Dell Leads with Sandy Bridge System Options; More Coming Soon


I’ve been blogging about the Intel Cougar Point chipset issue since not long after Intel released the details with media outlets and the blogosphere. My initial post regarding Intel’s Cougar Point chipset issue appeared early last month. I added two updates to that initial post, and eventually  published a second post on the topic. Throughout this process, we’ve worked to offer customers the most flexible options possible during the times where these systems were not being shipped.

One thing that seems to be getting overlooked throughout this process is the fact that Dell is shipping more new Sandy Bridge systems with updated Cougar Point chipset hardware than just about anyone else. In my February 22 post about the new XPS 15 and 17 laptops,  I made the point that both of them would be shipping with updated chipset hardware. Also, early this month, we began accepting new orders for several high-end desktops including the XPS 8300, Vostro 460 and Alienware Aurora R3 systems. The Alienware M17x R3 laptop is the latest example of a system we’ve begun shipping again.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be expanding the number of systems that offer Intel’s latest technology beginning next week. Among the systems customers can expect: new Inspiron laptop options in the near term (next week) followed by a new ultra-slim notebook that will answer a few questions plus bring performance and style together in a big way. We’ll also have a slew of Sandy Bridge options for business customers in the coming weeks as well, including several Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstation desktop and laptop options.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a system that offers some of the best performance you can currently buy, the second-generation Sandy Bridge processors are the answer. No other company is offering as many Sandy Bridge-based system options with the updated Cougar Point chipset than we are, and we’ll be increasing those options soon. 

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38 thoughts on “Dell Leads with Sandy Bridge System Options; More Coming Soon

  1. @shoppedher1st: Thanks for the comment. To be sure, we definitely have plans to bring Sandy Bridge into a broader range of systems… not just high-end ones.

    We are definitely planning on taking care of customers who have affected systems. Our teams are discussing some of those details right now, and I'll blog about how we're going to carry out that support.

    Thanks again.

  2. I'm also curious if the XPS Studio 9100 will get a new look as well as the new Sandy Bridge processors (don't like the orangish-red, sorry).

  3. Great to hear all this good news from you Dell, but once again nothing to us out here that have systems, mine a XPS8300 and how you are going to handle us, to fix our problems. So where does that leave us?

  4. Thank you Lionel.  Looking forward to a thin and powerful Inspiron laptop in the next week.  I knew Dell could finally combine both in a laptop.  Hopefully the entire Inspiron line (14.1", 15.6", 17.3") will be overhauled and be thin.

  5. I just wish that the wait wasn't so painful…

    14 days, 16 hours, 2 minutes and 30 seconds until my XPS 17 is estimated to arrive.  Here's to hoping that 15 day lead time turns out to be more like 10 days.  I would very much like to see my new system arrive, and I am not very good at being patient.  Not at all.

  6. i was a dell xps user but i sold it few weeks ago…  and planning to buy a new laptop and a new slim xps range seems to be great.. BUT when i googled about it there was a rumor that it will be missing optical drive option.. IS THIS RUMOR TRUE???if yes.. i sooooo am unhappy 🙁 …. the second gen. xps is great BUTtttt its too bulky please give me some tips on my email id.. i REALLY NEED A PROFESSIONAL HELP

  7. Spoken like a true salesman.  This simply validates that Dell is more interested in new sales than in attending to those of us who already have a system that needs a motherboard replaced.  What horrible customer service.

  8. I can not belive that company like Dell can do its business & survive in the market!

    Horrible customer service!

    It seems like Dell doesnot have any communication between its departments,

    Reps do not know anything about you (Lionel) are saying.

    No customer service, no future for the company.

  9. @ferretking and @K-Jul: Sorry that Dell hasn't taken care of you. It's my goal in this situation and with our blog strategy in general to be a lot more than a salesman.

    Please either send me a an e-mail directly or send me a private message with detail about your order (and order number) and the best way to contact you. I will get your details to someone who can help.

  10. This is good news for others able to wait out Sandy Bridge (SB) debacle.  Unfortunately I was not able to wait and found an HP dvt7 quad edition which fits my needs very well – i7-2630QM (aka Sandy Bridge), discrete GPU and for less than $1k to boot.

    I feel that Dell could have offered more than the XPS laptop line that utilized the SB infrastructure but saw dollar signs to be made by the XPS line instead.  Again, this is only an opinion I have.

    I am still in the market for a desktop but I am holding out to see what the XPS 9100 will offer when it adopts the new SB technology.  Hopefully something semi-exciting like the Z68 motherboard.  My current desktop is one I bought from Dell almost 8 years ago.  I am very pleased with the quality and life I have received from it which is why I'm holding out for another Dell desktop.  But this high-powered laptop I got from HP has the potential to negate my need for a high-powered desktop and Dell could be losing one more, once life-long customer.

    I hope Dell takes care of the other customers who shouldn't be waiting to have their new machines fixed…  Customer service should be a number one priority; that and quality is what leads to sales.  I think Dell still has the quality part of the equation figured out.

  11. I'd love the have more info on this… are 14" XPS among those new systems? Are ultra slims getting quad core sandy bridge? I need a small yet very powerful laptop and I just can't find it!

  12. All: I would advise you to read my wording carefully. Inspiron laptops coming next week… the ultra-slim is coming later.

    Stay tuned to Direct2Dell.When the time comes, I'll do my best to do it justice.

  13. I ordered a new  XPS 8300 on 3/5/2011 with a ship date of 4/6/2011. It shipped on 3/9/2011 and I have to assume that it will have the new chip set but I was very surprised and concerned that it shipped so soon. I can't believe Dell would ship new machines with the old chip set but I didn't think they would have the new components until April. Should I be concerned?

  14. hi Lionel

    i am a HP laptop user. This time i was willing to skip hp and choose dell. i selected a model xps 15 i7.

    but then i came to know that it is now not available on dell site. nd the local dealers are selling the old one ( no sandy bridge) i contact so many time to dell customer care. but same reply all the time IT IS NOT AVAILABLE

    they dnt have xps 15 laptop with or without sandy is really really horrible.

    i am from India. i dnt know why dell always released laptops in usa then Canada, Europe then in india. every time we have to wait for the laptops we wish to buy.

    last time it happened i skip DELL nd choose HP. not because i liked hp more then dell.. it is because i had no time nd option as well. we can wait the delivery time period. but how can we wait all the time releasing of our favorite laptop in India. moreover we have no idea how much time it will take nd what will be the cost.

    and in india dell laptops are more expensive then other country. Still we have to wait longer then all.


    now the only qus left in my mind is how long I have to wait this time? Or I have to choose HP again?

    Please tell me is there any other way to bring xps 15 i7 laptop to india? because there is no 15 inches laptop in i7 processor wow no i7…

    please be my guide nd help me out. nd tell me is there any way to purchase xps 15 i7 from usa.

    thanks in advance.

  15. We bought one Desktop in Dec. and other one last month.  I contacted Dell as was having problem with Processor etc., machine crashing and we losing unsaved data.  A message was left for me telling it is because we have this faulty chip which is recalled.  After this message I have sent 2 emails and left 2 messages this week but no one is returning calls or email.  I am trying to find out what Dell is planning as we are an accounting firm and it is income tax season, we need best reliable machine.  Anyone from Dell reading this, please reply.

  16. It's a great news to hear that Dell is going to update their XPS series with new Intel processor.

    It'll be amazing if they provide these laptops very soon, I was waiting for Dell to introduce their new laptop series and only due to this reason I have not purchased XPS laptops.

    I want new XPS series to be launched in India very soon, as I am planning to buy a new laptop.

    Hope that Dell will make my wish as soon as possible.

    I also think that Dell XPS 15 stock is not available(in INDIA) because they might be updating their stock with the new XPS(with Sandy Bridge) laptop series.

  17. Great, but the new XPS 17 (L702X) is not available with a 1080p screen that supports WiDi & Optimus because the only 1080p screen available is the 3D one that uses the discrete GPU fulltime.  Why isn't the type of non-3D 1080p screen available with the new XPS 15 an option for the XPS 17?

  18. Hello Lionel,

    I would like to buy 3 new Precision M4600 laptops.

    Have you an idea when the new Precision M4600 and M6600 laptops will be available on DELL Europe Web site ?


  19. Iam eagerly waiting for Sandy bridge processors..I am from India..Does anyone have any idea , when this new processors are gonna be come to markets with new range of processors..and what would be the price range?/

    Plz tell me

  20. no body replied on my comment. but i am still in hope and waiting. i wrote a comment on d2d India community and there i gave a link of this blog. may be that's why have some more people replying here from india.

  21. @redsand Sat, Mar 12 2011 11:09 PM

    "the new XPS 17 (L702X) is not available with a 1080p screen that supports WiDi & Optimus because the only 1080p screen available is the 3D one that uses the discrete GPU fulltime.  Why isn't the type of non-3D 1080p screen available with the new XPS 15 an option for the XPS 17?"

    As you outlined,  redsand, I found I had to choose between an

    XPS 15 i7 quad-core with 1080p HiDef screen


    XPS 17 i7 quad-core with 900 dpi

    and have ordered the later because larger screen real estate was more important to me in this desk-top replacement.

    Still, given I'm not a gamer, or have any interest in 3D capabilities, it did seem a same to me that I couldn't by-pass the 3D capable screen for fuller 1080 dpi — I hope I haven't made a mistake.  Moreover, when I was in the process of finetuning my custom build, it looked like 1080 was avaiable on the XPS 17" i7, but then the website changed and it was gone?????

    I have about a week or so before my new XPS 17 is delivered and will let you know what I think after I get my hands on it.

    After 3+mths of researching laptops, I decided on the XPS for two basic reasons:

    – excellent audio built in with the JBL speakers + sub-woofer

      (looking to this machine to become my entertainment searching hub as well as work-horse)

    – and my old, old, desktop is a DELL and it has been very reliable.

    I would still like to know why I couldn't choose 1080 dpi, in what is a pretty expensive (Cdn$1860 – with taxes)

    and custom-building meaning I should be able to put the parts important to me together.

    Like I said, I'll be back here on my new system after it arrives.



  22. I am anxiously waiting the Sandy Bridge based laptops to be back in distribution channels.  Do I understand it right that they will be formally announced next week?  Will that mean that they will be in stock and ship shortly after order?  Or, will there be a long lead time for them?  

    I hope to see laptops using the on-board graphics processor with 1080P resolution on a 15" screen and full 1080P HMDI output.   Also need to have available a 7200 RPM disk drive.  

    Waiting with baited breath!

  23. I'm so glad to hear Dell has so many systems with the new second generation chips. I placed an order in January for an alienware aurora r3 that hasn't been shipped yet. Every time I call they say the parts aren't available because the chips have been recalled. But when I get on and see all these computers for sale with the new chips it really upsets me. Dell already has my money so I guess they don't have to worry about me anymore.  Not only will I never buy another Dell product because of this terrible experience, but I will also make sure no one that I know will spend money with Dell either.

  24. @KiraT and others who have asked.. am working on a post for later this week that explains our plans to replace motherboards that shipped before February 1. More details soon.

  25. Just wondering if anyone has gotten any news about when the dell inspiron deskstops with sandy bridge options will be out. Its seems like they should be available already? Thanks for any info…

  26. Lionel;

    Still awaiting the update on the Dell plan – please let us know what is going on "behind the scenes"


  27. Hi Mr.Lionel,

    How about Vostro V130,any plan to upgrade with i core 2nd generation ( sandy bridge ) ?.

  28. Where is this ultra slim notebook? We're almost at the end of April and I'm very much looking forward to seeing it…..

  29. Soooo, unless I'm mistaken, there has been zero info come out regarding the "new ultra-slim" sandy bridge notebook.  Weren't details supposed to arrive in April?  Rumor from Dell sources says the project was recalled.  What's the scoop???

  30. What's happened to the rumored Sandy Bridge replacement for the Precision T3500? Will Dell not update this model until next year's Ivy Bridge introduction?

  31. Horrible customer service !!!

    Never up to date drivers…etc

    MY m17xr3 is the last dell product i buy !!!!

  32. @Bottox: Sorry to see that you had some bad experience getting support for your M17x. I'll e-mail you separately to get more specifics, but just in case you weren't aware, there are two decent information resources:

    We have a team of dedicated Alienware techs who engage in forum threads on Notebook Review ( Here's the Alienware M17x thread on NBR.

    Otherwise, we have the Alienware Owners Club forum here on our community platform.

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