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Whether we’re classifying types of Twitter users, talking about Twitter at the center of breaking news, cool Twitter apps, why we love Twitter, using Twitter as customer service (@Zappos is simply on another level! Check out to see what I mean) or Twitter downtime, seems like we can’t quit talking about it.

Still, for all that chatter, there’s a lot of folks that still have questions about it. The folks at CommonCraft have a great introductory video, and Laura Fitton’s blog post is probably still has the best big-picture explanation of Twitter that I’ve come across.

From a Dell perspective, @RichardatDell told me yesterday that Dell has about 40 folks who use Twitter pretty regularly. We’ve got RSS feeds of all the Dell blogs and IdeaStorm in the Twitterverse. We also have other places where we sell Dell products in Twitter like @DellOutlet and @DellHomeOffers. Not too long ago, we added @DellSmBizOffers to the mix. Like BusinessWeek noted, we recently surpassed $500,000 in revenue through Twitter, and that number is growing. In all of our Dell brand Twitter locations, you will see one or two Dell individuals that they follow. That way, if you have a question, you have a Dell person to follow up with.

I got a chance to sit down with Ricardo Guerrero (@ggroovin), who was one of the main folks behind our Twitter activities overall to talk about this stuff in a bit more detail.


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3 thoughts on “Dell & Twitter

  1. I have six computers in spite of the fact that I am a one man company.  Five are Dells and one is a Gateway.  Three are approaching five years old.  I will not replace them with anything using Microsoft Vista.  The media criticism matchs the foul talk I hear from my associates.

    I hate to spend the money and time to retrain to Apple but unless Dell gets away from that Monster, Microsoft, I am gone.

  2. Twitter and instant information technologies are here to stay.  Even if Twitter dies there is Pownce and a hundred other technologies out there that Dell and all companies should be learning to use.  These have an audience and that audience has money.  Few people Twitter from a computer.  Most do it from a portable divice, and those people have spare $$ to spend.  Good for Dell getting in on a leading edge for marketing.  It is good to see the man with the name on the computer stearing the ship again!

    And to Joe Briscoe, Dell has a whole line of linux OS laptops and desktops running Ubuntu.  I run it on older Dell equipment that won't run vista and Ubuntu works great!

  3. Twitter is the best form of social marketing since the launch of Myspace!  I am an avid user and when I am not at one of my 4 trusty Dells (specifically my laptop)… that has been giving me start-up problems and right now is not good because I haven't created a back-up disk in a few years and ALL of my client's work is on my laptop!!!… I am using my Blackberry to keep in touch with Twitters and potential new clients. I love Dell… but the last two computers have been giving me mucho problemos! 

    Good for Dell for Keeping up with new media to communicate! I am a PR specialist and I love keeping up with new edia!!

    I will add you to my following list for new info!!!

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