Dell Recognized for $1 Billion Annual Commitment to Supplier Diversity


Last week, during its annual summit in Arlington, VA, The Billion Dollar Roundtable Inc.(BDR) inducted Dell into its list of members. Founded in 2001 as a top-level forum for advancing the practice of supplier diversity, the BDR represents an exclusive group of 16 corporations.

This is in recognition of Dell's commitment of more than $1 billion in annual supply-chain spending with diverse suppliers. It is a great honor to be one of the 16 members of the Billon Dollar Roundtable and will see us continuing to partner with our peer members to provide thought leadership in advancing diverse businesses. Our direct culture fosters innovation, creativity and solutions, making Dell the technology supplier of choice for customers around the world. We depend on the contributions of diverse suppliers to succeed, and we continue to be committed to building and nurturing our supplier chain.

The Billion Dollar Roundtable Inc. was created in 2001 to recognize and celebrate corporations that achieved spending of $1 billion or more with diverse suppliers, including minority- and woman-owned companies. The BDR promotes and shares best practices in supply chain diversity excellence through summits, collaboration with other organizations and the production of policy papers. BDR member companies review and discuss issues, opportunities and strategies related to supplier diversity as a way to advance opportunities for corporations and diverse suppliers. The BDR encourages corporate entities to continue growing their supplier diversity programs by increasing commitment and spending levels each year.

Dell joined Honda and Avis Budget Group as 2009 BDR inductees. New members are inducted bi-annually.

According to William Moon, chairman of the BDR, "Dell has proven itself to be a leader and innovator in advancing supply-chain opportunities for diverse suppliers. Dell is a company built on direct engagement with its customers, and it follows a similar approach in building relationships with diverse suppliers. We welcome the ideas and commitment Dell will bring to the Billion Dollar Roundtable."

We look forward to contributing new ideas and delighted to be part of this team.

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  • Ookamiko

    I think you guys need to find a better supplier when It has now taken over 2 months and I'm still waiting for my laptop to arrive. I don't know what your business strategy entails, but I’d like to think putting customers on hold for 30minutes to whenever someone decides to take the call is not a sound business practice. Not only can you hardly understand the majority of the customer service reps over the phone but orders are getting cancelled due to their insufficient mastery of the English language which in turn is putting people at the back of a new que, which means that they have to wait MONTHS to get their order.

    Pay attention to your message boards and your customers or soon you won’t have any at all! Dell used to be a fantastic company with great customer support and great products.

    In your efforts to save money, you’ve cut essential jobs in the states and shipped them all over seas. I ordered my computer on the 14th of APRIL 2009 and now have been set back AGAIN with an estimated delivery date of JUNE 24th, 2009. I had initially purchased my laptop for school which concludes on JUNE 26th.

    I expected top notch service, but I guess you get what you pay for.

  • dell-lionel m

    Ookamiko: Sorry to hear about the order delay you experienced and can understand why you're upset. If you can send me a direct message with your order number, I'll be happy to look into it and try to help.