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As people prepare for spending time with friends and family, we know lots of you are thinking about finding gifts for others. We’re working to make it easy for those of you looking for computers and electronics and accessories for those on your shopping list.

This year, we’re rolling out rolling doorbuster deals on Black Friday, starting at 12am EST on Friday, November 23. We’ll also be doing something similar for Cyber Monday. Check out (or click on the image below) to see the what we’ll be offering during the rolling window period. We’ll be offering a mix of electronics and deals on Inspiron desktops and laptops, the XPS 8500 desktop and an Alienware X51 desktop. If you’re waiting until next week to look for deals on Dell machines, check out

Supplies on several of the items and system configurations are limited, so if you see something of interest, be sure to check in on when that doorbuster starts. Pricing details will be shared during the time window. Here’s an example of the kinds of deals you can expect:

  • If your student needs a new laptop, check out the portable Inspiron 14z for just $299.99 at 12:00am ET
  • A great addition to any family, the Inspiron 660s desktop with Windows 8 will be available for a mere $249.99 at 12:00am ET
  • For those looking for a sleek, space-saving All-in-One desktop, the Inspiron One 20 will be offered at a special price of $399.99 at 6:00am ET 

Dell Black Friday doorbuster deals

Beyond the doorbusting offers, we’re also offering our latest XPS Windows 8 products for those who are looking for the some of the best products Dell has to offer. Take a look at the XPS 10 Windows RT tablet or the award-winning XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a touch-enabled Windows 8 desktop, the XPS One 27 touch has been winning accolades as well. Otherwise, for those looking to being touch to an existing desktop with Windows 8, take a look at the S2340T 23” touch display, or Dell’s  wireless touchpad TP713 that brings multitouch gestures to existing Windows 8 systems.

If you’re one of those shoppers who expects to be out and about to get some shopping done, you may be able to check out one of our Dell Showcase stores. By Black Friday, 50 Dell Showcase stores will be open nationwide. You will be able to see many of the Dell products I mention in this post and get some hands-on time with them at these stores. Here is the list of Dell Showcase stores if you want to check if one is available in a city near you.

For those of you already running Windows 8, feel free to download the Dell Shop App that provides a Windows 8 shopping experience. See my Dell Shop App post for more details.

However you’re planning to spend the next few days, we wish you a happy and safe time with your friends and family.

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4 thoughts on “ deals on Black Friday and beyond

  1. Wow.  Can't even buy anything in the black friday "deals" because the website is dekcuf up.  Way to go, Dell – An IT/Electronics company that can't do IT/Electronics.

    Betcha the folks over at Walmart got their act together…any takers?

  2. @shAder099: Overwhelming demand during the Black Friday promotions did result in our selling out of many of the deals within minutes in some cases. We also experienced some issues because of much greater than expected traffic to the site during our first Inspiron 14z offer.

    Sorry for any frustration and inconvenience this caused.

  3. What a joke.  The better part of two days spent on the phone with Dell after they "ran out" of the 14z I ordered.  Customer Service told me I could replace it with the next gen 14z, but they can't update my order.  Order modification tells me all they can offer is an Inspiron 15 or $100 off.  Already have an Insprion 15.  Caught in Dell Support H*ll!!

    After multiple computers for home and laptops for kids heading to college and multiple LCD TV's, Dell just succeeded in removing me as a customer.  There is absolutely no reason they can't offer us some type of adjustment on the 14z's they have in stock!  List price is only $100 difference, and they are offering a $100 credit.

  4. @skinut63: My apologies for the frustration. I'll send you an email so we can try to get this resolved.

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