Dell InkSave – Why Drive to the Store Anymore?


Hate running out of ink? Even more, hate getting to the store, staring at the hundreds of options and trying to remember your "cartridge number"? Dell's new InkSave program is a quick and easy automated reordering service. It's simple – the program starts you out with ink in your printer and a spare. Once your current ink cartridge is empty, use the spare and use the prepaid envelope provided for you to mail in the used cartridge.  Shipping is free and you're charged automatically for the new cartridge when we exchange your old one. You will receive an email notification when the cartridges are received at the processing center and when a new one is on the way to you.


Sign up, it's free! You'll receive a welcome kit with your first round of ink as well as prepaid envelopes to return the used cartridges. It's also easy on the environment – all cartridges returned are 100% recycled. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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One thought on “Dell InkSave – Why Drive to the Store Anymore?

  1. This is a great idea coming out of Dell…I am the person that always forgets the cartridge number at the store! The best aspect of this concept is that it appeals to my 'greener side' with automatic 100% recycling. Good info and a great article!

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