Dell Holiday Shopping – It’s Not Too Late!


If you’re a holiday slacker like me who prefers shopping for friends and family in your PJ’s from home to stay warm and avoid long lines—it’s not too late to order laptops, desktops, and other electronics and accessories from and receive them in time for merry gifting. Certain products and configurations on our site are tagged with the “Ships Fast” logo, indicating free 3 to 5 day shipping. Clicking on the screenshot below will take you to a page with some of the systems that qualify for this option—however, there are many more scattered throughout the site. Keep in mind that the Ships Fast product selection fluctuates daily, so just look out for the logo (shown below).

In addition to the Ships Fast option, electronics and accessories shown on this campaign page qualify for free next business day and 2nd business day shipping on the dates below:

12/15 – 12/20: Free 2nd Business Day shipping
12/21 Only: Free Next Business Day shipping                              

Click on the screenshot below to visit our shipping guide for estimated delivery dates corresponding to estimated ship dates and methods:

By the way, if you’re stumped on gift ideas—we’ve got a handy Holiday Gift Guide for electronics and accessories. As a photographer and someone who is probably developing carpal tunnel, my personal favorites are the Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR camera and Logitech Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo MK550.

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4 thoughts on “Dell Holiday Shopping – It’s Not Too Late!

  1. How can u say there is not too late!!  I been try to order a laptop for my daughter X'Mas gift since Nov and got cancelled 4 times.  4 days b4 X'Mas still can't place an order!! I got over 30 different pphone # & ext #. Dell pass me form department to department, extendion to extendion, on hold after on hold for many days!  Manager after Manager prom to call me back in 10 mins, 30 mins, 2 hrs.. but NONE of them ever call back!! E-mail to customer care; No respond also!  Dell has 1000 + employees; no 1 can be respondablie to help customer without transfer after transfer???   This  is an other message I left for DELL  but it just like all others NO  ONE  EVEN  CARES!!!!

  2. Hi gwendoline2012, sorry to hear about your experience. I've sent you an email to get additional background and will do my best to help!

    Thanks for your patience,


  3. Thanks Rene, I did reply your e-mail.  hope the best which the e-mail won't go down to the drain again !  Happy Hoilday!

  4. Rene / whomever got the message!

    look like my time to type up this e-mail go down to the drain!!  NO person in your company do care!  no 1 even care to respond!  what are sorry company!!!

    try to place an order almost 2 months! now u guy disconnited the min notebook!

    don't u think u guy should honor my order to bump up my order to the next similar item without additional cost for many reasons!

    1)  you can't tell me u out of the product; there were many there when I order

    2)  waste my time to contact / place order / on hold/ wait and much more!

    3)  the customer service are very horror-able; seem like no 1 can take responsibility to handle any problem and concern!

    4)   look like your company don't care any 1st time customer and won't care they become repeat customer in the nearest further!

    5)   why don't u put yourself in my shoes to see how much trouble your guy cost me to order only 1 notebook!!!!

    the bottom line is NO  ONE  care; NO ONE will take responsibilty!  

    Can't slove the problem for customer; ignor is the best way to do!  

    Customer can't find us; we just put them on hold!  

    I knew that is waste my time to write it because DELL  is a very unsatisfied company!

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