Dell ProSupport Services for Commercial Customers and Channel Partners


In my previous post, I had mentioned Dell ProSupport. So, what is Dell ProSupport? It is a collection of global, pre-packaged and standardized support services with a consistent level of support from the desktop to the datacenter-all designed to simplify how you run IT. Dell ProSupport is available to all Registered Channel Partners and commercial customers big and small, and includes all regions, with globally aligned people, processes, and infrastructure built for speed of resolution and ease of use.

Our goal with Dell ProSupport is to offer service options to customers that are consistent to your level of knowledge. That's something that I have been discussing with Direct2Dell reader Craig and wanted to explain it in more detail in this post. Whether you are a large company, a small business, a public organization or a registered channel partner you can take advantage of ProSupport for IT service model—which will give you tech-to-tech access and the ability to "skip the script" and immediately request a part or service call when you already know what the problem is with Fast-Track Dispatch.

Here's how it works. ProSupport for IT customers simply have to pass a certification test to take advantage of Fast-Track Dispatch. The online courseware and the test are part of the Dell ProSupport for IT offer, and are available at no additional charge. We also announced a second service model for those that need how-to support on common applications like Microsoft Small Business Server and Microsoft Office products, and new options for all…so please watch this video by Steve Meyer, Dell's VP of Global Services, to see how Dell ProSupport moves us past the outdated notion that support is one-size-fits-all.

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You can learn more about ProSupport here:

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16 thoughts on “Dell ProSupport Services for Commercial Customers and Channel Partners

  1. Thank you for the quick post reponding to my questions/comments on your last post.

    Is there any an IT person can get a ProSupport contract/certification that will cover all existing hardware warranties, and future warranties?

    Thank you.

    Craig McCarty

  2. I think this is a great move from Dell – and further solidifies why our company prefers Dell commercial/business support. I am already purchasing new systems with ProSupport for IT, and, as sick as it sounds looking forward to that first hardware support call to test it out. 


    I have a question though that there seems to be not much info around for. We have many, many machines with the current "Gold" support, and I have been informed that those service contracts would be rolled into ProSupport eventually. 1 – Is there a time line for this, and 2 – will business Gold contracts get auto migrated into the ProSupport for IT entitlement then?

  3. Craig and Chris:

    Great questions.  Once you become Fast-Track
    Certified, you will be able to Fast-Track parts and/or labor for systems with
    active Silver, Gold, Platinum and Gold Technical Support contracts (and
    ProSupport for IT of course) at no additional cost. 

    When I spoke to customers before the launch, most
    indicated they do not want us to ‘automatically' make any changes to their
    existing contracts for a variety of very good reasons.  To keep things
    simple, if you want to take advantage of Fast-Track Dispatch there is no need
    to re-entitle your legacy Silver, Gold, Platinum and GTS tags.  You only
    need complete the online training and certification and agree to the terms and
    conditions of the Fast-Track Dispatch service.  

  4. Cary:

    Can you provide a link that will point me to the required training?  I followed the link the is in the original post and looked around, but I didn't see the training links off hand.  I might have missed them, but figured that I would ask you rather than spending more time looking for the link(s).


  5. I have looked high and low for more information, and have even contacted my Premier Account rep.  It sounds like this is a renaming of the existing DCSE certification that Dell already has.  I would think the ProSupport would be a multi-tiered approach.  Your basic Net+ type certification all the way up to Advanced MCSE/A+ certified people.  And it looks like people will have to retake the exam every year.

    Is that all correct?


  6. Dell ProSupport Fast-Track certifications build upon materials in DCSE but are tailored specifically to the needs of ProSupport users by including additional information.  These courses will be updated as new technology is introduced.  In addition, we have made these courses more user friendly by translating them into more languages and made them available globally.  As of today re-certification is done annually but good feedback on how we can make this more flexible – we’ll look into this.  Thanks!

    Cary Gumbert
    Dell ProSupport
    Global Product Lead

  7. I am a little confused.  My company is an MSP, as well as a Dell Premier Partner.  I know Dell has purchased Silverback, among other IT service companies.  I'm sure the goal is to have almost all Dell customers essentially become managed service customers in some form.

    Is there a program that allows my company to capitalize on Dell's infrastructure?  For example, when we are ordering PC's, could we choose services such as Silverback, anit-spam, data backup.  Dell charges us a monthly fee for providing these services, and we can makr up the fee, or include as part of our overall package to the clients.  In this way, we can leverage the Dell infrastructure to provide a better service to our clients without the large investment, and it is always based on Dell hardware.

    I would love to be able to use Silverback, MessageOne, backup, etc. monitoring and analysis, and also possibly use Dell as my first level IT support.  That would free my employees up for more proactive, valuable activities. 

    Thank you.

  8. Hi,

    I have a number of questions about the difference between Warranty Parts Direct and Fast Track Dispatch.

    How does the FTD differ from WPD?

    I/we currently support a number of large enterprises and local government authorities with WPD. A large customer of ours has just requested that we help them out using Pro Support and wondered if I will be able to get parts dispatched without having to exchange the faulty parts with the drop off  and collect courier as in the WPD method. Can I order known faulty parts and then dispatch at a later date under the FTD.

    My problem is that my customers have over 200 sites across our area and getting parts back to the designated drop-off points is a logistical nightmare and causes the customers hassle with systems down. Fortunately we hold a large number of hot-stock so that we can swap-out before making a warranty claim.

    Our organisation have a number of DCSE's, I being one of them, who are more than capable of diagnosing and swapping out faulty goods and do not always need the assistance of a Dell provided Engineer. Will I have the option to decide at warranty request stage as to whether or not an Engineer will follow the goods?




  9. Darrell –


    Yes you can request just the parts without the onsite technician when you submit the Fast-Track Dispatch request. You can also swap parts and then request the replacement later.  You will still need to return certain parts to Dell like you do today.


    For issues where you need a little extra help, ProSupport provides direct access to higher level certified technicians and specialists 24/7.  ProSupport also includes collaborative support and escalation management not available with WPD (see  WPD generally  provides business hour support for selecting the right replacement part after you have diagnosed the issue. 


    Cary Gumbert

    Dell Global Services

  10. Hi Cary,

    Thanks for the response. I have found this info very helpful.
    ProSupport is a leap forward for Dell.  I wish you all the best for the future.



  11. Adam,


    We would be delighted to help you provide services to your customers.  Along with the announcement today of our new line of Latitude and Precision laptops we introduced several new modular services that I think you will be very interested in.  Please see for more details.  There is a link to request a web-based demo of the products – give it a try and let us know what you think!


    Cary Gumbert

    Dell Global Services

  12. I was considering renewal of my Dell support service, and have decided not to for this reason: when I called the 866 number I was speaking to a person in the Phillipines. He was polite and informational, but I am very disturbed that Dell does not put more American citizens to work. I understand the global concept, but customers calling from the USA should be able to speak to service techs in the USA. Corporate greed has had a devastating effect on America by exporting this kind of service job to other nations overseas. I for one and hope I'm not alone, am not buying anything from Dell, especially customer service, as long as Dell chooses to hire outside the USA.

  13. I spent over one thousand dollars for a desktop computer (between the extended warrenty and the computer) I just spent yesterday on hold for 3 1/2 hours, and spoke to 15 different people from India. Noone could help me.


    When do you plan to have adequate customer support and tech for people who spend alot for your computers? Noone could answer my questions or solve my problem.



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