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Dell completes acquisition of Wyse Technology


It’s official, Dell announced a few minutes ago we completed the acquisition of Wyse Technology. With the addition of Wyse, the global leader in cloud client computing, Dell broadens the range of computing solutions it can offer customers and partners and significantly extends its Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) offerings.  The combination of Dell and Wyse places us firmly as a leader in Thin Clients and cloud client computing.

Dell has made significant investments over the past three years to expand its virtualization presence. The combination of the Wyse portfolio with current Dell DVS offerings significantly strengthens our strategy to provide the products and services that enable our customers to do more.  Wyse’s assets will add to Dell’s existing desktop virtualization offerings, Desktop Virtualization Solution Simplified and Desktop Virtualization Solution Enterprise and its recent Desktop as a Service (DaaS) relationship with Desktone.

While this announcement is exciting for Dell on the computing side, we are equally excited about the opportunity it provides for our datacenter and enterprise businesses. A desktop virtualization scenario often includes a significant sales attach of data center technologies such as server, networking and storage, and complemented by deployment and implementation services. The expanded desktop virtualization capabilities creates new opportunities for the full range of Dell’s enterprise solutions and services.

Dell recognizes the success of the Wyse business and wants to extend and grow it. One area of focus is Wyse’s channel program and migrating their existing partners into Dell’s PartnerDirect program to leverage the best of Wyse’s program to strengthen ours. An additional benefit to Wyse’s channel members is that they will now have access to all Dell products, which we expect to open up new opportunities.

I’d like to welcome all of Wyse’s employees, customers and partners to Dell.



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