration was about $130. He transferred me to CS where i left a message to my Rep. I got a call back about 5 hours later, she got me a coupon to use on the site that almost covers the gap, and also upgraded my shipping. I hope that this is the end to my troubles. My new estimated delivery date was initially the 21st, but it has already changed to the 18th. For once…. movement in the right direction….. If you have an older order like this….. consider changing it…. Talk to someone… DO NOT DO IT ONLINE….. The reps have views that the online store does not. If you have the time to be on the phone then this is the way to go to get it right.

  • niki0218

    Well, Mr. Menchaca, I can assure you that my issue of delivery has nothing to do with the "industry constraints" but to pout it simply POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. We purchased a Sony TV from Dell on 12/16 and it was delivered by 12/21…this was outstanding and I did send an email to sayb how I did appreciate the fast delivery.  However, one day later, the TV did not work.  After calling Dell and being told I needed to call Sony, and being told by Sony that Dell would have to assist me, I finally got a CSR on the line that had the audacity to ask me what I wanted from Dell???!!! How about a TV with a picture?  So, after advising what it was that I needed from Dell, I was told the new"TV would be reveiced in 3-5 days.  YOUR website stated delievery will be 12/29 (approximate) and Pilot Delivery's site sats 12/31-1/8/2010.  What in the WORLD is the hold up on a TV I already paid for?  Yiu sold me a broken Item as it is, it's not delivered when your rep says it will be, AND NOW I am being invoiced for a wrong price? 

    What in thw worls is going on over there? I have sent requests for information to Dell with out so much as a reply….i will NEVER do business with Dell again-not with Best Buy right down the street…I can get shoddy custoemr service but nhave my TV replaced the same day!

    Totally and complketely unhappy with Dell!



  • adasan

    Don't follow Lionel's advice of canceling and ordering fast tracked system.  Customer service canceled my original order for me, due to delay,  and gave slight upgrade to the fast tracked system.  Fast tracked was ordered Dec. 7 and has now been delayed for the 8th time.   Original est arrival was Dec. 7.  Now Jan 5.   Fast track,?? my behind.  NO MORE DELL'S FOR ME!!!

  • adasan

    And quit rubbing my nose in it with the emails every other day flaunting your great 48 hour delivery!!!

  • sjs9145

    Very well said! Trustworthiness is my issue, like you I just got delayed again from 12-30 to 1-7 and am having a difficult time putting any faith at all on that new date. This is my first experience with a custom ordered laptop and if I ever do it again it will probably not be with Dell.

  • azTRS80

    I am still waiting for my Studio 1745.  The order was placed by tech support on 11/27 since my Inspirion E1705 which is under warranty cannot be fixed. I have gotten ship dates of 12/18, 12/24, 12/30. 1/14 and 1/18.  I spoke to tech support today since I noticed that my order detail showed 2 processors.  He fixed that error.  He told me that replacement computers take 3 to 4 weeks to ship.  Of course, that time has passed since there are several parts that they are waiting for.  He told me he would expedite the order.  I will believe that when I see it.  Why has Dell not contacted people who are waiting for computers.  If parts are not available it is possible that customers would change the order to get faster delivery.  I just hope I get the computer before the 4th of July.  Very poor service on Dell's part.


  • sosgri

    Hi, I ordered on 29 December 2009, and got the same EDD as you, however I say it is far too slow!

  • chandler3

    After calling Dell 5 times and waiting on hold 30 minutes each time, Dell has finally shipped my order.  Waiting over a month for a computer is standard in today's world.  My DILEMMA now is whether to RETURN my order or not.   I just don't want to own a dell anymore.  I don't want to support a company that don't care about its customers.  However, I'm concerned that they won't give me my money back after the return.  I don't have any more time to call its horrendus customer service department to follow up on the refund.

    One thing for sure, I won't buy any more Dell products again.

  • chandler3

    I mean: waiting over  a month is NOT standard…

  • mduttko

    I agree with all of you. Dell will never see my business again. Went online, chose all the options provided, understood my order would be recieved a week after christmas, and was ok with that. The mouse showed up in two days. Six days before christmas, Dell calls to say "oops, we're sorry, we cant make your computer."  SIX DAYS!!!!! The woman on the phone starts telling me I could have a smaller moniter, or no BD drive, Explained there was a reason why I ordered what I did. Anyway. Was just about over my anger, when Dell sends me an email to rate the mouse. NO COMPUTER TO USE IT WITH!!!!!! Thanks, though, my son enjoyed his useless mouse for christmas.

  • Kiko514

    Hello Lionel… I received my XPS 8000 today, 5 days earlier than my EDD.  I know others have had unsatisfactory delays in their orders, but I have to say that my personal experience was excellent.

    Can you address the reason the 8000 has been taken off the website for ordering?  Is it because Dell still has a backlog of 8000 orders to fill, or that this model is being replaced with something else?

    Thanks and Happy New Year,


  • HobbesGTS

    Yay, the Studio 1745 I ordered on 12/1 came with an estimated delivery date of 12/29, then 1/6, and today it changed to 1/13.  I tried calling to find out why its delayed and customer support is worthless.  I emailed Dell through the contact us link and I get an automated response back 24 hours later that didn't answer any of my questions.

    I just want this laptop I ordered ASAP!  This was supposed to be a christmas present for my fiance and I had to give her a picture of the laptop for her present with the promise of a 1/6 delivery.  Now I have tell her its going to be even longer!  Is Dell just pulling these estimated delivery dates out of no where?

  • disappointedx24

    Lionel, that's just a whole bunch of excuses for a disorganized business. I ordered a Mac on the same day which was delivered 2 days later, free shipping. 

     We finally cancelled our order after it had been delayed twice by not giving our permission to continue with the order as directed by Dell. Following is part of that email. I think we all need to contact the BBB and the FTC.

    Your order has been delayed again and we need your permission today to continue
    processing your order or it will be automatically canceled
    (as required by the Federal Trade Commission).

  • disappointedx24

    Sad to see Dell's terrible customer service and the excuses for it Lionel. 

    We cancelled our order after it had been delayed twice by not giving our permission as directed by Dell. Following is part of that email. They just shipped it today.  I think we all need to contact the BBB and the FTC.

    Your order has been delayed again and we need your permission today to continue
    processing your order or it will be automatically canceled
    (as required by the Federal Trade Commission).

  • Gary_F1

    I ordered 2 business critical servers for $7000 a piece. The delivery time went up and up and now it's a total of a 6 weeks wait. Servers used to take just 1 week to build so a 600% increase in delivery times is bad news.

    Some parts of the order arrived 4 weeks before the servers (which I'm still waiting for) and that means the warranty on the whole order will be inconsistent and have effectively lost 4 weeks of the warranty. Dell should offer me a full warranty on *ALL* parts of the order from the date the last parts arrive at my door. It's the very least they can do. Maybe a generous coupon off my next order may give me an incentive buy Dell again. Who knows. This episode has ruined our project schedule.



    Best. Christmas. Ever. Got myself ready to transition my preferred platform for gaming to PC, and now I'm sitting here in the cold getting disappointed each time I check my e-mail a week before the estimated delivery date. If it weren't for the deal I got, I would've canceled and not suffer this whole fiasco.

    To be honest, I would not be surprised if I got another e-mail and it said "Estimated Delivery Date TBD". 

    Ordered my Studio XPS 8000 on 11/26/09.

    EDD: 12/3.  12/21. 12/30. 1/07/2010. 1/14/2010… ?


  • poohstickz
  • Jim the Texas CPA

    Dell has completely destroyed its credibility both with consumers and mid sized business owners. We ordered a Dell Network Server (runs the entire business computer system,) with a promised delivery date of December 29th. Well it was only the promised date until we provided payment and submitted the order…then the delivery date magicly moved back 30 days to 6 weeks after order. Dell is lying to customers to get sales and pump up its 4th quarter results (anyone awake out there at the SEC?). Once as a customer you find out Dell has done a bait and switch on delivery promises they refuse to cancel the order without a 15% restocking fee. I can promise our 15 employee company will never use Dell again…and we're in Texas where they're based.

  • MungieCake

    I placed an order on the 11th of November for a Studio 17 complete
    with 1080p screen and i7 820qm processor.  I was given a delivery date
    of 12/11/09.  I though it was a bit strange that a company the size of
    Dell, would need an entire month to build and deliver a laptop, but
    decided to go ahead with the order anyways, as this laptop seems to
    have most of the features I'm looking for, at a fairly reasonable

    I was more than willing to cut them a bit of slack as I knew the i7
    processor was/is still pretty new and supply could be a bit low.  Not a
    huge deal I thought.  I could wait a month….

    Having said that, I SPECIFICALLY asked, that if (for any reason) my
    order was to be delayed, that someone from Dell notify me of the delay
    via an email or a phone-call (which ever), so that I'd at least know
    not to miss a day of work to be home to sign for a delivery, that
    wasn't even going to be delivered that day.


    The Dell representative told me it was policy to notify the customer
    anyways if there was a problem with the order and that I shouldn't
    worry about it.

    On the 11th of December, I got up and checked my email.  No messages
    from Dell about any delays and no phone calls either.  Their website
    still had 12/11/09 as the delivery date so I decided to take the day
    off work to be home when the package arrived.


    By 5:00pm that afternoon, it was obvious my order was not going to be delivered. Wonderful.  There goes a day's pay… Super Angry

    After being put on hold for nearly an hour, I finally get around to
    speaking to a  Dell rep, who explains to me that the reason my order
    didn't show up, was because (drum roll please) it had been "delayed" !!!

    As if I hadn't already figured that part out for my self.  Boy was I
    glad I spent an hour of my life waiting on hold, just to be told
    something I already knew.  


     I was given a new date of  delivery, 12/18/09 – and once more, I
    specifically asked to be notified if my order was going to be delayed a
    second time. I  was told not to worry as it was Dell policy to contact
    its customers and let them know of any any problems.   Apparently, it
    was just a "slight mix-up" that I hadn't been contacted the first


    On the morning of 12/18/09, I took the day off to be home to accept
    and sign for the delivery. (Looking back now, I guess it was my own
    stupid fault for making the same mistake twice)

    Again, the day came and went and nothing was delivered.  Checking
    Dell's website, I noticed that there was no longer any information in
    regards to my order.   "Information temporarily unavailable" is all it
    said.  I called Dell a second time and after 50min, of being on hold, I
    was told my laptop didn't arrive because it had been delayed.


     No explanation as to why Dell failed to notify me of the delay for
    a second time.  Once again,  I left my email address and 2 contact
    numbers for Dell to get a hold of me and practically begged them to at
    least send me an email and notify notify me if there were going to be
    any more delays from here on out…

    I was given a 3rd and final delivery date.  12/29/09 this time, and
    told that was an absolute "WORST CASE SCENARIO" date and that I'd most
    likely receive the laptop "WAY BEFORE THAT…" – Good, I thought.  At
    least I'll have it before the end of the year.


    On 12/28/09 I decided to call up Dell and find out if my laptop
    was ready to be shipped, as the only was I'd get it ffor the 3rd delivery date
    (12/29/09) was if it was shipped out on the 28th..  Dell's website still says
    "Temporarily no information available" and has been that way for a

    It's a good thing I phoned since (not surprisingly) my order was
    delayed yet AGAIN!  Only this time, instead of giving me another
    delivery date, I was told to check the Dell website in January 2010 to
    see if there were any updates on my order and to see if there was any
    new delivery date.  Wonderful. Dell isn't even bothering to give me
    anymore delivery dates as apparently, they have no idea when my order
    will be shipped. 


    Had I not phoned them, I would not have known about the 3rd delay
    and would have missed a 3rd day of work because of it.   How hard is it
    to send a customer an email letting them know an order's been delayed? 
    Seriously.  This is just bad customer service.  Plain and simple.


    It's the 1st of January 2010, I still have no updates on my order, its progress, or even why it's been delayed so many times.  I've emailed Dell 3 times now without a single response back from them.


    My patience has completely run out at this point and I ask to be
    transferred to someone who can cancel my order.  I'm then told that I'm
    not allowed to cancel, since my order is "in production" and that I'd
    have to wait until it arrives and send it back but that I'd be looking
    at having to pay "re-stocking" fee's.

    I'm so upset right now, it's not even funny.  I have no idea how
    Dell has become as large a company as it's become with such horrible
    customer service.  Hmm


    Worse yet, now I've come to find out that there are hundreds of
    posts/threads in regards to Studio 17's breaking down.  Failed mother
    boards, i7 processors, overheating etc. etc and that many others are in
    the same boat I'm in and are having their orders delayed again and
    again. Indifferent

    I don't even know what to say anymore…



    Thank you Dell.  What a way to start off a new year.

  • azTRS80

    There are 2 reasons that might explain why your computer is delayed, but they don't explain Dell's lack of communication.  I am waiting for a Studio 1745 with the  1080p display and can't get a ship date.  The computer was ordered 11/27 and went into production on 12/11.  If you check what is available to order for the 1745 the 1080 display is not listed and longer.  They may be having a problem with delivery of them.  If this is the case people should be informed.  Also, on the forum threads there is a thread where people are complaining that the i7 processors are burning out after a day or so of use.  That could be another problem.   Customer Service is less than useless.

  • Terryvel

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who is absolutely fed up with dell.  its not so much the delays that annoyed me, but the fact that I'm not allowed to change my order.  if the computer, in all likelyhood, hasn't even begun being built, why can I not change my order, it makes absolutely no sense. 

    I've put together computers before, and it only takes a few hours, with software installation, maybe a day on the extreme outside.  so why is it impossible for an order to be changed?  Why if I decided after my initial order to upgrade the network card, is that an issue? in this day and age of information sharing, how is it possible that a system spec cannot change? I doubt highly that it was carved in stone, or ever written down for that matter.  it angers me so greatly that I had to order the network card separately and that it is sitting on my desk in a box while I'm lead to believe that the only company facing "Industry Wide Supply Issues" lets my order sit quietly on a list someplace. 

    I know I'm just a small fish in this pond, but I'm certain, this will be the last dell I ever buy.  and if this is the level of customer service I can expect, I'm so very glad I didn't spring for the extra warranty coverage.

  • marynoel13


       These comments may be of interest to someone out in the Community, I ordered a expensive Dell system back in last month, I did receive it a month later. When I did; the tower was "Defective". One of the systems did not operate, I contacted tech. Support, Customer Service, and have a number of Ref's #'s. I still sit with a Defective system out of the box. I have tryed everything to get this unit replace with a diffent system. Well as I said:: I am still waiting. Anyone have any suggestions? The unit I requested as a replacement is one step "Below" the current one.  Still waiting!!!

  • mkbob

    I am in the same boat as the rest of you. I ordered my desktop no 11/28 and with a promise it would be here BY 12/18 because it was a Christmas present for my 8 & 5 year old, their main present. In addition to each child received a software that is age appropriate. On 12/18 I went online to see that it had been delayed until 12/28. I called them and received horrible customer service. Rude, didn't answer my questions and had a canned reply for me but he stated that 12/28 is the LATEST it could be there. Before 12/28 I received another delay to 1/6 and now it isn't even close to that date and I've already been notified it is delayed AGAIN to 1/13. So I call again and received the same terrible customer service.

    They should have to keep telling my children that their present is delayed for another week-THE FOURTH TIME SO FAR!  The box of software means nothing since they don't understand why they can't play with it.

    I'm a former IT Director for a school district that was all Apple. I spent thousands of dollars to build their first pc lab and had all Dell's installed, not to mention I have ordered 3-4 and ordered that same amount for friends and family. Guess what? I will now be the proud owner of a great HP unit by the end of this week. I let them know my frustrations and they said they are getting numerous new customers daily because of Dell's 'BAD SANTA" operation. I asked Dell to do something for return and they say there is nothing but on the blog I see that there is a gift card-but the link does not work. Wow! Imagine that!

    I've read some other blogs that state the cancellation of my "never received" is awful so I'll update you on this. Going to call right now.


  • meechigan

    An earlier poster had mentioned a 30-day rule for mail orders which this should fall under.  I did a search and found the following link:

    It looks like unless they receive permission from you to go beyond the "reasonable" 30 days to provide the merchandise, that you should be able to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

  • wareneckian

    They sent my order right away. Problem is, they sent the wrong item.

    Try getting anyone at Dell to care.

    I telephoned, was on hold for 20 mins, was transferred twice and eventually disconnected.

    So I emailed (the Dell Web site says response to a report of a "wrong item" generally should occur in less than 12 hours).

    I have emailed three times and have received only automated responses.

    This is a big disappointment, as I have been a Dell customer for a long time and am sorry to see their customer service sink to the pits.

    Next step is to notify my credit card company, then say "Farewell, Dell."

  • mjsknoxville

    Ordered a Dell XPS 8000 on 11/27/09. Delivery has been delayed two times to 01/11/10. Order Status still says "in production", the same notice posted unchanged since 11/27. No information, no news, no nothing on the real status, except an automated phone message and an e-mail from Dell on the second delay requiring me to notify them the same day to not cancel order. Now that's a great way to treat your customer!

    Dell, if you care or are watching, please notify those of us waiting for computers as to the real status of the machines you say are "in production". If you can send e-mails for avoiding order cancellation, you can send e-mails informing us of what's going on.

    Found the following on Dell's Site this morning after noticing the XPS 8000 is no longer offered for sale on the website:


    Looking for the Studio XPS 8000?
    We're sorry! That product is no longer available
    Please check out the powerful Studio XPS 9000 desktop, with the latest Core i7 technology!

    Anyone know why they discontinued this machine?



  • paul551

    I sent you (Chief Blogger) a dm complaint last 30 September about several issues with my Notebook being delivered late with at least 2 major faults on arrival rendering it unfit for purpose, and my original complaint, request for a complaint ref no and repair under the sold '2 year onsite next-business-day International Warranty' being repeatedly ignored.

    Your reply said you will help resolve my complaint.  Since then I have dm'd you 4 reminders, the last on 17 December.  I had hoped by this xmas you would have taken action to resolve my complaint and either fix the Notebook or as I have never enjoyed benefit of a new Notebook fit for purpose, replace it with a new model of equivalent or better spec.

    In your published interviews I heard your purpose in creating Dell's blogsite was to resolve customers complaints and so restore customer confidence in Dell.   However, on a recent look, you seem to blog more time trumpeting Dell's successes, leaving independant blogs eg. 31 December to report angry customers.

    In absence of your reply to reminders, on 30 Dec I tried posting my full complaint on Dell's blogsite, but as critics of Dell's 'blog' pointed out, highly censored to give only an illusion of resolving complaints.

    I told you after over 30 emails to Dell's India operation trying to get service, I had lost all confidence in the competance and integrity of Dell's Indian office who appeared intent on suppressing my original complaint at time of purchase, and asked that you ensure my complaint is treated at the highest level by a named person in the CEO's Office at Dell HQ who will take OWNERSHIP of the problem.

    I hope you can assure me Dell's higher management do indeed respond to resolve customer complaints as per many public interviews and do not practice the publicly discredited practices of their Indian office.

  • paul551

    Lionel:  I sent you a dm complaint last 30 September about several issues with my Notebook being delivered late with at least 2 major faults on arrival rendering it unfit for purpose, and my original complaint, request for a complaint ref no and repair under the sold '2 year onsite next-business-day International Warranty' being repeatedly ignored.

    Your reply said you will help resolve my complaint.  Since then I have dm'd you 4 reminders, the last on 17 December.  I had hoped by this xmas you would have taken action to resolve my complaint and either fix the Notebook or as I have never enjoyed benefit of a new Notebook fit for purpose, replace it with a new model of equivalent or better spec.

    In your published interviews I heard your purpose in creating Dell's blogsite was to resolve customers complaints and so restore customer confidence in Dell.   However, on a recent look, you seem to blog more time trumpeting Dell's successes, leaving independant blogs eg. 31 December to report angry customers.

    In absence of your reply to reminders, on 30 Dec I tried posting my full complaint on Dell's blogsite, but as critics of Dell's 'blog' pointed out, highly censored to give only an illusion of resolving complaints.

    I told you after over 30 emails to Dell's India operation trying to get service, I had lost all confidence in the competance and integrity of Dell's Indian office who appeared intent on suppressing my original complaint at time of purchase, and asked that you ensure my complaint is treated at the highest level by a named person in the CEO's Office at Dell HQ who will take OWNERSHIP of the problem.

    I hope you can assure me Dell's higher management do indeed respond to resolve customer complaints as per many public interviews and do not practice the publicly discredited practices of their Indian office.

  • david_in_tn

    bravo, J – well done, sister

    for what it is worth, HP makes excellent printers, in my humble opinion


  • karielees

    "I ordered an Inspiron 17 on NOVEMBER 28, supposedly to be delivered on Dec 14. Just checked the status page, and it has been delayed for the fourth time and now not set to deliver until JANUARY 7, 2010!"

    It's now NOT expected until JAN 14 (at the earliest).  Maybe there is a typo in their system and they really intended to say 2011.

  • Weedyruns

    Just needing to vent about my Dell "Christmas present  experience" in what I think is a rational fashion.

    With customer orders , component parts inventories and lead times, production times, shipping time, etc…all being in the computer, anyone in business would expect that Dell should be able to fairly accurately be able to project delivery dates. This is the basis of JIT (just in time) delivery used by much of industry today…there's nothing magical or difficult about it. It's hard to believe a computer company isn't at the cutting edge of this type of production control. When orders exceed anticipated parts deliveries, you simply note on the order page that "selection of this component might affect delivery time", allowing buyers to either accept the delay, or select alternate components.

    Of course in the real world, suppliers sometimes fail to live up to commitments. Most companies have alternate suppliers which can be called on to cover needs in these cases. Trying to be civil, if I assume this was the case with my order (and from the sounds of it, many more), the question I ask is "What reasonable steps should Dell have taken when they realized they could not meet the commitments they made when accepting my (or others) orders?"

    The main thing would be to contact the customer, and inform them there is a delay to their order, explain why it has been delayed, and explain their options. There are numerous options, but the two obvious ones are 1) to accept the delay and the new delivery date, or 2) to allow the order to be cancelled. DO NOT give customers the line that the order is "In production", because while that may be Dell's order status, it is an outright lie. I still visualize the netbook I ordered for my wife sitting partially completed on an assembly station waiting three weeks for that one missing component…no, my imagination isn't nearly vivid enough to really believe that. Other options might be give the customer a substitute item or a component(s) which would alleviate the delay. And yes, sweetening the deal with a better item or component at the same price might be a reasonable gesture on Dell's part. Note that the delay is not the customers fault, if due to issues with Dell's suppliers, from a customer perspective it is still Dell's problem for not working with reliable suppliers.

    How did it really go down with my order and subsequent cancellation?

    It started with a Black Friday special, ordered just after midnight in case quantities were limited.  I anticipated limited…I failed to anticipate non-existent. The "expected delivery date" was Dec. 18.

    First was the somewhat cryptic message a couple days later about a problem with my order. After the standard 30+ minute hold, I got a service rep who had to transfer me to Dell Credit related to my new Preferred Account (oh yeah, Dell closed my old one without notifying me). Another 10 minutes on hold (reasonable) and this was resolved.

    The next call about a problem with my order was answered by my wife. She (and I) have a problem with being called, only to be placed on hold. After 25 minutes she gave up. Since she answered the call, I didn't have a callback number. A few days later, got a "problem with your order message", but no one was home, so their computer left a message on mine. I called back, and after 40+ minutes, was assured that there was no problem with my order.

    This scenario was repeated twice more. The latter being on Dec. 13. With 5-7 day shipping, this was the last day to ship and still meet the expected delivery date. I was assured by the rep that my order was still ok for delivery on or before Dec. 18, as the ship time was only 3-5 days. They were unable to explain why I was receiving repeated phone calls as to "a problem with my order". At this point I could clearly see the handwriting on the wall, and I asked to talk to the rep's supervisor. I was informed he didn't have a supervisor. He transferred me to another department that had a supervisor (tech service), of course they couldn't help me with my problem. Oh yeah, they do have supervisors….just another blatant lie. Oh, and I shouldn't forget the two emails to Dell Customer service via their web page. These are supposedly are typically answered within 24 hours. At this point one of mine was over a week old and the second 3 days, with no answer to either.

    At that point I could see that this battle could not be won with conventional warfare, customer service was either clueless, or were following instructions to mislead customers. An email I sent late Dec. 13 directed to a high ranking corporate official (not too hard to guess an address) was apparenlty routed to the Customer Resolution Dept. The morning of the Dec. 14, less than 12 hours after being ASSURED my order was on time, the new expected delivery date on the Dell web page was now after Christmas, Dec. 29. My email did however have an effect, my wife got a call on Dec. 14, the Customer Resolution rep indicated that my order was delayed, but he would try to expedite for a Dec. 21 delivery. My wife was probably a bit less than civil with him, but he wasn't helpful either when she asked to talk to someone in the USA.  I tried calling this rep from work the next day. After staying at work an extra hour waiting for him to return call, I returned home to find he had called there rather than my direct in work number which I had left! Of course it was then "outside normal office hours" by the time I got home.

    Any confidence in Dell, their ability to deliver, and their customer service was gone at this point. Needing to get this resolved so I could proceed with alternate Christmas plans, I went back to the regular Dell Service that evening. After a 28 minute wait (better than average), I got a rep, gave him my order number, and I explained that Dell was unable to provide my computer by Christmas, so I needed to cancel my order. Ten seconds of silence, and he hung up on me. (expletives not included here…use your imagination).

    So back on hold, this time for 54 minutes. Would you believe I got a customer service rep who actually listened to me and seemed to care. He looked up my case file, which I assume showed the Customer Resolution contact, and indicated he'd have to pass me on to his manager for resolution. Yes, I was skeptical. He came back on the line after 5 minutes, said the manager was still on another line, and that I could continue to hold or the manager could call me back withing 24 hours…I waited, and in only a couple more minutes the manager came on, and my "un-cancelable In Production" order was cancelled.

    It's really sad. I sit here typing on one of 3 Dell computers in my house, and it's probably the last one I'll own. Simple courtesy to a customer, notifying them of an order delay early, and giving me options at that time, might have kept me as a Dell customer. Instead, it was an ugly experience, my wife did not get the netbook she wanted for Christmas, and I can't imagine ever ordering from Dell again. I know one customer lost is not a big deal for Dell…but when you figure how many people I've talked to about my experience, and how many they may talk to, I guess I can see why Dell is losing market share.

  • Weedyruns

    After reading all these comments, it give new meaning to "Christmas in July"!

  • Weedyruns

    After reading all these comments, it gives new meaning to "Christmas in July"!

  • wpaxt

    My son ordered his Aurora system 11/07/09.  Ship date 12/16/09.  Delayed to Jan. 5.  Delayed to Jan. 11th.

    We canceled last week.  Talked to sales, customer assistance & 2
    managers, each ran a report & could not explain the delay.  My son,
    after a perusal of the Internet forums, opted to cancel the deal,
    especially when he saw that Dell/Alienware was selling his same system
    with upgrades & he still had not yet received his system.  Can't
    say that I blame him.

    Wrote an email to Michael at Dell complaining about this nightmare. 
    If you have tried this it does not go to him but instead goes to a
    customer rep.  The gentlemen I spoke to was apologetic but explained
    that there was probably a parts shortage.  He did nothing to renew my
    faith in Dell/Alienware and did not try to keep me as a customer.

    My feeling on this is that the reason for the delay is rather
    obvious.  Dell/Alienware is selling what they are not even
    manufacturing.  This parts shortage is baloney.  It's like deficit
    financing in motion pictures.  Once you raise enough money from  the
    "pre-sale" then you make the picture.  Same here with Dell/Alienware. 
    I mean, come on.  Have you ever heard of Honda delaying production of
    Accords because they were short windshield wiper assemblies or turn
    signals?  Of course not.  Dell/Alienware is being completely dishonest
    with the consumer.  Their "build" stage should be renamed "delay the
    customer until we can get the cash to buy the parts."  When the
    components of their machines are readily available for purchase by
    individual consumers then you know something is not on the up &
    up.  What Dell/Alienware is doing is raising cash to buy parts to build
    machines, all under the auspices of "parts shortages."  The FTC should
    nail these guys.

    For those of you who have ordered and are staying the course with
    Dell/Alienware, I think that you will eventually get your machines. 
    Bummer is that by the time you get them Dell/Alienware will be selling
    new systems with upgrades for the same price that you bought your now
    outdated machine.  Really stinks, doesn't it?


  • enguerran

    Do not forget to wait a while, they respond. Just wait a while.

  • enguerran

    Je trouve qu'il y a beaucoup  de messages de consommateurs peu contents (et c'est une euphémisme !).

    Faut-il que nous nous organisions en association loi 1901 pour faire une action groupée ? Je pense.

    Ma commande a été passée le 29 nov. 2009.

    L'EDD était fixée au 07 jan. 2010.

    Le 21 déc. 2009, la facture a été débitée.

    L'EDD a été ensuite décalée au 05 fév. 2010.

    La mise en demeure avec AR a été envoyée le 04 jan. 2010.

    Quelqu'un connait-il une association pour une action groupée contre les pratiques de Dell ?


    I think there are many messages of consumers just happy (and it is a euphemism!).

    Should us need to organize in association law 1901 for a group action? I think.

    My order : 11/29/09.

    EDD 1st : 01/07/10.

    Bank debit : 12/21/09.

    EDD 2nd : 02/05/10.

    Formal notice sent : 01/04/10.

    Does anyone know an association for a group action against Dell's practices?

  • enguerran

    "Acer est devenu, sur le trimestre, le second fabricant mondial de PC,
    en nombre d'unités vendues. Il devance ainsi l'américain Dell. Ce
    dernier est le seul à avoir pâti d'une chute de ses ventes (de 8,4%)
    parmi les cinq leaders mondiaux (dont le leader HP, Lenovo et Toshiba).
    Ses ventes ont même chuté de 13,4% sur son marché domestique, où il
    occupe la deuxième place derrière HP."

    automatic translation:

    "Acer is now on the quarter, the second global manufacturer of PCs, in units sold. It outstrips the U.S. and Dell. This
    is the only one to have suffered a fall in sales (8.4%) among the five
    world leaders (whose leader HP, Lenovo and Toshiba).
    Its sales have even dropped from 13.4% in its domestic market, where it occupies second place behind HP."


  • MungieCake

    After nearly 8 weeks of waiting, I'm still without a laptop.  I finally got an email from Dell this morning (01/04/10) with a name and extension of a sales representative whom I could discuss my current situation with.

    Not surprisingly, the extension I was sent didn't work and I was put on hold for nearly 40 minutes until I was finally transferred over to the sales rep, who's name I was given.  Not surprisingly, he's "left the office for the day" – so says his answering machine.  I've left a message and await his return call but I'm not holding my breath.  This was at 10am this morning….

    These guy's just aren't making any sense.  On the one hand, I've being told that I'm not allowed to cancel my order because it's "in production".  At the same time, I'm also being told the reason my order's been delayed 4 times in nearly 8 weeks, is due to a "shortage of components" (ie. they don't have the parts). 


    So how can my order be "in production" if they don't have the parts?

    No parts = no production.  Am I missing something here?


    I never in a million years would have thought that canceling an order
    would be such a stressful and complicated task..  At this point, all I
    can do is laugh at just how bad Dell customer service has been. It's
    the only thing I can do at this point….

    Let my current situation with Dell serve as a warning to anyone looking to deal with Dell in the future.  They do NOT want you to cancel your order for any reason and will go out of their way to keep you from doing it. 

    Dell's come up with a clever little scheme, which basically allows them to make money off you, regardless of whether or not they actually sell you something. Their policy is you cannot cancel an order after it's been put into "production".  So what they do is, as soon as you place an order, your order status is immediately set to "in production".  That way, they can tell you there's no way you can cancel it because its already being built.  You then have to pay a fine to send it back when it finally arrives at your door (I'm looking at 10% of purchase price which is about $250 out of my pocket).

    It's a nice little scam Dell's running and I'm sure they're making money hand over fist doing it too… Angry

    I WILL eventually find a way to cancel this order, mark my words.  If I
    have to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to do it, so
    be it…

    Be warned people.

  • cpmuller

    This is the copy of a letter I sent to Mr. Dell and his entire management team (good luck to me), but hey, it's 2010, the yea of wishful thinking.

    I am writing because I am no longer the owner of a Dell P703 printer. 

    I have owned three different Dell 90 and P700 printers over the last eight months – not because I wanted three Dell printers or even needed three Dell printers. But because my first Dell 90 printer never worked properly and, after an insane amount of time on the phone complaining, begging, cajoling and yes, weeping, your company sent me on two separate occasions two replacement printers, neither of which worked properly, despite my best efforts which were carefully guided by my hours spent on the phone with one of your many incredibly underpaid techs in India.  My mother-in-law can testify to this as she had to rush the children out of the house one afternoon when she thought my head might actually blow off my body after TWO HOURS (that’s more than a hundred minutes) on the phone with a snarky tech guy in India (who yelled at me). 

    Mr. Dell and management team, if you had a good friend or a family member (whom you liked) receive such a poor product and subsequently such poor customer service, I would suggest that you would be deeply embarrassed. And perhaps greatly peeved.

    If you had a good friend or a family member (whom you liked) receive such poor treatment from a customer service department (including reps yelling at me, hanging up on me and generally suggesting that I was an “American idiot,”), I would suggest that you would be deeply embarrassed. And perhaps greatly peeved.

    If you had a good friend or family member (again, I’m assuming this would be a family member you liked, not some random in-law that comes to your holiday parties and drinks too much eggnog) log countless hours (and I mean dozens and dozens of countless hours) on the phone instead of doing actual client work whereby they might garner a paycheck, I would suggest that you would be deeply embarrassed. And yes, peeved too.

    I mean, I know I would be deeply embarrassed and greatly peeved….but at the end of the day,  I would want to know.  Because after all, while I’m not a good friend of yours nor a family member (as far as I know), I’m a good friend to others and a pretty good wife, mom, aunt and daughter to some folks that you’ll never know either.  So I assume you would want to know, because that’s how we watch out for each other, right?

    So, I am happy to share the reams of paperwork, the emails, the case number (I have three case numbers, as there are THREE printers involved in this never-ending saga, after all). 

    Please know that I don’t want a new printer.

    Indeed, I’m trying to figure out how to unload my Dell Studio XPS laptop (about eight months old and the DVD player is on the fritz…but I can’t go there). You can take comfort in the fact that I will never, ever purchase a Dell product again and I will encourage those good friends and family members whom I like to never, ever purchase a Dell product.  Because I would want them to know.

    Rather, this is what I kindly request.

    I kindly request that someone from Dell call me on the phone and graciously tell me that your company messed up.  I need whoever calls me to speak English — not because I’m a small-minded, racist twit but because I deserve the courtesy of having someone who speaks the same language in a dialect that you and I can understand.  So call me a small-minded, racist twit, but this can’t possibly be the first time you’ve heard this and I did live in Manhattan for a while and managed to translate a Jersey dialect just fine.

    I need someone to say that your company produced some bad printers that never really worked.  When other industries do that they call them “lemons” and they are required by law to recall them because their “lemons” kill people.  I daresay that your “lemon” printers might kill people, too, as my IT manager manager who spec’ed out my new home office (and told me Dell was GREAT) nearly committed hari kari trying to help me resolve my printer issues. Poor soul, he actually believed one of your customer service reps when they told him they would call him back once they checked on the issue.  And I know that this printer nearly darned near killed me.  

    I need someone to say they are sorry that I bought a bum printer and that your company sent me more bum printers from the same lot and that, all told, it was a bad idea.  But that you did it anyway.

    I need you to acknowledge that my standing in line at Kinkos at midnight to prepare for a client presentation really stinks and that my Dell P703 computer should have printed in both color and black and white and shouldn’t have had all those squiggly lines running across the paper – even after I put the printer cartridges in a sealed plastic bag and floated it in “warm, not hot” water, per the direction of one of your stellar techs from India.  

    I need you to tell me that it’s illogical that you would not offer express shipping on your print cartridges because you don’t keep them in stock and have to order them from a warehouse and it takes a “few days” and that while I’m welcome to order some from if something goes wrong with my printer they can’t verify it wasn’t that “bootleg” cartridge from Staples that ruined the printer.  By the way, at, a very nice customer service from Omaha answered all my questions…in English.  And the Dell cartridges they sell (with your permission, obvious packaging and appropriate serial codes?), they work just fine.

    I need you to tell me that after this journey into the Seventh Level of Hell, talking to a customer service rep in India who had the nerve to tell me, when asked, his name was Alexander Graham was not rich with irony but mired in poor judgment. 

    I need someone to tell me that they would be frustrated, exhausted, embarrassed and peeved if this had happened to someone they knew.  Because the fact is this – just because you don’t know me doesn’t make it any less important.  

    I appreciate your consideration of this letter.


    PS. I had to email this letter to my husband so he could print out copies for me because…well, you know the ending to this story. J


  • azTRS80

    The problems that have been posted are now featured in an article in  The New York Times.  Click on Technology, scroll down to Bits and you will see an article and 32 comments that reflect what everyone is posting here.  It is about time that Dell listened, apologized and followed up on all the complaints.  They need to rethink their customer service and tech support before they are no longer a viable company.

  • DEL-ruins-Bday

    The Wall Street Journal is also headlining the misery that DELL is inflicting on its customers.  Here is the article from todays paper


    Dell Makes Spirits Dark for Some This Season

    hardware companies have occasional problems shipping products to
    customers on time–particularly if they have some hot items. But Dell
    seems to be really struggling this holiday season.

    Getty ImagesDell computers on sale at a store in Miami.

    Close to 200 customer comments on a Dell blog–recounted on sites such as The Consumerist–are
    all remarkably similar: People placed their orders, months ago in some
    cases, and then watched as the shipping date keeps getting pushed off.

    “I ordered an Inspiron 17 on NOVEMBER 28, supposedly to be delivered
    on Dec 14. Just checked the status page, and it has been delayed for
    the fourth time and now not set to deliver until JANUARY 7, 2010!,”
    wrote one customer.

    Said another: “I haven’t received a single email from Dell, either
    proactively about the delays or in response to the two emails I have
    sent…Some people here report problems cancelling orders. I can’t even
    get in touch with anyone to be able to talk about cancelling mine!”

    Dell didn’t respond to a request for comment. But on its blog, Dell
    blamed the delays on increased demand for computers and an inability to
    get the appropriate components from suppliers. This, incidentally, is
    pretty close to the explanation it gave when it had similar delays shipping a product in mid-2007. A blog post
    addressing the delays back then received 1,333 angry comments, so the
    current situation still has a ways to go before it catches up on the
    volume of ire.

    There might be more depth this time around, though. One thing that
    seemed to upset customers was that Dell’s ordering system was still
    quoting delivery dates that didn’t take the delays into account.
    Commenters said that they wouldn’t have ordered computers if they were
    told the computers wouldn’t’ arrive in time for Christmas.

    In the current blog post dated December 17, Dell offered to send
    people who were waiting for computers intended as Christmas gifts a
    holiday card to stick under the tree instead. That didn’t go over so
    well. The first response: “Thanks Dell my son will be so thrilled to
    receive his holiday card instead of his netbook, you really came
    through this time!!”

  • EkilErif

    This is nothing new… back in August I ordered an Inspiron machine and two days before the quoted delivery address the online order tracking moved back by 10 days. 8 Days on and it moved back another week at which point I had a major sense of humour failure particularly when the customer service agents were not calling me back and I could not get a satisfactory answer to any of my questions.

    I finally put everything in writing off to my corporate account manager who managed to get me a name of someone within Dell who managed to cancel the order.

    I have since custom built a machine and could not be happier. Its a better machine, cost me less and the parts all arrived 24 hours after placing the order and was up and running an hour later.

    I will be hard pushed to ever buy another Dell machine after my experience.

  • poikj

    ordered alx system dec 11, confirmed 12th, delivered jan 4….had a edd of jan 28…not bad considering the edd date.

    first impressons..looks good but system could've used some finishing touches, a card reader would've been great…something else to add..


  • enguerran

    Lionel? What could you say about Foxconn and Lodz (Poland)?


    Intéressant. Le Monde publie un article sur les stratégies de Dell. Il est dit que début d'année dernière, fermeture de l'usine pour Europe et délocalisation en Pologne.

    Sauf que début décembre 2009, cession de l'usine à foxconn.

    Plus de configuration flexible, que des configurations déjà faites. Voilà pourquoi les retards. Dell change et oublie de le faire bien.


    Interesting. Le Monde published an article about Dell's strategies. It said that early last year, plant closure and relocation from Europe to Poland.

    Except that in early December 2009, transfer the plant to Foxconn.

    No more flexible configuration, only configuration already done. That is why the delays. Dell changes and forgets to do it well.

    The U.S. computer giant Dell announced December 2, the sale of its Polish factory in Lodz (central Iran) to the Taiwanese company Foxconn. Opened in January 2008, it employs 1 700 people and will continue to produce computers for Dell, said the U.S. company. This decision is not really a surprise. The group is one of the last major PC to still have a production tool. His compatriots Hewlett-Packard and Apple or Acer in Taiwan have long been sold and outsource much if not all manufacture their products in some huge subcontractors. Foxconn is one of them: his giant factory of Shenzhen (China) leave, for example, the Apple iPhone. While Dell offers its customers computers assembled on demand, with the components of their choice, have its plants was a necessity. But the giant, recently dropped the third largest manufacturer of computers behind Hewlett-Packard and Acer, has decided to abandon direct sales model and now offers, as its competitors, already assembled computers via distribution networks third. And like its rivals, it seems judging that its factories are no longer strategic. In January, Dell announced the relocation of Lodz its production site in Ireland Limerick. In October, he also confirmed the closure of a factory in the United States.

  • david_in_tn

    …perhaps there is some hope for those of us lost in the delivery wasteland…

  • gangtok


    what about the "lost notebooks" from in germany?

    Many costumers are waiting but Dell and UPS dont know were the notebooks are..

    the tracking dont work ..



    any comments ???

  • rrabe

    I’m really sorry to see that I’m not the only one with this odd problem.

    As I wrote on Dell community and in other places it seems that Dell may have invented another way to deal with delays! A false delivery?!

    I’m having exactly the same problem with Dell and UPS (sending to Switzerland)

    Dell website shows delivered on 16th of December (and credit card already debited on 17th of December). The UPS tracking number is there and the last report on UPS site shows then same as you have (21st of December – billing information received – that is all). But at least UPS didn’t send any e-mail with deliver date. The tracking system still shows that they have a delivery problem and cannot specify a delivery date.


    No need to say that contacting Dell by phone doesn’t provide any good answer and NONE of the e-mails had any feedback!!!

    Someone still believe in that 24h policy in answering e-mails?

    UPS is being very carefully with the feedback too. It confirms that is like a ´empty deliver order´ but it is not giving any details or writing confirmation. Let’s see if this changes.

    What I learned is that any discount given by a direct order (DELL) can became quickly expensive. If you calculate the time, phone and problems costs spent trying to get the order you see that the discount/free delivery is at the end added costs! If you can get the order!


  • rrabe

    In Switzerland too!

    The story at:

    I’m getting very worried with this recurrent story of ´pseudo shipment´!

    Maybe only when springs comes they will find the missing trucks and maybe the orders …



  • matrixprints

    Hello all,

    I am not sure I am in the right place, but I feel I have to vent a little. I have been using Dell products for many years. I really like there systems. But the customer service is going down hill very fast. I decided to order a new printer as mine's on it's last leg. I ordered a nice laser printer on Decemeber 22, 2009. The preliminary ship date said something like the 28th. I thought thats not to bad. Then the order confirmation came in and it said January 11, 2010. Hmmm. Ok. I understand that it was an estimated date, but come on now. Thats like a bait thing. So Im thinking, whats going on here. I go online and look into buying  a new one from the web site to see what it would say about the shipping date. Well, my new date was January 11, 2010. The one i just picked out says January 8th. Even though of course I ordered mine on  December 22, 2009. So I called and asked whats going on, they stated that they did not know but the shipping was estimated. I said well thats very misleading, I said if I cancel my main order, could I get this new one I was looking at sooner. The reply was I don't believe so.

    I deal with customer support with my small business all the time. But i don't bait people into an order to only keep changing the delivery dates. I called after seeing another new date (I was not notified at all of changes) show up for January 21, 2010. I thought, what the hell is going on. I'm suppose to get a notice when the order changes, but I got nothing. I checked my spam and such and noting there. But when I call its like do you want to cancel your order! I say no, I want to get my order. Will canceling get it here for me quicker? They said no. I asked is therer someone to talk to and see if this thing is even getting built? They said they only know that it's in production. So as I am typing this, I checked my email again, and after speaking to customer care like four times, and trying to actually speak to a Dell manager or person, I get a notice about the delay. Ok then.

    I think Dell needs to get rid of the preliminary ship date and the estimated dates on the ordering system as its very misleading. I know its Christmas and I know I'll get a bunch of emails saying I am mean and should be patient. But when I order something and it takes 30 days before its shipped, theres something wrong there. I could get a car made custom quicker than that.

    So to add to insult, my ink showed up (late too) and I don't have a printer to use it in.

    I have noticed over the past few years that ordering and actually receiving keeps getting delayed and delayed. And I have orderd not just during the holidays.

    Don't get me wrong, Dell makes great systems. They just can't get it to you in a reasonable amount of time.

    I am not sure if it's shipping, or manufacturing. But they don't seem to mate up.

    It's very frustrating when you can not talk to a Dell Manager or person, as the Customer Care folks are not even in the United States and have no clue who the Chain of Command is. They probably did that for a reason, but its very out of touch.

    I would like to upgrade my systems for my business, but I'm not thinking Dell would perfom on time. If you can't even get a stock printer, how am I going to get a combination of printers, desktops, and laptops when needed.

    What do you think folks?


  • tessh

    I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was waiting on my Studio 19.  The EDD was moved from 12/31 to 01/08.  Yesterday, I had enough.  I knew that I would not receive my product by this Friday.  So, I canceled my order and purchased an IMAC.  I should receive my order between this Friday and next Thursday.  I work for a company that provides corporate discount s with several services and products.  One of them is Dell.  I have notified our contact and recommended that they warn potential buyers on our website that Dell is experiencing huge delays.   Somebody needs to call it out if Dell will not.

  • monkeypants22

    I wish I had better news for you. Smile System ordered on December 8th. Email received on December 11th to indicate that the system had shipped. Another email received from UPS to say that they'd be delivering on December 18th. Money taken from card on December 13th. No delivery on the 18th.

    Called Dell on December 31st to ask where it is and was told that it would be delivered on January 5th. It wasn't.

    Called Dell yesterday (January 6th) to ask where exactly my system is and when I might receive it. UPS still show "Billing Information Received" which suggests that they still haven't received it. Dell can't say where it is, but said that they'd look into it and call or email me within 24 hours. They might need to begin an investigation which could take eight days. If they still haven't found it, then they'll probably reorder.  They haven't contacted me yet, so I'll be calling them back in less than two hours from now.

    Not a great experience. Considering that this is a replacement for a previous expensive Dell system that died and couldn't be fixed, I'm not very happy.

    Dell XPS 1730 – €2600+

    Alienware M17x – €2500+

    Number of days spent awaiting promised delivery – 2

    Total number of Dell products in my possession – 0

  • enguerran

    Formal notice sent 4 days ago to Montpellier.

    Status Update: Now I have an UPS track number. But, don't you think that 38 days is too long. I need a discount for the lag.

    People, do not forget, if you get your order, to ask for a discount. 38 days of shipment makes a system lapsed, discount or hardware update is needed.

    The last but not the least: I paid physically on 21st dec. when I was supposed to pay on lading… It is not acceptable.

  • enguerran


    What a wonderful firm!

    Des employés de Dell Maroc sont soupçonnés de fraude sur 500 cartes American Express en France. Une perquisition a eu lieu vendredi dans les locaux du groupe à Montpellier sur ordre de la juge parisienne Nadine Berthelemy-Dupuy. Cette dernière a été chargée de l’enquête sur une fraude de 500 cartes bancaires impliquant la plateforme téléphonique de Dell Maroc. Des employés marocains du groupe informatique auraient écoulé quelques 500 cartes contrefaites à l’aide de complices arrêtés il y a peu à Paris.


    Employees of Dell Morocco are suspected of fraud in 500 American Express cards in France. A search was held Friday in the local group in Montpellier on the orders of Judge Nadine Paris Berthelemy-Dupuy. The latter was responsible for the survey of 500 fraud involving credit cards phone platform from Dell Morocco. Employees of the Moroccan IT group have passed some 500 counterfeit cards with the help of accomplices he recently arrested in Paris.

  • ACHE76

    first of  all gratz on getting your order shipped,  38 days is a long time hope u get some compensation for that, my status insnt any better currently on day 52 wiht an EDD of jan 14 which im sure will get pushed back again but ive decided to take the cancel route if they cant atleast ship it by the 14th. hope you get ur order soon.

  • enguerran

    It seems that my formal notice was very very efficient.

    Here is a copy of my formal notice in french (google translate for you). A formal notice (mise en demeure) is a complaint when the terms of a contract are not respected.

    Madame, Monsieur,

    J'ai passé commande auprès de votre site web le <date_commande> pour l'achat <liste_articles> pour une valeur de <prix_total> (numéro de commande : <numero_commande>). Avant
    la commande, Dell précise que le matériel que j'ai choisi, sous réserve de
    paiement par carte bancaire, est généralement livré sous 7 à 10 jours. Dés le
    lendemain de la commande, le statut était en
    et la date estimée de livraison était fixée au <date_estimee_livraison>.

    Après quelques appels aux services client et
    commandes, qui pour la plupart ont été de très mauvaise qualité, j'ai accepté
    de patienter jusqu'au <date_estimee_livraison>, date estimée de livraison. Le <date_debit>, alors que ma commande est toujours en
    , j'ai vu mon compte débité de <prix_total>, alors que cette
    somme, selon vos conditions générales de vente et vos conseillers client de vos
    bureaux au <lieu_service_client> n'est débitée qu'à l'expédition de la commande.

    J'ai donc appelé le <date_appel>, une
    nouvelle fois, le service client Dell. Une de vos employés m'a confirmé le
    comportement normal de la procédure : 20 jours après la commande, le
    client est débité, quelque soit l'état de cette commande. En admettant que la
    date estimée de livraison est prévue au <date_estimee_livraison>, j'ai laissé votre entreprise
    prendre de l'avance sur le contrat qui nous lie. Ce matin, la date estimée de
    livraison est passée au <date_estimee_livraison_2>, ce qui, pour une commande datant du <date_commande>, est beaucoup trop long et annonciateur de nouveaux soucis qui
    rejoindront ceux que cette commande et votre entreprise ont déjà générés.

    Par la présente, je vous mets en demeure de me
    livrer ce produit dans les 10 jours suivant réception. Dans la mesure où ce
    délai et cette mise en demeure ne seraient pas honorés, je vous réclame le
    remboursement de ma commande et des dépenses engendrées à
    vous faire respecter votre contrat (coût téléphonique, temps perdu avec vos
    conseillers, etc…).

    Veuillez recevoir, Madame, Monsieur, mes
    meilleurs vœux pour l'année qui commence.


    A <lieu_residence>, le <date_mise_demeure>

  • david_in_tn

    interesting how the banhammer keeps censoring posts out of this thread… and that the original poster can't be bothered to offer any more insight – too busy extolling the virtues of the new uber Dell smartphone, it seems… wonder if THAT will ship on time…

  • L. Julianne.

    I too ordered an Inspirion machine on 27th November 2009, delivery date was 18th December then 31st December then 15th January and what do you know they then cancelled my order on 7th January because they speakers were out of stock.  No one with half a brain could have phoned me to suggest  alternative speakers.  the best part is that when I place my order the VAT rate was 15% and now that its gone up to 17% they indicated on the phone that if ordered the same computer I could not only have it delivered on the same day as my cancelled order but that I would now have to pay the increased VAT on it! 

    This trading practice sounds highly suspicious to me!

  • BobandJeanine

    I have used a Gateway computer for home use for years. I have used Dell computers very extensively in the office. Dell are great computers.

    A few months ago, I purchased online through Dell a refurbished Desktop studio one 19 computer, for my home use, at a great price under 600.00.

    On December 14 or 15th, I noticed my touch screen was not working, the computer was fine and work marvelously, it was just the “fingertip” touch was not working.  I called the Dell helpdesk and after the usual transfers and being “on hold”, I reached a technician.

    I gave her permission to take over remotely. This tech insisted, after I told her my problem, on downloading a lot of driver’s and software that had nothing to do with the Touch screen capability. Bottom-line is she “hosed” my computer. There was no way it could be booted.  She had to refer me to someone with higher expertise than hers and this person confirmed that Dell would have to send me a replacement. This was Dec 14 or 15th.  The date the order was placed is Dec 15th. It’s still on order with a status of “in Production”.

    Since that date, I have talked to many dell representatives at the help desk. It’s the same script and the same usual event of being transferred and being on hold and being hung up on. I got to point where I would tell the technician not to transfer me so quickly but to listen to me before transferring.  They will transfer you in a heartbeat and you have to wait 15- 20 more minutes in most cases to get in touch, The waiting time is not as important as what they tell you and the frustration created by the lack of professionalism and expertise on their part.

    I’ve been trying to find out exactly what the problem is on the delay in shipment. When this first started In December, a man named “Robin” on your help desk staff would call me and say the computer is in production. He said due to the problem and delay, I was getting a new manufactured computer and not a refurbished one. I’ve been told different this past week that I was getting a refurbished computer.  I don’t mind as long as I get a computer soon but because of the “red tape” I have incurred this last few weeks (almost a month), I feel now dell should give me a new one.  Today is jan 10, 2010


    I told the technician I talked to a couple of days ago that I was fed up and wanted to return the computer I am holding and to cancel the order. I was told I cannot do that because of the dell 21 day return policy.  He said; , Oh yes, you can cancel your order  but gave me the impression  as though he knew I was still  holding on to a computer that did not work  and I need that replacement. I have only made $100.00 payment to this computer and told the gentleman I wanted to return it and get my money back.  He tells me flatly no. He used the 21 day return policy again as his crutch. I tried to explain this was not within the norm of any limited number of days return policy. This was frustrated and unhappy customer who has had to do without a computer at home not to mention the data lost as a result of the “hosed” computer through no fault of mine.

    It looks like I am stuck.  I know I will get a replacement eventually.  The thing I dread is the future of dealing with Dell helpdesk technicians.  It’s impossible to try and talk to anyone else in the dell Infrastructure.

    To avoid dealing with your helpdesk in the future, I am buying a computer of another brand and I am either going to give away your dell or sell it cheap. 

    If I am involved in the acquisition of Dell IT products ever again through my employment, I would be hard pressed to recommend dell, I would probably choose another authorized GSA Schedule vendor.



    I had planned on 'letting them have it,'  BUT, I see now I am not alone in my frustration in dealing with DELL's cutomer service, or rather lack of adequate service at BEST.  I haven't had near the wait nor as many encounters as many of you have had, but felt another voice needed to be heard.  DELL needs to realize they are not the only company in the market and that a product, no matter how great it may be, needs support to match it, "GREAT PRODUCTS MAKE CUSTOMERS; GREAT SERVICE KEEPS THEM LOYAL." 

    Since making my order,I've had 2 seperate acquaintances relay that they will never own another DELL , not due to a bad product, but from the 'customer service' issues they had.  I hope my problems are resolved soon.  They are seemingly simple issues, but I guess their service has gone to the lowest bidder.  AND IT SHOWS!!  And it will start to show up on the DELL bottom line eventually.

  • DEL-ruins-Bday

    Now DELL is cancelling the military laptop computers that it offered in December in its attempts to reduce the log jam that has become a PR nightmare.  I ordered a nice pink Inspiron 15 for my little girls birthday on December 29, 2009 for $380,  through the DELL AAFES site, which is similar to the DELL DIRECT site, only for military personnel.

    This computer had been on sale for over three weeks, and people were receiving them and pleased with their order.  Three days later, I  read a NY Times article about the tremendous delays and problems that DELL is having get its laptops out.  Concerned for my order I checked its status and found out my order had been cancelled.

    DELL claimed this particular offer was a mistake.  A three week mistake.  They claimed the RAM and HD capacity for this deal made it unprofitable.  Meanwhile DELL is offering a similar deal, RIGHT NOW at their DELL DIRECT site for $399.  Same RAM, but a smaller HD, which you can upgrade to the amount I had on my order for a whopping $20.  Check it out.  DELL you are embarassing us.  You have cancelled military personnel orders, in order to clear up your log jam, by claiming they were a price error, while continuing to sell these computers at the same price point on your DELL DIRECT site, with 3-5 day free shipping.,&vw=builder&oc=bncwdr1&c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&link_number=22245636&kc=laptop-inspiron-1545

    Here is the e-mail that all of us military personnel got from DELL.  No offer of a "birthday card", to ease our disappointment..  When I followed up with our Military Exchange, they informed me that DELL cancelled due to the RAM (20 dollars to upgrade) and HD memory (15 dollars to upgrade) costs.  This is an example of why customers lose faith in DELL.  They lie, they are shown to be lying, and continue to stonewall you.

    Dear X

    In regards to your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop computer order from Exchange Catalog order number XXXXX, I’m very sorry, but Dell has canceled the order due to a pricing error on their website when the order was placed. We are currently in talks with Dell regarding the cancellations and we hope to have a resolution within the next week. We are cancelling the orders on our end to get your refund started and complete the refund process quickly. Again I’m very sorry for the cancellation and any inconvenience it may have caused. The refund should post to your credit card within 3-5 days.

    Thank you,
    Customer Service Assistant

    Awful awful service.  Orders cancelled because the price was too low.  Disrespect to the military personnel that ordered from the DELL site, the list goes on.  Meanwhile, DELL continues to sell similarly priced computers on the open market, after telling the military, their prices were too cheap  and in error.  Unbelievable.
    Please explain to me why my order was cancelled, for pricing error, while a similar offer is still available and being honored at the DELL DIRECT website.  Please explain.

  • DismayedandDisgusted

    XPS 8000 ordered 11/22/09. Totally fictitious delivery date now further delayed to 01/21/10, soon undoubtedly to be 01/28/10. No notice, no explanation. By my figuring the computer should arrive, appropriately,  on April Fools' Day.

  • wclardy

    You guys (Dell) need to get your customer service squared away. Right now, I am feeling royally reamed by your Order Support.

    • On December 2nd, I ordered a Studio 17 laptop to take with me on an upcoming overseas deployment. At the time of my order, the estimated delivery date was December 23, with second-business day shipping.
    • On December 21, I contacted Order Support when I saw that my order status was still "Production", and was told that the order had been updated to an estimated delivery date of January 4 (with an expected ship date of December 30 or 31).
    • On December 31, I again called Order Support because the order status was still "Production". After listening to an on-hold recording which assured me that Dell would notify me immediately if there was any change in the status of my order or estimated delivery date, I was told by a customer-service representative that the delivery date had been changed to January 11. Not insignificantly,  I had received no prior notice of this change either. After demanding to talk to a supervisor and explaining that I was leaving the night of January 8, I was told (by the supervisor) that "they" were working hard to clear up the backlog and some systems were getting shipped ahead of the estimated shipping dates. I reluctantly agreed to let the order stand.
    • On January 7, I received an automated notice that my order had been delayed again and would be cancelled if I didn't agree to a delayed delivery date. While talking with the customer-service rep and explaining that I needed to change the shipping address to an APO address, I was told that Dell has no provision for changing a shipping address while a system is in production. I was told that, if I let the order stand, I could get the delivery address changed after it had gone to shipping. Despite repeatedly pointing out that I didn't believe either FedEx or UPS had provisions for delivering to APO (Army Post Office) addresses, I was told that by a supervisor that it could be done and that I would have at least three days (based upon his assumption that the shipper would attempt delivery at least 3 time).
    • Yesterday, I received a notification that my laptop had been shipped. I immediately tried to contact Dell and was told by an ever-so polite recording that telephone support was not open but I could use Dell's website, which I did (referencing the case number I received on my first phone call –).
    • This morning, as soon as I got a break in my deployment processing, I called Order Support and was told by the representative that there is no way to change anything once the laptop has shipped and that nobody could have told me that. After I told him that somebody was lying, because I had been told clearly and repeatedly that I should do exactly that, I again demanded to speak to a supervisor. The customer-service rep then asked me to hold for a few minutes and then terminated the call.

     Right now, I am in transit to a military base in Southwest Asia while the laptop I ordered more than a month ago is apparently enroute to California and I am wondering why I should not consider the broken promises and lies to have reached the level of genuine fraud.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Case Number Removed Per Privacy Policy>

  • LizGraphix

    Here's my story.


    On Dec. 3, 2009 I ordered a Studio 17

    Estimated Delivery Date was 12/21/09 (the mouse was to be delayed to 1/14/10)

    I got the mouse on 12/23/09 (go figure)

    Delivery date changed to 12/30/09

    Delivery date changed to 1/7/10 <— I called about this but got a VERY RUDE Fillipino who wouldn't even let me talk to a manager.

    I called 5 times and finally got someone in the US who offered that I could cancel OR they would give me $100 not to cancel. I chose the latter. With this, however, they assured it would not be delayed again.

    It was.

    Delivery date changed to 1/14/10. I didn't call this time because I had started my classes on 1/4/09 and was busy.

    Today … Delivery date changed to 1/21/10.

    I REALLY WANT this computer. Over 14 years I ordered 6 custom systems from Gateway and they were always delivered within a week of the date provided.  As of today my computer will be over a MONTH late.  That is just nuts.

    Can anyone help me with this? I really have been quite patient. I have put up with HORRIBLE customer service (the Fillipino guy) and can't reach anyone on the phone.

    Dell, your system is really broken and needs to be fixed. I would love to put it in order for you.

    Anyway, in addition to the $100 can you deliver it overnight at your expense? I DESPERATELY need it at this point.

    Thanks! (trying to have a little faith here)

  • LizGraphix

    Not India … Phillipines.  And they were very rude to me. Your description is exactly what I experienced.

  • LizGraphix

    Not India … Philippines.  And they were very rude to me. Your description is exactly what I experienced.

  • Mike Hackett

    Forgive me community members, if you have heard all of this before I
    apologise, but I'm left with no alternative but to use every available
    avenue to force DELL to resolve my outstanding issue. If this is not
    what the DELL community is about again I apologise. 

    I recently purchased an Dimensions tower which in which the HDD
    faulty the fault materialised 2 days after the tower was delivered.
    After several phone calls over a number of days DELL finally did the
    right things and acknowledged and assured me a replacement was to be
    sent inside 10 days. That was three weeks ago, I have made several
    phone calls and have sent an email a day asking for confirmation of

    I called again last week and after a protracted hour on the phone I
    finally got through to a 'supervisor' who informed me that the matter
    was being dealt with but that some parts were not in stock. I was told
    I would receive a call in a couple of days I have heard nothing since
    and it is five days later.

    My computer nightmares began over a two months ago I resolved to buy
    a new machine and went to DELL they have taken my money and over a
    month later I have a machine with a fault. I am a student and my
    capacity to get on with my studies has been seriously affected by this
    ongoing issue. I have never had to deal with such appalling customer
    service. I have had to argue to get DELL to do what they should have
    done in the first place, i.e send me a new machine and now I am being
    put on the long finger in trying to get a replacement.

    I have tried to find someone in DELL Europe that will take
    responsibility and help resolve this problem but so far I have been
    unsuccessful and I can see this issue dragging on into the new year.
    Does anybody have any direct contact details for DELL corporate staff
    either in Ireland the UK or the US I am based in Ireland until recently
    DELL manufacturing plant was local to me if it was still there this
    machine would have returned personally.


    One Month LATER the situation just gets worse…..!

    DELL are by far the worst company I have ever had dealings with and
    I will never purchase another DELL product nor recommend them.

    So after much screaming the DELL's customer service 'manager' in
    India finally hung up on me….screaming why? To add insult to injury
    DELL decided without consulting me to send me a usb wireless adapter,
    this as they were unable to source a wireless pci card (world
    shortage!?!) The package arrived without any documentation or
    explanation, considering the previous week I'd received an email
    confirmation for a completely unrelated order for a customer in the UK,
    whose every detail I now possess I feel quite justified in 'spitting
    the dummy'. I was informed that the replacement 545 tower was en route,
    now almost 2 months late and asked 'what difference it would mean
    whether I received a wireless pci card or a USB adapter', to ask such
    an insulting question clearly this guy wasn't a manager so I felt
    justified shouting some more! I explained in my now 'DELLy' irrational
    tone that, what the machine they were sending me as a 'replacement' was
    not of the same spec as my original order, and not only would I be down
    one usb port but that sending me the usb adapter ahead of the machine
    was not as was stated 'the best available solution for me the customer'
    but a cynical attempt to avoid giving me a refund as DELL were no
    longer able to service my order…!


    DELL you are useless…..! doubtless some DELLzoid will see this post in a couple of months time and say if only….DELL why in the name of all that is good do you force your customers to take up this stance i.e. so much of their time spent just to get entry level  customer service….! I will never buy DELL again, I would love to be in the US where I would qualify for a holiday card at this point I want a holiday away from my laptop and DELL! I will never recommend your products to anybody not on account og how bad they are but simply because there is no redress when things go wrong. I have sent ten emails to your 'complaints department' in the UK and not had one reply.


    Mike Hackett

  • enguerran

    Bravo Dell!

    Yesterday I staid home to welcome UPS delivering. What a surprise when I saw only one box of two. Where is the screen? UPS does not have it, Dell does not have it. My screen is with Jack and John: Lost!

    I will send another formal notice if this is the only way Dell want to work with us…

    NB: The screen is already paid since 21st of december 2009…

    Dell is a sad sad company!

  • tekman78

    I'm not going to waste my time and energy describing my story. Been waiting for a machine for almost 2 months now, and I get NOTHING out of Dell customer service. I've tried to give you a chance, and have gotten nothing in return but people who either do not respond or do not provide any sort or resolution or answers on my issues.


    I don't think Dell really cares, but thats OK, with service and products that are sub-par, customers will find their way elsewhere.

  • JohnsSister

    Too bad Dell can't make a guy's Last Christmas better by simply meeting their "promised" delivery date PoorPoorFairFairAverageAverageGoodGoodExcellentExcellent

    I realize that this is a busy time of year for Dell, but when someone places an order, they are counting on the original tentative delivery date to be somewhat valid.  My brother ordered 2 laptops for his children on 11/30/09 and was told he should see them by mid-December.  Less than a week after he placed the order, he found out that he has terminal, inoperable brain cancer that is growing so fast that he  may not live to see Christmas.  His only concern was finding out why those laptops weren't delivered.  Do you have any idea how hard it was to call him in the hospital and tell him that the new tentative shipping date is 12/31/09?!!!   AND, I called the order support people at Dell on Sunday to see if ANYTHING could be done to expedite the laptops.  I talked to someone named Shawn who said he was sorry for the inconvenience but that orders were queued for production in the order they were placed and there was nothing he could do.  He wouldn't even let me speak to a supervisor.  He showed no compassion for what's happening to my brother, who by the way, is a very loyal Dell user.  My brother is 44 years old, just moved into a new house and should be in the prime of his life.  He has 3 kids – kindergarden, 3rd and 4th grade.  His life is over.  INCONVENIENCE!!!??  I'm sorry but being "inconvenienced" by Dell is an understatement.  I'm just sorry that his dying wish was so impossible to grant.  Thank you and your company for nothing!  By the way, please tell Shawn I said Merry Christmas!

    Re: Too bad Dell can't make a guy's Last Christmas better by simply meeting their "promised" delivery date PoorPoorFairFairAverageAverageGoodGoodExcellentExcellent

    Safetytrevor:  Thank you.  My brother passed away this morning.  Never got to even see his 45 birthday (which is tomorrow) or his kid's opening their Dell's on Christmas.  I hate to be so bitter, but one little thing, that I totally believe was possible if Dell had any compassion, could've have made his last days a little better AND his kid's Christmas a little better.  Now, they get to find out they don't have a father 2 days before Christmas and then they get to find out that Santa Claus is not real.  Thank you Dell.  BTW, why don't you get your sales people, your so-called customer service people and the Dell bigshots together and at least come up with one unified reason that there are delays.  I read an article that blamed it on hard drives and was told by Sales that it was Blue Ray Disc players holding it up.  So-called customer service didn't give me any reason at all.  They were "sorry" for my inconvenience.  Dell, if you see this post, I'll be more than happy to supply the order #'s for my niece and nephew's laptops, just in case you want to try to do something now.

    Re: Too bad Dell can't make a guy's Last Christmas better by simply meeting their "promised" delivery date PoorPoorFairFairAverageAverageGoodGoodExcellentExcellent

    Dell does it again!  My brother's kids have still not received their Christmas presents (Dell laptops) from their deceased dad  (my brother).

    I went on-line today and the ship date was pushed back to 1/15/10.  I called the so-called customer service department and by the time I got off the phone, the date had changed to 1/21/10.  I asked the very unfriendly Dell employee if this new date (as well as the previous 4 dates) was based on actual information or if it was just a fictitious date intended to pacify upset customers.  She couldn't (or wouldn't?) even answer that question!

    Look, I know that it probably isn't fair to all the other Dell customers who are in line waiting for their orders, but I'm still very bitter about losing my brother so unexpectedly and quickly and for the fact that his last request was for me to find out where his order was and to try to expedite it so that he could see his kids open them on Christmas!  I think that Dell should move my brother's kid's laptops to the front of the pack and get them shipped out immediately.  Again, I apologize to all the other customers who are waiting…but no kid (my brother's kids are 9 and 10) should have to lose their father — the father who did EVERYTHING with them — one day before their father's birthday and 2 days before Christmas!  If I were in line for a computer and saw this story, I'd happily (yet, tearfully) fork over my place in line if it helped those kids.  And, I'm sure most of the customers waiting for their Dells would feel the same way.

    The ONLY reason I have not cancelled this order is because the day before my brother died, I gave my brother the news that the orders was delayed til 1/6/10 and asked him if we could cancel the order and get the kids something else.  It was his choice at that time, to wait for the laptops he ordered — he was so particular about the order, that I do not want to change it.

    DELL:  If you are monitoring this site, PLEASE do something about this!!!!!  Get two sweet kids who just lost their dad, their Christmas gifts.  I don't think that I am asking ANYTHING that can't be done.  JUST DO WHAT YOU AGREED TO DO WHEN MY BROTHER PLACED HIS ORDER!!!!!

    I will gladly provide the order number, customer number and a copy of my brother's obituary!  Here's a picture of him.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    JohnsSister: My apologies for your loss, and sorry
    to see  that you continue to have issues with the orders that your
    brother had placed.

    I received your order details from the e-mail
    thread you responded to. Will look into this to see what we can do.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Mike: Sorry to see the issues we've caused. I've sent you a private message to get your service tag information so that I can get your details to someone who can help.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    enguerran: Sorry to see that your monitor is missing. I sent
    you a private message asking for the order #. Will see if I can help
    track it down.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    enguerran: I responded to your later post. Sorry for the churn on your missing monitor. Please send me a private message with your order number or the service tag of your unit.

  • StinkyBug

    I realize this is broken record stuff, but same story here.  Ordered two 1750's on NOV 29.  Delayed 5 times and counting.  (now sitting at Jan 21 2010)

    Called in after delay number 3.

    "Can I at least get upgraded shipping"?  "Oh no sir, once the order has been placed it cannot be changed"

    "Can I cancel these orders"?  "Sorry sir, the order is showing in production and can't be canceled"


    After delay number 5.  Called in again and again spoke to someone again reading from a script.

    "OK, I want to talk to your supervisor or someone who can actually make a decision"

    Floor Manager comes on after several minutes.

    I find out that the Blu-ray drives are on back order and I get upgraded to overnight shipping (when [if] the units are built.  Dell REALLY needs to get it's act togeather.  I do I.T. for a living and this type of thing would get me fired!

  • DELL-Lisa G

    I am sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused you. I would like to find out more about this situation and the people you have spoken with in their failed attempts to assist you with a simple resolution. Although it may seem like this is how Dell operates (from reading your post) I assure you this is not the intention nor the vision Dell has in place when it comes to customer service.

    To better equipped me with my researching this issue, please send me a private message including your contact information, any case numbers you may have and service tags.

    Once again, I am truly sorry for your frustration and I assure you – I will get to the bottom of this!


  • dtlewis

    I was concerned about placing an order with so many delays reported. I decided to go ahead and place an order on 12/30 for a top-of-the-line gaming system. Dell provided an expected delivery date of 1/25 but it was moved up to 1/14 today. Dell came through with my order 11 days early so I am very happy. I suspect supplies are arriving and orders are getting filled quicker.


    Here's an interesting story I thought you would all like to hear.

    It's been 52 days since I placed my order for a Studio XPS 8000. A couple days ago, the estimated delivery date was pushed back a 4th time to January 21. Today, I called Dell Customer Service to inquire about the status of my order. I was greeted by a customer service representative who actually took initiative in assisting me and to determine the root of the problem.

    She explained to me the reason for the "indefinite" delay is because the XPS 8000 was no longer being manufactured and was replaced with the XPS 8100! But, wait… what about this?

    If it wasn't being made anymore, why would they offer it for their Signature 48 Hour event? She was just as perplexed as me and spoke to her manager. Then, the manager spoke to me and explained the XPS 8000 was discontinued, and acknowledged the offer for the XPS 8000 was completely absurd.

    So, if the XPS 8000 was discontinued, what of my order, I asked. Well, apparently, my order has been "indefinitely delayed". The delivery date would've been pushed back week after week after week.

    The manager offered to cancel my previous order and set up a new one with the XPS 8100 with the same, if not better, components I had on my previous order for the same price as well as free overnight delivery. I opted to upgrade to better components. But, I am still getting the same price on my previous order.

    The new (and hopefully final) delivery date is February 4. On that day, it would be 73 days since first placing the order on the XPS 8000.

  • enguerran

    Dell's the worst company ever.

  • julielaursen

    My boyfriend ordered by laptop on Dec 10th. It was a birthday present for me. My birthday has long past. His birthday has even passed. I gave him his presents last night before I even got mine, and have no idea when I will get mine. This is actually a computer for my small business, so it's a little important. Also, I live in Austin Texas which is roughly where Dell is based out of. It's pathetic I have to have such dislike for the company when I should have at least a little local pride for it. This town is just completely littered with distraught, laid-off, down-and-out ex-Dell employees and the morale there is awful. But hey, you saved so much money on the moving everything to India thing didn't you? See how well its working in the long term?

  • meechigan

    Still no computer but I did get another shipping delay.

    Ordered 11/28 with an original ship date of 12./8 and delivery of 12/14.  My delivery date became 12/21, 12/30, 1/5/, 1/12, 1/18 and today, yet again without any notification from Dell about the delay, it is now 1/22.  It's almost a game now to see if I am ever going to receive my computer. 

    As my previous post stated, what is most disconcerting is Dell's pure and unabashed dishonesty and lack of "customer care".  I sent a message to Lionel a few days ago but apparently perhaps his responses are unavailable right now like blu-ray drive.

    I would suggest that anyone concerned with Dell's business practice proceed with a formal complaint through BBB or whatever channels you have to pursue.

  • rheagdz


    I ordered a computer on the 6th of December. The delivery date was supposed to be the 13th of January. After several times, talking to sales reps and writing e-mails, I had the answer that probably I will receive the computer on the 27th of January. On the 15th of January a sales rep cancelled my order and it appeared in my account that the order was cancelled.

    What was the surprise this morning when I discovered that a new order, I did not place, appeared in my account with a delivery date 12th of February. What would happen if I did not check?

    How is this possible?

  • atuarre

    If you are speaking about Alienware systems, I believe they come from an entirely different plant than the rest of Dell's line of systems and this could be the reason for the speed in which you received your system.

  • deanzt



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    Hi all,


    Time for an update on my now CANCELLED order.


    The delays (a.k.a. it
    will arrive soon…..):

    Ordered my alienware on 14th Nov was told a delivery of 21st
    Dec. Suddenly the estimated delivery date changes to 1st Jan, then to 28th
    Jan. Numerous phone calls and emails went unanswered.


    The attempt to get my
    money back (a.k.a. money? Did you give us money?):

    On the 1st Jan I decided that enough was enough.
    I emailed Dell and told them to cancel the order. I then waited for a response.
    And waited. On the 9th Jan I called Dell to see if they were even
    reading their emails. They confirmed the order was cancelled and that I could
    expect my full £1,555.98 back within 5-7 working days.


    “Great” I thought. “At least their refund department knows
    what it’s doing.”




    On the 14th
    I receive this gem via email as a response to my email of 1st Jan:

    “However, as per your request we have cancelled your order
    *******. A credit refund for AMOUNT £659.00 has been processed.”


    Where did they get £659 from!? I paid £1,555.98!


    So on the 14th I call Dell again. Exact response:
    “Um, I’m not sure about that. I’ll call finance and then call you back in


    I’m still waiting
    for that call-back.


    In the meantime I have tried calling several times and have
    either been on hold so long my phone battery dies, or have been disconnected. I
    have also sent emails but given how long it seems to take for a response I’m
    not holding my breath.


    £1500 is a lot of money. I can’t afford for Dell to keep holding on to my cash. If this were
    a small local company I would have assumed by now that they were fake and had
    stolen my money. I haven’t received the random £659 either!


    My advice:

    Buy elsewhere!


    I placed an order with a small local company who have built
    and delivered my order in 8 working days. It has been so long since I placed my
    Dell order that all of the parts have come down in price so the equivalent
    computer (actually slightly better) cost me less money. Now isn’t that the kind
    of service you would expect from Dell!?

  • ijsingh78

    I am waiting for my XPS laptop for more than a month ! My initial delivery date 1/11 was moved to 1/18 and I called the customer support in between, I was assured the delivery by 1/18 and offered $25 credit once my Dell order gets shipped. A few days later I get a new delivery date estimate 1/25, I called customer support yesterday and told that I urgently need this laptop by 1/22, I was once again assured that I'll receive the order on or before 1/22. And now the delivery date has again been pushed to 2/1. I do not know what to say or how to react but this will be the last time I am ordering with Dell.

  • cheland

    I am so happy I read this posting, as I am in the exact same position having ordered the Studio XPS 8000.   My original order date was 12/10, but the actual delivery date has been changed 3 times.  With the new, new, revised arrival date of 01/25, I checked today and see that my 8000 is still in production.   It has been very, very difficult to get anyone to give me a good answer as to the hold up (I was even willing to make changes to help them clear up this order, but I only got a programmed response).

    I asked the support person what happened to the 8000, since it is no longer listed on the web site and the sales person didn't know.   About 10 minutes later, I saw the new listing for the 8100 and asked what the difference was.   They couldn't tell me that either.   I told them to steal the parts they needed from one of the several 8000's that I saw in the outlet store and finish mine up and ship it.   I got the auto reply message on that request.  From the previous posting, it looks like my 8000 might be in limbo land and it is going to take a long phone call to Dell to see if they can move me up to the 8100.

    What a shame!   I have been buying Dell's both for work and at home for many years now.   Only one has been delayed (my 1330 laptop when they offered it in red), but in general, most have been delivered in a very timely manner.   It is not so much the delay for me, but it not being told the real reason behind the delay, or being told a realistic ship date.  I will either cancel this order or try to work out some deal to make me whole on this transaction.   At the very least, I will think long and hard before my next computer purchase as to whom I will be buying it from.

  • chrismis15

    Absolute worst customer service ever! My order has been delayed multiple times. I spent almost two hours on the phone being transferred, disconnected, calling back, being transferred several more times, and reached no resolution. If I cancel the order and place a new order, the new order will be later than my current EDD. Half of the people I talked to said they no longer are making my model and I need to modify the order, the other half keep insisting the order is in production! I have no idea if when I will get a new computer or if it will be the one I ordered. I definately will not recommend DELL to friends and families!

  • uhappy2

    Just canceled my order after being put off 3 times with no reasonable explanation.  I ordered a scratch and dent item, a supposed unique machine from the outlet center.  After the first delay, Dell shipped me a battery and my status changed to delivered.  Nobody could immediately tell me why this happened or what the status of my real order was.  They bounced me around India innumerable times in an attempt to keep their call times short and finally told me that the order was again delayed due to 'unforeseen demand' issues. 

    Unforeseen demand for a unique item?  What, more than one person ordered this laptop?  How is that possible?  They were (of course) unable to answer this question and kept spouting the same platitudes in an effort to pacify me.  After an interminable amount of time I gave up and hung up in disgust.  Order still on at this point, I fired I'd try to wait it out – this was a gift for my wife and I didn't want to start the process from scratch.

    Another day, another delay – this time with the FTC rider saying they will cancel my order unless I reply.  I respond to the email and redundant phone call that comes hours later saying to proceed.  I talk to the call center again in a futile attempt to figure out why the order is again delayed.  No answers, more of the same run around.

    Days later, I receive a call from Dell – from a live person.  Guess what?  They want their battery back.  Oh, and my order is delayed again.  Fine, I take down the info for returning the battery even though I have no responsibility to do so.  It's set to go out Monday.  Monday (today) comes and UPS promptly picks up the battery, apparently Dell was really on the ball when it came to getting their stuff back.  Oh, and my order is delayed again.  My email requesting information goes unanswered (again) and I finally place yet another call to the call center.

    This time when asking about the whole unique item/greater than anticipated demand paradox I get the excuse that the technicians still have to check the item.  Which apparently takes a month.  Tell you what, if that's really the case I would expect Dell to check an item BEFORE IT WENT UP FOR SALE ON THE WEBSITE.  This was the last straw, order canceled and everyone who has an eye or ear will now hear of my dissatisfaction and of everyone else's misery who has posted here.

    Bad Dell, no biscuit.

  • Ms-D-e-l-l-Uk

    I, Ms Dell (no relation as far as I know), ordered a Dell Studio i7 Laptop on the 9th January 2010. No change in hardware configuration, just added 2 wireless mice to order. Estimated Delivery Date 26th February 2010, 7 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No indication of delays, no email apologising for delays, customer support took 4 days to respond to my concern (should be one working day)!

    Will not be recommending to other Dell family members but will be actively warning of this total lack of transparency when ordering and disregard in managing NEW customers expectations by the CORPORATE Dell family!

  • Sazura

    I ordered an Alienware Aurora ALX through Dell on December 15, 2009. Originally, my EDD was to be sometime in early January, although I have yet to receive a computer, a ship date, or much of a reason why. All Dell has told me as of today, is "We will update you when your system ships." and has seemly delayed it indefinitely. Currently, I'm not quite sure what to do about it.  A part of me wants to cancel the order and build my own PC, but on the other hand, the ALX looks great, and has great reviews. If nothing has shipped by mid February, I'll go elsewhere. (If I can even do that, by the looks of things I might not even be able to cancel it)


  • scott.robinson33


    take your story and post it on a comment here:



    We can band together and make something happen.

  • thaulgor

    Dell in general

    26 Jan 2010 05:05 PM

    my story is a little different than most of the others, I ordered an
    XPS suite 9000 on Nov 8, using dell finance because they had a special
    of 12 mo. same as cash. Received it DEC 15, only to discover that voice
    communication wasn't possible due to electrical interference at the
    remote hook ups for a headset, a constant melting plastic smell when
    the unit was on, and the usb ports were on at full power at all times.
    called my tech team ( Yellow, great team by the way) and they diagnosed
    it as possibly a faulty power supply. So they set up a repair order but
    was informed it would be at least 3 weeks before the repair would

    Per Dell return policy you have 21 days from shipping date to
    return an item if you don't like it. That being said I didn't fully
    believe the power supply to be the issue, (electronics background). So
    i went through the process of doing the whole exchange thing. The new
    unit arrived Jan 13, and no surprise it had the same issue.  I then
    went back to the tech team and they had me chasing wires only to find
    out that it was wired incorrectly based on their blueprints.

    Sounds pretty cut and dry right? Not the case, the return department
    was supposed to include a label so I could return just the tower, no
    label. In addition i received a second monitor. This complicated the
    return. Was forced to call Dell customer CARE
    in India to get them to set up the return of both systems, after 9
    hours of trying to get this done not to mention the 3 times I was hung
    up on, I finally got the returns arranged. UPS showed up with only 3
    labels, leaving me stuck with the monitor I wasn't supposed to receive
    in the first place.

    Had to call customer CARE
    again to set up the second pick up, only got hung up on 2 times this
    time, once by a manager! After all of this, mind you this took 4 days
    to accomplish and upwards of 25 hours on the phone, it was done. 

    At this point I'm ready to give up on Dell but decide to give them
    one last chance. Called sales to check on getting an alienware instead,
    but found out that I had to talk to customer care again first. They
    told me it would be 10 to 15 days from the date of receipt of the
    returns before the could post them as returned, and to call Dell
    finance. Called them and found out they would need 30 to 45 days after
    customer care posted each return before they could credit my preferred
    account totaling 60 to 90 days before I could place another order. An
    absurd  amount of time and no way to do business.

      6 days and 8 hang ups from customer care (3 by managers who
    refused to transfer me to their superior because "he doesn't feel like
    talking to anyone") later, I gave up. (over 50 hours on the phone, the
    last 10 to file a complaint about the behavior of customer care and
    their constant flipping back and forth between being insulting and

     Dell! you are now dead to me.                                                                                              

       You're outsourcing to India and the Philippines will be the death
    of you. The fact that you allow customer care to be self governing, and
    that they refuse to help the customer in any way has caused everyone
    who has posted here to have the same regrets for ever dealing with you.

      I for one will never recommend your product again. I was a loyal
    Dell user, But beginning in early 2009 you changed your system
    isolating the public from you, making it impossible to bring issues to
    your attention in a timely manner. You have become the new Compaq. 

     I have moved on, spent 4k with mac, which you would have had
    instead but refused to heed the warnings and frustrations of mine and
    of your other customers. Aside from the assistance from tech team
    yellow"s wonderful and consistent help  I have nothing positive to say
    about Dell anymore.


    Customers, I was able to get one small bit of info of where you can file complaints against customer care:


    LEGAL DEPT, MS, 8033


    fax # 1(512) 728-7100

    Hope this helps some of you,      Regards………

  • de00llrect9um

    Dell has become tremendously unprofessional. I have now first hand experience with that fact.  I ordered a computer as a Christmas gift on Dec 2, 2009.  This was a Christmas gift.  It might as well have been Halloween because this was where my horror story began.  Since then I have not received well-wishes from my gift recipient.  Rather I have been receiving delay notifications from. Dell.

    I cannot pass on delay notifications from Dell because I don't think my niece would think it an adequate Christmas gift.

    On Jan 25th I received my SIXTH (6 TIMES!!!) notification of my order delay.  Just like the prior 5 times, I notified Dell to continue with my order.  Later that day, I received notification from Dell that my order was to be continued.  Lo and behold, today on Jan 27th I checked my order and found that my order has been CANCELLED!.  What the heck is going on here?

    I received no email from Dell notifying me of that situation. If I just was checking my emails and not the actual Dell Order webpage I would have never found out that someone at Dell decided to ignore my wishes and cancel my order.

    Dell has to fix this problem

  • ijsingh78

    Update: I received an email from Dell today morning and guess what ! I received another revised estimate for the delivery date. Now my estimated delivery date has been pushed to 2/4 from 2/1.

  • Mike Hackett

    I feel for you I really do, I too have had the misfortune of placing my trust in the ding dongs at DELL and been short changed in every department They are shysters of the highest order. Please see my blog 

    Mr Menchaca's ventures into the bog blog world is merely rhetorical harangueing aimed at keeping all our DELLmares on the long finger. DELL do not give a monkies, in fact we'd stand a better chance of resolution this side of retirement if DELL were indeed run by monkies.

    Don't worry he'll be along shortly to 'apologise' and ask you for your 'service tag' and to tell you he'll look into it' and you'll feel som much better because you're getting somewhere. Trust me that feeling only lasts for as long as your reasonableness allows, DELL however seem to be of the opinion that putting customers on the 'long finger' for as long as they chose is a reasonable turnaround time.



  • bakshb

    update….my son finally received his Xmas present laptop…it was ordered on 11-20-09…….Xmas came and went, tree was even down…finally received it on Jan 15th.


  • Jim the Texas CPA

    DELL is just another hollow shell of a formerly great US company.

    Our business order for desktops got cancelled today (after three previous delays) and was re-entered by the "re-booking" department. Why? Well I guess when it takes you 2 months to build a desktop machine, your statistics look better when you cancel an order that is already 4 weeks old.

    That way, you get another 4 weeks to delay the order. Is anyone still working at ELL? OOr does only the credit acrd processing department still have jobs?

    Why o why did I give these imbiciles another chance to sell machines to my business? Lesson learned, we are now officially HP only.


  • Bradoon

    Not to bad I'd say, I ordered two system at the exact same time. Both on October first. The lesser of the two systems arrived in just under two weeks. I'll assume they had a big truck headed up to Canada loaded already. The second system had an initial EDD of Nov 9/2009. It's now Feb 2/2010 and I've just learned that the salesman didn't enter the order into the production system. Oh lucky for me they've now "escalated" the situation and are going to "try" and expedite the order.

    I once had faith in Dell, I ordered from them exclusively. My faith is now gone and I will never order or recommend them again. They moved Canadian Tech support, sales and customer care out of Canada and sent it over seas and again the quality of service has gone to hell in a handbasket. Dell gets what it pays for and we end up paying more for it all.



  • Bradoon

    I don't suppose they'll deduct the interest charges I've lost from the salesman's wages because he's incompetant? Even if they did you know they'd not compensate me for my credit card interest charges.

  • neihajaitly

    Hii all,

    DELL STUDIO 1555

    ( order number  < ADMIN NOTE : Order number removed per privacy policy >)

    was my first laptop ordered in life. The status is I have paid the money n got the delivery on 8th Nov 09. But due to technical faults in laptop I was suggested for a replacement. It has been more than 2 months the DELL TEAM is performing their so called formalities for the replacement. I am standing on 49th days without the laptop. Only thing I hear from dell is a new reason for delay & a new date for the delivery. My only job now is to either wait for their calls (as they promise everytime i call) or just stay on hold for indifinite times.. I am highly dissatisfied with the experience & sheer unprofessional attitude of reps. My dell experience has ensured me that CUSTOMER CARE NEVER CARES.

     Now since I have promised my dell representative to share my experiences in public till I get my laptop. I will ensure that unlike dell at least I keep up my promise &  continue to call/write to DELL instead of my loved ones…

  • Mike Hackett

    Update,  people you are whistling into the wind throwing your complaints onto this blog DIRECT2DELL don't give a monkies either. All this 'let me have you service tag number and I'll try and help' is nonsense. Lionel has had my details for over two and absolutely nothing has changed.   

  • ijsingh78

    Another Update: Nothing new from Dell's side, they once again pushed the delivery date for my XPS laptop from 2/4 to 2/11. Don't buy Dell.

  • beamermt25

    I just dont understand why dell doesn't do anything about their poor customer service.  I watched a youtube video of a person who does tech blogs and reviews… He had a 9 min long telling of how dell wouldn't honor their own warranty and so on (basically everything everyone has said in this blog) and he was contacted by dell to fix the issue, and even told that Dell was spending millions of dollars to fix the problem… where did that millions go?  Would it even matter if all of these 200 something people just canceled their orders and went elsewhere?

  • ijsingh78

    Hot Update: I happen to check the status of my order and it says "changed". The detail description says the order is either changed or canceled.  The customer support says , "Sir our systems are down we can not provide you with any update on your order, please call us tomorrow". I am not sure what is going on with my order. I just received a phone call from Dell today morning to address my concern over getting the Windows 7 upgrade and I was assured that I'll get my free Windows 7 upgrade once I receive my order. Anyways, I'll keep you posted on Dell's next move on my order.

  • ijsingh78

    Latest Update: I called Dell customer service today and I was told that my order has been canceled as my configuration was "illegal". Come on ! I did not create the configuration, this is what was offered through Dell's website. Anyway, I was transferred to the order modification team. My order was re-entered into the system. I got a new order number and not to mention a NEW delivery estimate. The new delivery date is now 2/23. When I compared the two configurations the LCD description looked little different (see below). It seems Dell ran out of CCFL LCDs and that turned my ordered configuration to "illegal".

    1 320-6319 13.3 inch Wide Screen WXGA TL CCFL Backlit LCD with 2.0MP Camera, XPS M1330R (old)
    1 320-6320 13.3 Inch Wide Screen WXGA TL WLED Backlit LCD with VGA Camera, XPS M1330R (new)

    Keep watching for more updates on this order.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Mike: I checked with our service team and they have tried to reach you via e-mail and phone several times. They've also said there's no way to leave a voicemail at the number they're dialing.

    I'll send you a private message with contact information for you.

  • phantom-racing

    Dell wonders why they do not meet their financial targets. Look at their solutions . "Cancel your order and go to a retailer." I did that except I got a different brand. In this economy you better grab all the customers or you loose them to someone else. This is a small number of people, imagine how many more customers has same issue. Stop apologizing , FIX IT.

  • KimNPho

    It's amazing Dell can get away with this worst customer services. I just wonder how their shareholders invest in a company having no ambition to fix their system and poor services.

    At this moment  I am still waiting for an invisible person on the other line of Dell Home user support customer services depertment. It took 1 hour. I live in Melbourne, Australia, not "Down Under" the ocean.

    The laptop we ordered may never turn up. But it's not as bad as being transfered around all Dell departments and waiting each time an hour for each phone call and still did not receive an answer for the delay.

    I am asking for any Exec from Dell to review their Customer Services.  A restructure is highly recomended.

    Also if a compensation would be considered to customer by Dell for the time wasted and frustration caused by this kind of services.

    Extremely unhappy customer.

    Happy to discuss.










  • Mike Hackett

    Lionel, I finally received an email from Mangala. I replied with contact details on Monday and a full synopsis of my problems up to this point I also stated I would be free from 3pm today. Mangala replied on Tuesday saying he/she would review my email and the issues therein and telephone today.

    So far I've been waiting an hour and a half with and guess what, NO telephone from Mr or Mrs Mangala………!

    3 Months and still no resolution.

    One word, Unbelievable!

    Mike Hackett

  • hooshidar

    I've ordered  Studio XPS 16 with RGB LED screen and i7 processor on 1/9/2010. The order was supposed to be delivered on 2/2/2010 but the delivery date was updated 4 times to 2/9/2010, 2/16/2010, 2/23/2010 and last one 3/2/2010.

    I contacted customer support and they informed me that the order is being delayed as the Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11AGN Half Mini Card is backordered.

    I'm not optimistic about receiving my laptop on the latest estimated delivery date as well.

  • Mike Hackett

    My latest email to DELL following yet another let down…..!

    Dear Mangala,

    I hope that you will have the due consideration to
    reply to my email from last Thursday. I waited for a call for you on
    Weds at the time we agreed in your earlier email to me but you did not

    I look forward to hearing from you, or anybody from DELL
    for that matter who can bring this absolute joke of a transaction to a
    resolution. But once again I shall not be holding my breath.

    Michael Hackett

  • JGolden11

    I live in India and after being on the phone with the Dell CSRs I offered to drive down there and help motivate them. 

    It's been 3 months since I ordered and I've been delayed 3 times. I need the laptop for my son graduating from high school in the states but it looks like he won't be a PC user by the time college rolls around!

  • ijsingh78

    The final verdict

    Emailed Dell on 2/15 asking about the status of the order delivery date of which was 2/23. After couple of rounds of emails, received a final reply from a Dell Manager on 2/19.

    Dear XXXX,

    Thank you for your response. I understand from your e-mail that you want to expedite your order # XXXX.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in resolving this query with us.




    Dell Online Customer Care.

    Huraaah ! My order has been canceled. I should have done this earlier. Anyways I hope Dell will be my "LAST" choice in future purchases. Not to mention, where I go I'll spread GOOD words about Dell

  • Lamby64

    Well Dell – there seems to be a lot of unhappy customers – and I am among them – sorry to say.

    I have had a 3 month delay on a laptop and 3 month seems to crop up a lot – very unreasonable length of time to wait, especailly after Credit Card was charged within 21 days of order – tut tut!

    Still no idea when I can expect my laptop but everyone at Dell seems to be very sorry for the inconvenience and frustration – a mute note to a very real problem.

    As you can teel I am very negative re my whole Dell experience – would love to be the opposite.

    Come on Dell – pick up your service and get those unhappy curstomers back on your side – sort this mess out please.





  • mcloeffler

    I am seriously frustrated with Dell. I ordered a desktop and a netbook a month ago, got the netbook when expected. However the desktop is another matter. I am now on my 4th delay with no explanation. Customer Service staff have no answer, after the second delay I was told no additional delays are expected. What a joke! I have been a long time Dell customer but will not order another thing from Dell after this. The special financing promo will probably expire before I ever receive the computer.

  • randy113

     have ordered a few systems from dell over the years, my sister owns a large personell company and has got over 200 systems over the last 2 years, and now i ordered another one she also ordered another 10 and we have been put off for yet the third time and cant get a straight answer on when we will recieve them. since you outsorced you company to India we have had nothing but delay after delay. She had to cancel her orders because she needs them at her offices and not just a promise they will be delivered. I am wondering if I need to do the same, Is this the new  Dell company motto < your order is being delayed again or what. Do we need to go to a stockholders meeting to get a real answer, because it seems you no longer care about your customers any more. I know that this company started out American and now it seems you have decided that you dont need us anymore. It would be nice to be told that your system is on it's way but we are wonering if it's going to the Taliban insted.

  • skotagiri

    I ordered a DELL T310 and my hope is waning out as each week the estimated delivery date gets pushed back again. This is getting very frusterating. Why can't an estimated delivery date be made better with knowing delays in parts and adding a week or two on to it so we have some sence of when to expect. Can we have some organized effort from Dell?

    My delivery is updayed again as delayed till 18 Mar 2010.

    Order Date :                    11 Feb 2010

    First Delay Update:       04 Mar 2010

    Second Delay Update: 11 Mar 2010

    Third Delay Update:      18 Mar 2010

  • Fresyes

    I placed my order back on January 16th 2010 for a Alienware M17x  with all the bells and whistles ($4063.00 worth) and today received my 7th delay notification, which puts the expected delivery a week from now (March 16th). I really don't know what to say except that Dell should be embarrassed and that I'm deeply disappointed.

  • Mike Hackett

    Finally the PCI wireless card is delivered which I install to the replacment machine and boot it up, which take over a minute and a half becauseI have an external HD I'm also getting non system disc errors at boot time if I leave a flashdrive in a usb the spin up of the internal HDD at boot time is unbelievable loud as is the fan on the mother board! DELL why are you so consitently inconsistant?

    The first machine whilst it didnt in the manner it was supposed, was virtually silent running and did not have such a sensitve boot sequence! Nor did it open auto play everytime it was switched on just because I had my external HB plugged. I lost a MS Word student edition licence because of DELL had to fork out for another I've just installed on the replacement machine and it looks like this is going the way of the first, I'd say back to DELL but the first one is still sitting in my hallway gathering dust waiting to be picked up. If I was in the US I'd at least be offered a 'holiday voucher' here in Europe DELL give me half off the student price of Office at £36 sterling its actually cheaper in Euros here in Ireand what a cheek!


    No doubt Lionel will be along at some point with more duff customer service info,

  • nvaksman

    My order is delayed four times. Dell XPS9100. Apparently no one can give me a clear explanation as of why it is happening.