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Dell's Social Media "blowing the minds" of customers at Dell World


One of many panel discussions in the Social Media Neighborhood on the Solutions Floor of Dell World

The TechWeb team and I had a chance to talk with Justin Warren, managing director of PivotNine, one of the thousands of customers who joined us this week at Dell World. Justin, who does tech and IT consulting, shared with us in this video some of the key technological challenges facing his own clients today. Justin’s clients are most challenged by breaking down the silos between the IT and business sides of the company.

His main takeaway from Dell World 2012 was the significance of social media to all aspects of how Dell operates, and he was greatly impressed by the way Dell empowers all of its employees to become certified in social media practices in order to listen and engage better with customers all over the world. “Some of the stuff that I’ve seen around the dashboards that they have in their social command center is amazing. It’s going to blow the minds of some of the people that I speak to.”

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