Dell’s Carbon Neutral Plans


Today, Michael addressed more than 200 industry leaders, government officials and non-governmental organization (NGO) representatives about the perils that IT complexity holds for businesses and organizations, and the benefits that come with simplifying IT in terms of productivity, energy efficiency and the environment. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)-sponsored discussion was held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.

During the discussion, Michael outlined policy recommendations global leaders could adapt to help both governments and businesses become greater environmental stewards. He also shared Dell’s latest environmental goal—to make Dell the first major computer company to neutralize the carbon impact of its worldwide operations. 

There’s been some community debate around an IdeaStorm idea about carbon neutrality from user smotchberry. Carbon Neutrality involves taking inventory of our total greenhouse gas emissions related to the operation of Dell facilities and implementing strategies to reduce and eliminate those emissions. We will be driving additional energy-efficiency in our operations, maximizing purchases of renewable power and offsetting remaining impacts. In addition to neutralizing the impact of the operation of our facilities, we will also be neutralizing the impacts of employee business air travel.

Dell’s working with a team of environmental stakeholders to help shape our offset strategy so that we identify opportunities for offset investments that can be monitored and verified.

This is all part of Dell’s broader climate strategy that I blogged about in June. In addition to neutralizing the impact of Dell operations, we continue to require suppliers to account for and report the emissions impacts of their operations, the first step in a long-term goal of helping suppliers reduce emissions  And we remain committed to providing  energy-efficient products. When we sell products that use less energy, we are helping cut emissions associated with the production of electricity those products need.

In this vlog, Dane Parker, director of Dell’s Environmental Health & Safety group, talks about what Dell is already doing to improve energy savings. He’s followed by the Environmental Policy Analyst for Dell’s Sustainable Business, Mark Newton, who discusses Dell’s focus on energy-efficient products and explains how we are working with suppliers to improve energy requirements on the supply chain side in the future.

Michael also introduced "Plant a Forest for Me" today, an extension of our "Plant a Tree for Me" program that enables organizations to join efforts to offset carbon impacts associated with the use of IT products and to support sustainably managed reforestation projects.  Founding partners include ABN AMRO, AMD,, and WellPoint.  We look forward to working with other organizations who want to join this important effort.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a huge step forward for the company, and I’m glad my Dad can play his part. I’m sure many more organizations will follow in your footsteps. Great job!

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff guys. It’s nice to know big companies are working on this kind of stuff. And Bryant, Dane and Mark sure are hot guys! Kept my attention on the vlog! 😉

  • Anonymous

    >> And Bryant, Dane and Mark sure are hot guys!  <<

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  • Anonymous

    This indeed is a good initiative by Dell in creating a Carbon free environment.

    As Forbes quotes Dell,

    ‘Dell’s story is the stuff high-tech legends are made of’

    As Michael Dell quotes,

    It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.

    Keep it up Mike. Keep moving forward.

  • Anonymous


    Ummm so just curious, does Dell's new "environmental"
    stance mean that they are going to accept back their old computers and disassemble
    them themselves? Or is the company going to allow (and possibly partake in) the
    shipping of e-waste to Asia and Africa? As far as I have heard this presents a
    huge environmental problem for the places that this takes place. If Dell really
    wants to walk the talk they will implement cradle-to-grave practices. I pledge
    that if Dell does this, I will switch from being a Mac user to a Dell user.