Dell Launches Treat Yourself Campaign


Launched June 20th, Dell’s latest TV commercial entitled "Treats" invites consumers to Treat Yourself to one of Dell’s colorful Inspiron laptops.  The 30-second spot, created by Mother New York, highlights Dell’s ability to deliver computers that reflect the personalities, attitudes, and desires of its consumers by focusing on its strategic platform of "Yours is Here."

 The new Inspiron 14 in 7 different colors

"Treats" is the first spot in the campaign to be released. Set inside an imaginary factory, the spot focuses on a team of four workers who sing and stroll throughout the space as dream-like machines shape an array of colorful substances into Dell’s candy-like line of Inspiron computers. Musically, we’ve revived and re-recorded the 1958 hit "Lollipop", originally performed by Ronald & Ruby.

"Treat Yourself is all about a more relaxed and everyday relationship to technology. It’s more colorful than technical and about fun more than facts," commented Paul Malmstrom and Linus Karlsson, CD’s and Partners of Mother New York. "We created a magical factory for the TV spots; a place where imaginary machines and singing workers kick out a rainbow of candy wrapped computers. What’s not to like?"

The TV spot will run on network and national cable throughout the summer; additional TV, print and online components will be released concurrently.

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  • whizz2409

    DELL are, by far, the worst company that I have ever had any dealings with in my life. I have had a complaint issue with them and they initially offered me a refund, which I accepted. Next day, they withdrew that and offered me a relacement laptop. I reluctantly agreed and was advised of the delivery date in May 2009. This day came and went and no laptop. I was advised that it had got lost in transit. Dell told me they would have to order another machine, delivery date 24 June 2009 and, guess what, it did not arrive, lost in transit again is their excuse. THhis issue has gone on for  3and a half months now, I only have had the laptop in my possession for 3 weeks whern I first bought it. After all, it was Dell Technical Support that advised me that it needed to be replaced initially. I have now been advised that they need another 48 hours to investigate and if it cannot be found, I will have to wait for a new order to be shipped from China, approximately another 4 weeks down the line.

    No matter how many times you ask how to make an official complaint, I am advised that " I will be the highest point of contact for you in this matter" which I find patronising and contemptable.

    My advice, no matter how tempted you are, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM DELL!

  • DELL-Todd S


    I'm not sure what would have been happening with that case but I'd definitely like to get someone to take a look at it for you.  If you can PM me more information (your service tag, case number, contact information, etc) I'll forward that to one of our contacts to see if they can get someone to review the case for you.

    You can PM me by clicking on my user name and selecting the option to send a message.


  • Zanes

    We have 15 configuration of DELL desktop Inspiron 530 for Call center (technical support for and we don't have any problems. We dont need technical support for this beacose… they works!

    Tip: Buy DELL from Serbia!

  • Littletad

    Definitely one of the best Dell commercials since the "Dell guy" campaigns.