Dell Announces New Sustainability Initiatives at Fortune Brainstorm Green


At Fortune Brainstorm Green this week, Dell took some big strides in advancing our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan with the announcement of some exciting new sustainability initiatives designed to increase the ways that its IT solutions make lasting contributions to the planet. We’re excited to be the first company within the IT industry to pilot carbon-negative packaging as well as to be the first to use UL Environment certified closed-loop recycled plastics in manufacturing our PCs.

Our new Dell designed packaging leverages Newlight Technologies’ carbon-negative AirCarbon material that is made from carbon that would otherwise be part of the air we breathe – and it’s more sustainable and cost effective than traditional oil-based plastics. Wonder how this works? Newlight Technologies CEO Mark Herrema explains how his company is turning air into plastic in this video clip. We’ll be piloting AirCarbon packaging in the United States this fall, with plans to extend it globally for use in both packaging and products. This will add to our portfolio of sustainable packaging including, bamboo, wheat straw, and edible mushroom package, all of which have helped us eliminate 20 million pounds of packaging and saved 18 million dollars.

Also, we’re excited to share that our new closed-loop supply chain developed in partnership with Wistron GreenTech will allow us to turn plastics from recycled electronics back into new systems, helping drive a circular economy for IT. We’ll be the first company in the IT industry to use UL Environment certified closed-loop recycled plastic in our systems with the upcoming launch of the Dell OptiPlex 3030 All-in-One desktop, which will be commercially available in June.

Michael Dell discusses these new advancements and how Dell’s is committed to creating a sustainable global impact during an onstage interview with Fortune’s Managing Editor Andy Serwer at Fortune Brainstorm Green. You can watch the session video here and even see Michael and Andy taking a break for a little “snack” of Dell’s mushroom packaging. 




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