Dell Community Performance Update


Earlier today, network issues caused some problems with the site. During this time, many users complained of slow page load performance. In some cases, users received timeout errors. Our teams have addressed the issues and will continue to work toward better overall site performance.

Update: Unfortunately, we've continued to see some network issues over the past couple of days. Those issues appear to be fixed and we'll continue to monitor the overall performance of the site.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. 


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3 thoughts on “Dell Community Performance Update

  1. I ordered V-515 printer on April 12th. At that time I was given order No. . Now you show no such number and no delivery status.  I think your Canadian Opereation is run by people in Asia who don't speak english and are incompentent.  Stop "out-sourcing ' to save money.  Thought Dell at one time was a good company to deal with, but have serious doubts now.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Order number removed per privacy policy.>

  2. A couple of things remain a problem. Sometimes, but not always, I am presented with a sign in screen when I am  already signed in to the Dell Forums. Another annoyance is when I want to leave a page I get a "are you sure" kind of reminder that is hard to get rid of…hope that gets fixed

  3. REPAIR ISSUES!!!   i was finaly sent my  "repaired" laptop… after it being 36 days at Your repaircenter

    Sadly it was sent back Broken 🙁  

    First it loaded stright to black (choose Safe Mode or Last working Configuration)  did that 3-4 times,

    i loaded safe mode, Restarted Pc, it ran for about an hour shut down , Restarted , it ran about 15-20 shut down &

    Now wont start up at all, only lights up for a seconed or two  then dies…..

    Now im being sent another box to return it Back to your repair center

     please Someone do something for me to make this issue right


    They Had my computer since March 17'th

    Thursday (25'TH) i called to see when it was being shipped back to me, i was Told it was fixed and running through the "last stages of dignoses" & would be shiped friday or at the Latest monday …. Well I called monday (march 29'th)…  to see if it was being shiped

    I'm told that the graphics card & mother bored are being ordered from their supplier!!!

    and MIGHT be fixed by Next Wednesday !!  21 DAYS after being logged into the repair center

    Well  wednesday APRIL 7'th!! rolled around  i call to see if my computer is fixed… NO   they still dont have the card & no ETA on when or if the card will be shipped anytime soon (did i mention this is my Home WORK computer)        April 24 'th finaly received my laptop

    i'm not greedy or demanding  a week or 2 to fix is fine, 3 weeks to fix  not good, OVER 36 Days to fix & send me

    a Still Broken computer that shuts down moments after start up & then wont power Up at All…. is  UNACCEPTABLE

    Who can Justify this?? WHO??  Who can think this is ok and normal behavior for a company???!!!

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