Dell Names John Swainson President of New Software Group


I've said before that Dell will continue its focus on being a solutions provider to businesses of all sizes. Software is an integral part of the server, storage and networking solutions and services that we're delivering to our customers.

Today, we 're announcing the formation of a new Software Group that will enhance our solutions capabilities. John Swainson will serve as President of the Software Group effective March 5, 2012.

John brings many years of experience leading software businesses and managing complex software solutions organizations. He spent more than 26 years at IBM, seven of which he was the GM of the Application Integration Middleware Division, which he founded in 1997. He was also the CEO of CA, Inc. from 2005 – 2009. 

 See more details in this morning's press release.

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One thought on “Dell Names John Swainson President of New Software Group

  1. Dell Software seriously needs alot of work. It's full of obvious bugs, easily replicated, slow, and most often hangs.

    e.g. Dell Smart Settings, that came with my Dell Precision m6600 (Jan 11) Win7 Pro x64, the control buttons on the app is not clickable where the app box is reduced (not minimized to task bar) and unable to resize even when I click on the corner to drag it. Making the buttons not clickable.

    Secondly is the Dell Precision Touch Panel app will sometimes appear at the bottom left Win task bar and sometimes it will not show up. Very odd app behaviour.

    The only work aorund this is for the machine to have a complete reboot.

    I have complained several times to Dell Precision AP support, till now no respond and no updates.

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