Dell OEM Solutions and Airbus help pilots go paperless with Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Solution


This week we announced the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) developed by Airbus and Dell OEM. It's an electronic information management device that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper.

Reinforcing Dell’s commitment to aviation industry, Dell OEM Solutions will source, configure, and support the solution for Airbus’ single-aisle aircraft in both forward-fit and retrofit scenarios. We will deliver the EFB on Latitude E6330 notebooks directly to Airbus customers (the airlines) for use in cockpits with Airbus software loaded. The notebook/EFB solution includes a customized cable (designed by the OEM team) enabling it to be plugged into a dedicated electrical outlet in the cockpit.

 Read the full story on our Dell OEM blog (or click on the image below >


Dell OEM and Airbus develop mobile Electronic Flight Bag

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