Committed to Customer Experience on CX Day and Every Day


When Dell Technologies’ 140,000 team members came together last month to celebrate the combination of our Dell and EMC teams, I noted the excitement I saw for the opportunity this new organization presents.

Dell Technologies team members celebrate the close of the Dell EMC deal

To build on that enthusiasm and deepen our team’s passion for customers, today we are taking part in the fourth CX Day — a global celebration of companies and people who are delivering highest-quality experiences to customers, created by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

These activities are spearheaded by our Chief Customer Officer Karen Quintos who now leads a global organization solely devoted to customer advocacy. Rebekah Iliff recently spoke with Quintos about the role and noted on Inc.:

“In a sense, a chief customer officer is an anthropologist, a behavioral psychologist, a data analyst, and an expert communicator. To understand customers and truly serve their needs, one must be able to toggle between all of these things, as well as knit together the big picture.”

Quintos is not our only leader focused on serving customers, however.

“We are committed to a customer-focused approach to innovation and excellence,” Howard Elias, president, Dell EMC Services and IT recently said in his blog post on the key to a best-in-class customer service experience. He, along with all the other members of our executive team spend a great deal of time meeting with customers and partners to understand their needs.

But delivering the best-possible customer experience is not a job for one person, or even a handful of executives – it’s part of the role every one of us at Dell plays. You can see some of those faces behind the brand in this video they made to say thank you for your trust and loyalty this #CXDay:

There are more than 30 onsite events happening across our worldwide offices today to honor the team’s hard work and to spark our continued commitment to creating lasting and loyal customers.

And you can even join us as our team in Hopkinton, MA, broadcasts the activities there starting at 2:00 p.m. EST today

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6 thoughts on “Committed to Customer Experience on CX Day and Every Day

  1. A really good way to service your customers would be to notify your customers when you lose all their personal data to criminals. Instead, Dell has tried to hide it. I am still getting calls from these people 3 times a week and they have all my Dell data. I don't think you need to be a psychologist or anthropologist to understand that.  

  2. @tim1963 – I'm sorry to hear that you've been getting these calls. Phishing scams are increasingly more sophisticated, they are touching not only technology companies, but all industries, and we have devoted considerable resources to addressing them.

    We have posted information here (…/watch-out-for-tech-support-phone-scams) warning customers to be on alert for scams in which callers may pose as a Dell team member to ask for their information. We also have provided an intake form ( to make it easy for customers to submit information for our teams to investigate.  

    We have no indication that customer information used in these scams has been obtained through an external attack. However, we are not dismissing the issue. We have assembled a team of experts that are focused on investigating it and you can read more about that here:…/dell-phone-tech-support-scams

  3. Ok, Ms. Pevehouse, all those talking points are fine and dandy. Please explain why Dell did not notify its customers by email and/or phone when you realized there was a problem? Riddle me that, Batman.

  4. In fact, Dell broke a state law by NOT notifying customers of data breech. For me it is W.V. Stat. 46-A-2A-101 et. seq. Similar laws exist in 47 states and most territories.  

  5. Dell seems to think we care if it was a hack, a zip drive in a purse or maybe a steel file cabinet loaded on a rickshaw to Nigeria. That doesn't matter. You lost it to criminals and didn't notify us. The guy in the above article is telling us all the talents he has to use in customer service….bah! Customer service doesn't require sociology, anthropology or even physics, you need only one thing Dell doesn't possess, HONESTY.

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