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Dell Launches Direct Financing Capabilities in México


As part of our long-term vision to expand Dell’s global captive financing, Dell Financial Services today began offering financing to customers in México through the legal entity Dell Leasing México S. de R.L. de C.V.  It’s the first expansion of our financing capabilities in Latin America, and promises to be a key enabler for Dell customers and channel partners in México.

This launch offers commercial customers in México an affordable and convenient way to acquire the technology solutions they need to support and grow their business. Customers will have the opportunity to establish leases or other financing for their end-to-end solutions, whether they purchase it direct from Dell or through our channel partners. DFS can fund every part of the technology solution – both Dell and non-Dell hardware, software bundled with hardware, and services.

Juan Pablo Unna, our DFS sales director in Mexico, has already been getting a great reception from customers and partners in the country:

“Our Dell customers and channel partners in Mexico are very excited to start working with DFS,” he said. “They see this as an opportunity to enhance the end-to-end solutions they acquire from Dell through one point of contact who can help them manage their budget while helping them acquire the technology they need.”


The continued expansion of DFS is part of our commitment to supporting customer’s and partners’ business transformation and future growth. Over the last three years, DFS has expanded beyond its U.S. roots to become a global financial services provider with the operational infrastructure to support customers in 19 countries, including the U.S., Canada, 16 countries in Europe, and now México.

Dell Financial Services enables our customers to:

  • Prevent technology obsolescence: DFS lease solutions enable customers to regularly rotate their assets so they can have the latest technology at all times.
  • Increase operational efficiency: DFS can help fund upgrade options when they are needed (rather than when the budget allows) and will dispose of old equipment so customers can focus more on the technology they need for their business.
  • Conserve capital, preserve credit line: By providing financing for IT investments, DFS allows customers to conserve cash for core business activities.
  • Manage cash flow: Payments can be structured to budget or cash flow requirements.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Leasing facilitates regular technology refreshes, which helps to reduce support costs and manage the total cost of ownership.
  • Access total solution financing: DFS can finance entire solutions for a customer, from servers and storage, to software and services.

Visit to learn more about how Dell Financial Services helps customers acquire the technology they need.

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