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Hi Everyone,

Today I'd like to announce some new features that have been introduced to the dell-recovery tool that we are shipping with Ubuntu machines.  As you might have been aware, the dell-recovery tool takes the content of a Linux Dell recovery partition and builds it into a bootable ISO image that can be burned using usb-creator or CD image burning software.  When booted up, this image emulates a run through the open source portions of the Dell factory process.

This new enhancement is an optional image builder mode.  The image builder mode allows you to build recovery media with these same customizations, but with content that is not necessarilly shipping from Dell factories.
This means that even if you didn't purchase a machine with Ubuntu, you can still build an image that is representative of the (open source) content you get from a Dell factory install of such a machine.

Of course due to the nature of the tool and Ubuntu variants being so similar, you can even generate media for other remixes or derivatives of Ubuntu such as Kubuntu with a few small modifications.

I've set up a wiki page on the Dell Community wiki that explains the current usage of the tool.  Feel free to add comments to the comments section or make modifications to the page if you can improve to it.
The updated tool can be found at the dell-recovery product page on launchpad.  Feel free to raise any questions about the tool on the dell-recovery mailing list on launchpad.

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2 thoughts on “Dell Recovery Tool Enhancements

  1. Wow. I can't believe I missed this. Dell, you guys need to put out more. Talk up the things you're doing for Linux and for Ubuntu. Because frankly most people don't know about this stuff and that is making Dell look like it's not all that interested. Which is bad in the open source world.

  2. I am behind a proxy that requires authentication. When I try to use dell-recovery tool in my Ubuntu, git fetch is failed. Any ideas on how I can get this tool work behind proxy? It should at least honor the gnome proxy settings.

    Appreciate your help.


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