Dell’s FY08 Corporate Responsibility Report

Recently, we released Dell's latest corporate responsibility report, covering our fiscal year 2008 activities.  A significant amount of work from Dell team members around the globe has produced one of our most comprehensive reports to date—I hope you will take time to read about some of our latest results.  For a quick review, a new executive summary section, as well as letters from Michael Dell and Gil Casellas, our vice president of corporate responsibility, provides an overview of material covered in the report.

We place a significant emphasis on being a responsible company; quite simply we believe we will be most successful in meeting our business objectives when we do so with our obligations to employees, communities and the environment in mind.  Critical to us meeting our responsibility goals is reporting on our progress in a transparent way.
Enhancements to this year's report include:

  • We included a new, easy-to-read table at the beginning of the report summarizes our key environmental, supplier and community metrics;
  • We had our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission numbers externally validated, providing further accountability as we strive to make Dell a low-carbon leader.  We also reported the GHG emission impacts of our corporate air travel, the next step in having a complete accounting of Dell's climate impacts.  Our comprehensive climate policy and progress are included in the Environmental Responsibility section of the report;
  • An Emerging Issues sub-section has been added to discuss issues that are either new to Dell or that we are in the infancy of addressing.  This year, we covered HIV/AIDS, Global Citizenship work with suppliers, the technology surrounding nanomaterials, challenges with mining/extractives and the impacts of the retail channel on our climate footprint; and
  • We also added a new Employee section which covers:  Listening to Employees, Ethics Tools for Employees, Diversity and Inclusion, Global Talent Management, Global Health and Wellness (including benefits information) and Employee Engagement in Sustainability.  We are proud of the importance our employees place on our company's environmental and sustainability efforts and this section shows just a few of those efforts.

Seventeen stakeholder organizations provided perspective on Dell's corporate responsibility efforts and those perspectives are included in the report. Their inclusion underscores our commitment both to transparency and to partnership with our stakeholders to help us continually improve our performance.

I invite your review of the report as well as your comments, ideas and challenges as we continue to move Dell forward in our journey of sustainability and responsibility.

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  • Anonymous



    Dear Sir / Madame,

    Please be advised, I have been a loyal Dell customer for over three years and up until recently have been very happy with your products and services. Recently a dell technician (private contractor) named Dave came and serviced my computer very well.

    On the other hand, lately I have, on many occasions, been hung up on and treated rudely by your telephone support staff. I should mention that due to a developmental disability I have a slight speech impediment and it takes me a moment or two to form my sentences and when this occurs, rather than being understanding and patient your staff lately have taken to just hanging up on me. After I finally am able to get through the voice automated system with great difficulty to be hung up on by an agent repeatedly is quite frustrating.

    Also when a friend or family member makes the call they are definately treated much more proffessionally. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act this constitutes discrimination and I am sure Dell is commited to equal treatment of its customers and thought this should be brought to your attention. A reply stating your position and the course of action you plan to take in the future would be greatly appreciated and would earn you my future business.With gratitude

    Marshall Roberts

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir / Madame:

    I have been a loyal HP customer in the past, but advised my mother-in- law to try Dell as I have been impressed with your latest market offerings.  At this point, I wish I had advised her differently.

    The online ordering process was smooth and seamless, giving me hope that we would soon receive the purchased laptop.  After a couple of rescheduled delivery dates, I decided to call customer service on her behalf to understand why these were occurring.

    I was informed that the reason for the delay was a scarcity of batteries.  I then asked what I thought was a reasonable request:  as the laptop was significantly behind schedule, would Dell overnight the laptop to me at their expense?  I was immediately informed that Dell provides no compensation to customers and I would just have to wait.

    I did request to speak with a Manager, and was finally forwarded to such an individual.  He reconfirmed the policy, and also provided me with no further means to escalate the issue.  When I asked to speak to his Manager, I was bluntly told that he was "the highest authority" I could talk to today.  When I asked him why I should remain with Dell, he simply told me that was my decision.

    I am stunned that Dell would be willing to forego a $1,000 plus sale to save on overnight shipping charges.  What disturbs me more, however, is the inflexibility with which customer service approached resolving this issue.

    I am still left with my question:  why should I keep my order with Dell, rather than cancel and shop at HP?


    John Rhoades

  • Anonymous

    i don`t understand, but TY