Dell & Windows 7: A Winning Combination for Customers


The whole Dell team is thrilled to help bring Windows 7 to our customers! I am in New York today where there is great excitement and anticipation over the launch of Win 7…happening here and in many other parts of the world including London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing to name a few global hot spots.  We know we have the coolest products on the planet (and as fans of Alienware would say, in the universe) and today people all over the world usher in a new era with an operating system that makes the most out of our gear…

Simple: Windows 7 is a very stable operating system, which is fast and we believe going to deliver a remarkable customer experience. I have been using Win 7 for a few months and it has changed my life with my laptop. Windows 7 allows you to do more with fewer steps and with many cool features such as Location Aware Printing, Jump Lists to organize and speed up file and application access, file content previews on hover, and ways to get right to the windows you want with Snap/Shake/Peek.

Expressive: Windows 7 brings collaboration and multimedia together with exciting features like Windows Live Essentials, heterogeneous content integration into Media Center, Play To features that will present content stored on your PC to your designated home entertainment device, and HomeGroups that make networking other Windows 7 PCs easy and help people share files and printers among all the PCs in the network. We listen to our customers to understand and provide technology that meets their needs.

Secure: (without the hassle): Windows 7 provides security and user control without interruptions by moving pop up messages to the User Account Control center… so no more pop-ups to interrupt you (or tempt you to ignore them all).

Responsive: Faster boot times:  Boot to desktop times are cut in half with Win 7. Applications launch very quickly. You can put your system to sleep and wake it up faster than before and there are fewer crashes and freezes. Windows 7 has proven to be a much more stable code base (even in beta) so expect to be delighted when you boot-up your Dell laptop or desktop loaded with Win 7.

Powerful: No fear and no limits!  At Dell we "fly our own jetfighters."  Ask the Alienware engineers who have been using Windows 7 on their own machines. Games launch quicker and in-game performance rocks with the combination of DirectX 11 and Windows 7.  Trust us on this: if it's good enough for Area-51, it's good enough for anything!

So go ahead, discover the power of simplicity… we believe Windows 7 nails the fundamentals.  When you couple the benefits of Windows 7 with the award-winning hardware and breadth of products from Dell, we believe our customers are the clear winners.

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  • rahlquist

    Why doesn't Dell list the
    Windows 7 Family Upgrade
    pack on their site? Most other places are going to be selling it for
    $149.99 (like staples
    . I have several dell made machines I would like to upgrade to
    Windows 7 why is it not listed when most other SKU's are?

  • shefix

    It's a shame that even though this "valued Dell customer" registered for the "free" Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade on a system I purchased through Dell Small Business, due to some major technical issues apparently that nobody at Dell can explain, Dell's "valuable customers" will have to wait to "discover the simplicity" by purchasing a non-OEM version of Windows 7 since the "free upgrade" registered accounts have disappeared and a bunch of "valued" Dell customers can't even log in to check their registration status and place their order for the "free" upgrade.  Funny how this "valued business customer" has called three times, once to Dell Tech Support, twice to Dell Customer Support, and emailed the support, and everybody else in the Dell support universe only to be transferred twice, hung up on three times after being placed on hold for over 20 minutes (I am so stubborn, I keep calling back, am I a stupid "valued" customer or what).  Not one Dell support individual has been able to explain why or simply offer a quick solution so I can GET MY WINDOWS 7 ultimate version I specifically was encouraged to get and register for only upon registering my service tag, all customer support stopped and the only way this "valued" customer will get to actually experience the awesomeness of Windows 7 before Christmas time is to buy the stupid copy myself from anyone BUT DELL.  I own a tech support company and we service Dells if you can believe it, and after pursuing every appropriate avenue of support to request assistance since September 22, 2009, even with proof of registration sent to my now non-existant registered email account, this "valued" customer is going to have to physically pull teeth to get somebody at Dell who is so busy being excited about the release of Windows 7 to ACTUALLY RELEASE IT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT REGISTERED FOR IT.  I pray someone at Dell GOOGLE the phrase " registration problems" so you can be the LAST TO KNOW how difficult you are actually making it for  YOUR OWN CUSTOMERS to get their hands on a version of Windows 7.  Thanks Dell, truly thanks for a huge waste of consumer confidence, money, and time.  I've exhausted all the support routes short of calling Dell HQ, so I guess I'll return my system for a refund and shop elsewhere so I can actually get what I paid for.  Ridiculous.  I just don't see how your customers are "clear winners" in this case, let us pay for it, withhold it from us, then blog about how wonderful it is while your own customers have to buy it from someone else just to experience it ourselves.  Laughable.  Ha ha ha.  You're so cute and funny, too bad not AWARE.

  • mfmbcpman

    Why is there no Windows 7 OS listed under the drivers section for my XPS M1730? I want to get it installed.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    shefix: I apologize for the difficulty in getting the Windows 7 upgrade DVD. We are beginning to ship orders out starting October 26. If you are having issues with the registration process, feel free to send me a private message (or you can e-mail me here) with either your system service tag number or your order number.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Harry Maier: Sorry for the frustration. Did you buy the upgrade from Dell? If so, please private message me (or send an e-mail to me here) with your order number. I myself don't know about the Precision 380 and Windows 7. I'll ask someone to follow up with you directly to address this.

  • DELL-Bill B

    Hi, Harry.


    Sorry about the frustration. The 380 released to market in 2006 with XP supported, and Vista support added after the Vista launch. We had no plans to provide driver support past Vista that I am aware of, but I have sent over a request for information about the possible future availability of Win7 drivers. I doubt we will be supporting 7 on this box.

    As far as HP, my best estimation is the equivalent system they released a few months later was the xw4100, which only has driver support through XP. I will admit my HP product knowledge is next to nothing, so if anyone can tell me what model was the approximate equivalent of the 380, I will be glad to check that model as well.

    If you purchased the upgrade through Dell, I will be happy to get that refunded to you. I have sent you an email. Feel free to respond at your convenience.

  • Harry Maier

    As shown in this blog, several folks from Dell have emailed me about this problem with suggestions how to work around it. I don't necessarily agree with Dell policy that 3 year old equipment may need to be replaced vs upgraded, that's not my call. However, I have been impressed and  most appreciative of their contacts and  efforts to help me avoid having to replace this equipment now vs a year or two from now. This is a classic example of "service recovery" and one which worked. Once again, I appreciate their assistance.

  • Harry Maier

    As a Dell Stockholder, I am appalled at Dell's refusal to support business systems wanting to upgrade to Windows 7, I purchased a Precision 380 work station in July 2006. Didn't believe the Vista hype and waited for Windows 7. Purchased an upgrade for $50 when 7 was announced after verifying hardware compatibility with Microsoft and checking the Dell website which said nothing about the 380. Today, went to the Dell small business support site and found no drivers. "Chatted" with a rep who informed me the 380 was not eligible to upgrade to 7. Told me to go to the website's FAQ's where this was covered. Read an article dated Oct 7, 2010 saying the 390 was the first Workstation which could be upgraded. Called back and asked for a manager to voice my complaints to and was then jacked around to various folks for whom English is a second language. Bottom line of all this is that I was refused the name of anyone else to talk with. Guess who is now going to be a former Dell customer and former stockholder? I am apalled that a once excellent company has fallen to this level. Could it be that Dell's refusal to write the drivers for a 380 upgrade to 7 has more to do with "forcing" customers to upgrade/buy new? If so, this is rather short sighted since HP and a variety of others apparently have more concern for thier customers.

  • G-Z

    will there be windows 7 driver support for my dell xps m1330?

  • Ms Tomato

    I am a very unhappy Dell customer.  I have spent $200 for a battery for my Inspiron 1501 computer and DELL sent the wrong battery.  I called to order the battery last year, paid $39.00 to speak with a "DELL Specialist" and trusted DELL to send the right battery.  Now that I need the battery, of course it does not work since it is a 6 v C cell.  I need a 9 v Cell.  I gave the "DELL Specialist" the # of the Inspiron 1501 laptop.  How does one screw up something so simple?  I have offered to return the unused battery at my cost, if DELL will just send me the right battery. I have been a loyal DELL customer, having purchased 3 laptops and one tower from DELL in the last 5 years.  DELL does not value my business.  I will be buying a new computer.  I will NOT be a DELL!

  • frogosopher


    I see your comment is dated 10/22 (it is now 10/26).  Have you heard anything from Dell?

    I, too, have been "spun out" by several calls and emails lately.  Appears Dell is not interested.  The "experts" I spoke with told me there was no such thing.  I told them that the Family Pack upgrade was–at that moment–the No. 1 seller in Software at Amazon.  In whatever part of the world Dell hides these Sales Professionals, they are kept uninformed.  I do not know if they are also tortured.


    : Email id  removed per privacy policy>

  • lisamorosky

    I just purchased my first Dell desktop a few weeks ago. It's sitting on my desk…yet to be used. "What's the point in using it when I have to upgrade to Windows 7 in just a couple weeks", I thought. I'll just wait to install Windows 7 when it comes out and I get my free upgrade.

    Well, it looks like the free upgrade is elusive. I've been hung up on my Dell customer service, emails go unanswered, forum posts go unanswered. All I wanted to know is when I can expect it to be shipped to me. A simple question, with a simple answer.

    If this is what it's like to be a Dell computer owner, I'm kind of over it. Considering returning my desktop and going with another company.

    Any updates on when we can expect Windows 7 free upgrades to be shipped? My order has no order status posted (it doesn't say "processing", it doesn't say "shipped", it doesn't say anything, though I did get a confirmation email saying I ordered it), so I have no clue. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm not likely to wait on the phone for another 20 minutes, or send 5 more emails, so if someone can point me to an actual human being…that'd be helpful. Dell has hugely dropped the ball on this one.

    Thanks. I'd love to use Windows 7. Hopefully I'll be able to at some point in the near future, on my new computer.

  • cdelic

    Same problem here. Apparently alot of people are having this problem and Dell isn't really doing anything about it except maybe if you are lucky enough to get a hold of somebody who cares. What happened to award winning support.Everythin g is droiven by the bottom line obviously.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • cdelic

    Same problem here. Apparently alot of people are having this problem and Dell isn't really doing anything about it except maybe if you are lucky enough to get a hold of somebody who cares. What happened to award winning support.Everythin g is droiven by the bottom line obviously.

     <ADMIN NOTE: Email id per privacy policy>

  • shefix

    Update: I have been contacted by Dell and believe I "should" have the Windows 7 upgrade in hand this week. Hopefully. I did get a response, and they are willing to help, and that's truly appreciated and I'm starting to feel like a "valued" customer again.  NOTE: Stephe Beck – dude, don't post your email address online unless you want to be spammed to death.  Edit your response and remove it for your privacy's sake.  Send them a private message is the best way to communicate directly unless you wish to post a comment, which the entire universe/spambots can view and target your email.  I do think they are now aware and trying to make it right.  Lots of folks accounts that were locked out, are now starting to reappear and some are having luck creating a new account using a different email address and re-registering as the messed up ones are starting to be "unregistered."  Anyway, I'll eat my words if I get that upgrade DVD today and thanks to the folks from Dell responding and offering assistance outside of the box.  Shefix

  • rahlquist

    No, I have not received a response. They seem to have answered every comment in this thread but mine. I see they even took the time to remove the email info from yours, but didnt bother to answer. I think the answer is becoming readily apparent and since Dell will likely not dispute my thought (since they cant seem to answer me at all) I will share it.


    It makes Dell more money to sell you 3 individual upgrades vs 1 upgrade.

    They have ignored my question in their own forums What to Buy section.

    The "WW Operating System Launch Manager
    US" has ignored my question

    I guess my only option here is to spend my money elsewhere and to share with everyone I know about this experience. Perhaps The Consumerist website will have some insight so I will share this with them as well.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Frogosopher and @Rahlquist: Apologies for the delay in responding. I'm still trying to get over the flu. Short answer is I don't know. Will check with our Windows team to see what I can find out about if we have plans to offer the Windows 7 Family Pack.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @lisamorosky: Sorry for the delay in responding to you. Soon after you've placed your order at, you should be able to log in. From there, you can see an Order Status link (see below). I think you've already gotten that far though  Is it still not showing your order status?

  • originalsnuffy

    What I don't understand is why it is so hard to get help from Dell when trying to access the Win7 upgrade site.

    For some reason the site would not take my password, so I did a password reset.  The password I was sent had a

    few ambiguous characters…could be either zeros and letter Os, and letter I and number 1.  So that did not work.  


    Now I can't reset the password at all.  I need to get in, as Dell changed my order to the 64 bit professional version from 32 bit…but the order won't go until I log in.  And I can't log in at all, no matter how hard I try.


    I have emailed I can't tell you how many times…phoned customer service…yadda yadda.  This should not be so hard to do!

  • ashmanq

    I cannot login to the dell windows 7 upgrade site. I registered my PC on the site when I got it  and now it wont let me login. Im 100% sure im using the correct password and the computer is definitley registered to the site. Why wont the site let me login? It keeps saying that im using the wrong password when im not! When I try using the forgot password function nothing happens when i click submit. Sometimes the site brings up some sort of Java errors too when i try going on it. This I am sure is a problem with the site and not my username/password. What am I supposed to do???? Dell support hasnt helped one bit. The contact us page on the site just gives empty replies telling me to use the contact us page!!! The support e-mail address on the site DOESNT WORK. Why cant I login to order my copy of windows 7?

  • rahlquist

    Lionel, any word?

  • Mike1363

    Well, here goes.

    Got the upgrade. Not a word about printer drivers not being provided in the Windows 7 upgrade. Now I have a "Photo 964" boat anchor. No reply from Dell support except an ad asking me to spend more money on some software that lets me access my PC from somewheere else. Heck, I just want to print the reports I need. Dell sure won't sell me any more $39.00 ink. I can't use up what I have.

    Not a happy camper!

  • Mike1363

    Just about like the driver support for the Photo 964 printer!  There ain't none!!

  • LiquidKernel

    In Spain, i am waiting from November 4th 2009 my Win7 upgrade DVD … nobody in DELL Spain knows when is going to be available, and the "Indian" Customer Support doesnt answer to my emails …  i think upgrade is a fake …